STOP BEING SO AGREEABLE! - Steemit Journal | ManRemade - 03 Jan 19

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STOP BEING SO AGREEABLE! - Steemit Journal | ManRemade - 03 Jan 19

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Good morning Steemians,

Hope you're starting off the day off with a bang. I'm starting off the day with a coffee as dark space itself!

Anywho, thought I'd start this journal entry off with an obversation I've made on Steemit that got me thinking. I was reading through a very well written steemit post (I feel like this is a little hard to come by) and started reading through the comments. One thing I hate about Steemit is that everyone just seems so damn agreeable all the time.

Perhaps this is a result of the financial insentive (however small) to earn steem through upvotes. I think that Steemit is definitely a revolutionary way of putting power back into the hands of content creators, but one of the draw backs I've seen is that noone really seems to get into any arguments. You might think this is a good thing, and that Steemit encourages an environment of positivity, but I actually think that this is a symptom of a lack of sincerity.

Compare the difference when reading through posts and comments on Reddit. The anonymity the platform provides, as well as the absence of a financial insentive to be 'nice,' lets people feel safe enough to express what they really think. Sure, there are also a lot of trolls on Reddit, but I really think the Steemit community undervalues the importance of argument, debate and controversy. Everybody thinks differently and has their own unique perspective on things, but unless we're willing to express those kinds of opinions that cause controversy, we're imposing a self-inflicted censorship on ourselves.

Reading through the comments on this particular post on Steemit, I was just really... bored.

The comments were just passive agreements with the overall sentiment of the post. Where are the pressing questions? Where is the genuine discussion? Where is the battle of ideas that leads to better ideas?

I have yet to really see this on steemit and I think that the community is missing out because of it.

The importance of being polarising

Probably one of the most polarising personalities I've come across is Dan Pena. Dan is a kind of business coach, I haven't really delved too far into his material yet, but one thing I admire about him is that he really does not give a fuck about hurting people's feelings. Watch this following video of him being interviewed by Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan is about as manly as you can get, he's a mixed martial artist and only eats meat he hunts and kills himself. But listen to the way that Dan Pena talks with Joe and you can see the kind of controversial personality that he has:

Being disagreeable has its benefits. People who are too agreeable, end up accommodating themselves to the world around them, whereas disagreeable people say "fuck this shit" and change the world around them to make the kind of life they really want to live.

Check out this video by Jordan Peterson discussing how Agreeable and Disagreeable navigate the world:

So this is my theme for the rest of the week. Learning to be more disagreeable >:)

Daily Goal

  1. When someone asks for my opinion on something - pause for a moment, consider what I genuinely think about the subject, convey that persppective as honestly as I can.

  2. Say something slightly controversial to someone today to elicit someone's more authentic perspective. Be respectful and give genuine consideration of their perspective.

Hi Steemians!

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Welcome to Steemit.
Try to have a brief post about yourself with the tag #introduceyourself :)

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Hi @aftabkhan10 ive already made an introduceyourself post, it was the first post i made :)


Don't forget the tag #introduceyourself, as it is how you will get navigated by others.

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Seems I didn't type the tag correctly. And fair enough on your other points, I'll redo a new post later today :)


To me it was kind of short, make a brief introduction post about your hobbies, job, what do you think about Steemit etc.
If it was good, I will try to support you for it and give you more exposure :)

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great write up


There's a sense of irony in your comment considering what i wrote in the post, lol

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