Why Do People Seek Out Solitude and Fill Their Loneliness with Art?

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

There is a common conception about people who often find themselves lonely and without company; people who not only are often lonely in their mental state of existence, but also prefer the solitude of the night to the unsanctified company of other people.

Researchers seem to believe that such people are more intelligent than the rest of the population, and that is why they seek isolation above all else and cherish their loneliness and protect it at all costs.

But is that really the case?

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The world is not as perfect an expression of quality as some people would like it to be. Our interactions with fellow human beings often fall short of our expectations for grandeur or mutual and profound comprehension of the deeper depths of the human soul and heart.

There are some people who see the world not as it is, but as it should be.

These people tend to examine everything from several viewpoints and come to a greater understanding of that thing out of sheer curiosity and willingness to see everything in their truthful and untarnished state.

‘Ignorance is bliss’ is the favorite term of solitary human beings, as they come to believe that other people fail to see below the surface or even outrightly reject the idea of understanding the nature of something.

Solitary humans often find themselves quiet in company, because they are afraid of what they might have to say about everything.

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They might be chastised for their unusual opinions which seek to give everything a more profound review.

Thus, these people seek tranquility and completion in the loneliness of their safe zone, often taking comfort in cherishing works of art.

Art is their constant and unparalleled companion, because no such thing in the world can understand and connect to them as art can.

They feel a certain level of relevance when they are embracing a work of art, because art, by its nature, struggles to give a better and more mature understanding of humanity and our universe.

This is something that solitary creatures fail to find in the company of others.

They might even begin to feel that other people are negligent towards the idea of understanding the world as they do, hence branding them as ignorant or unworthy of company.

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The dialogue of a certain novel excels the expectations of solitary creatures, and they find their ideal and perfectionist tendencies in such works of art and believe that these moments of ecstasy are hard or impossible to come by in the real world.

Art is meaningful, valuable, and idealistic.

This is something that can be outrageous for the real world, because it is hardly resourceful of the three merits and lacks the delicacy that can appease the yearnings of solitary creatures.

But life is beautiful because of these inadequacies. Art should be ideal, but life should be mingled with mistakes and shortcomings.

Perhaps, at the end of the day, that is why life becomes worthy of living.

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People with such tendencies should understand that the imperfections and shortcomings of the world outside do not spoil the idealistic and valuable occurrences that they might experience if they gave themselves the chance to be disappointed by their fellow human beings.

As imperfect and ignorant as the real world might be, it is only fair to mention that the real world is REAL. A fulfilled life is one that gives itself the chance to experience everything and take lessons from it.

So, give yourself the chance to enjoy the imperfections.

These imperfections are what makes us all unique in the life of existence. If we were all to follow strict idealistic rules and strive for perfectionism, what would be the point of life?

Where would our mistakes and our honest pain be in such equation?

Embrace your solitude and try to learn from it, but do not forget to also have some real interactions with the world outside and actually ‘live’ your life!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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People who meditate can appreciate the wisdom received in solitary places. It is a discipline to zone into quiet places, even when all around is controlled chaos.

I'm reminded that while we are not of the world, Christians have to be in the world, as models of Jesus until He returns (John 17:16).


Saludos @chbartist! la Soledad nos permite interactuar con nuestros pensamientos, y con el alma.

Desde esta interacción podemos crear situaciones cotidianas que permite transmitir ideas a otras personas, sucediendo la misma situación cuando recibimos de la manifestación de otros. Muchos veces estos canales pueden ser las artes, como la música, las artes plásticas y los libros.

A través de las artes podemos desarrollar una mejor empatía hacia la informacion que se nos presenta.

Para crear buen arte hay que conectarse con el alma, y esto se consigue desde la soledad.

As imperfect and ignorant as the real world might be, it is only fair to mention that the real world is REAL. A fulfilled life is one that gives itself the chance to experience everything and take lessons from it.

Without debating the "reality" of what we call the real world, which many people argue is some sort of Matrix-like programmed reality, I would also add to your affirmation that reality, with all its imperfections, human or otherwise, is what gives us the experience for us to develop the artistic sensibility and the capacity of abstraction and dissernment to later question it or reject it.
We are nothing without that reality, we get all our information and suppositions from it, so we'd better experience it and learn form it.
I consider myself one of those souls who looks at the world not as it is but as it should be, but I think that the only way I can keep the idealism in me is by confronting my ideals with what is factual.
I feed my idealism from the imperfections I experience ona daily basis.

In many philosophical texts, loneliness is considered a privilege, an opportunity for reflection. The path to self-knowledge passes through loneliness. Loneliness can give us insights that we could not have otherwise, but at the same time it deprives us of other insights. Loneliness gives us a different view of the world, but not necessarily more true.

I believe art serves as an inspiration AND aspiration to human achievement! It is a part of the evolution process we serve towards the plan for humanity. Only through that lense can we truly reach and strive for improvement.

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Excellent review @chbartist and I completely agree with you that lonely people are usually wiser and clever. Our world is not perfect and each of us sees it in different ways and if a person wants to retire and engage in art, this is his expression and understanding of our world, and thus loneliness is a special world view!

Good article . To a greater or lesser extent, every human life involves loneliness, and therefore it is necessary to learn how to endure it, and even better, turn bad loneliness into good.

Oh yes @chbartist, great motivation and you are right, our world is what it is and it should be perceived as such. When people want loneliness, it does not mean that they are alone, it just allows you to put your thoughts in order and focus on the beautiful!

Sometimes we are lonely because we are very susceptible to what others will say, and this is because we think that our relationships and coexistence should be perfect. That is, we are, or we want to be, controllers and that is impossible to achieve because we cannot make other people think and act as we would like them to do.

From imperfections we draw out perfection! I loved the article, inspiring as always, I don't know weather out of 40 comments my comment will be read by you or not, but as a active community member I wanted to share a problem of getting demotivated by the lack of readers, it would be great if you spare out few minutes to read what I create.
Like as always, happy to be a member of this amazing community and keep up with amazing content.

Well everyone has their tastes, I particularly do not like loneliness ... I really enjoy the company with my loved ones, I really feel uncomfortable when I'm alone, it's like I'm missing something, and I feel so Well when I'm with my family, I do not like to be alone.

Not all people who seek solitude are lonely people maybe most of them. And to fill their loneliness is not only through art but maybe mostly.

There are many people who seek solitude for religious reasons as well, they're called hermits. But there are also hermits without religion.
Anyways, there are varieties of people we still don't know and we're ignorant about them.
If we see people seeking solitude who could not understand their fellow men or the world in general, maybe they're right because a humans are limited being.
Its better to be humble than being boastful and pride in achieving something for perfection that's impossible to happen.

En la mayorìa de los casos la Soledad està relacionada con el Artes, cuando esta es una Soledad escogida; es el caso de los cientìficos, escritores y pintores que prefieren y buscan estar sòlo para lograr mayor concentraciòn a la hora de desarrollar su actividad y el otro tipo de Soledad es la que està relacionada con sentimientos de tristezas melancolìa o frustraciòn ya sea por la desapariciòn de un ser querido o por cualquier decepciòn experimentada. En ambos casos se requiere de la fuerza necesaria para para sobrevivir, prosperar y lograr el cometido.

Spending some time in isolation can have enormous psychological benefits. In the 1980s, Italian journalist and author Teticiano Tazzani chose, after many years of traveling across Asia, to work as a reporter

In our life there must be a balance, but one of the things that I have noticed is that dreamers tend to many moments of solitude. It is not the same to feel alone, as to fill the loneliness. Even if you like to be alone, that does not mean that they are rigid or closed, but quite the opposite. They are always looking for adventures and new activities. Even if you have new interesting things to do, you should always be sure of your thoughts before sharing them with others. DIFFICULTIES. They retire to their peaceful solitude to design solutions.
They are strong and balanced when difficult situations get in their way. The challenges are not cause for panic for loners. This is because they are very reflective and are prepared to face adversity.

Although they may feel overwhelmed at times, instead of being disturbed, they isolate themselves to recharge. During this time, they design solutions to the problem and the ways to face it.
Finally it connects us with that talent, special art that is inside us given by the creator.

Thank you @chbartist

Lope de vega, Spanish writer, said:

To my loneliness I go.
From my loneliness I come
Because to be with me
My thoughts are enough

I was also in my adolescence and part of my youth, a lonely person. And it is true that in those moments, the solitary takes refuge in art. I took refuge in painting watercolors and writing poetry. It was my way of materializing my conception of the world. I really was very shy.

Over the years I learned to be sociable, forced by my work and I learned to be extroverted and enjoy the company of others. It's a matter of giving yourself permission and enjoying the world between two or three or a crowd. Together we can do better wonders.

Hello @chbartist!

Learning to enjoy and appreciate imperfections will be very interesting for lonely people. But I think it would also be very interesting for both parties to learn to appreciate the differences of the opposite party, the lonely people with those who are not, and the people who do not live in solitude with those who do live that way.

That would greatly expand the perspectives of the whole world, since each one would learn from the other, and would bring us much closer between people. Or at least in the idealistic and moral part, lonely people would be less lonely.

I also believe that it is very necessary for a common man to expand his thoughts and it is very necessary in the spiritual path.

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To get rid of unbearable loads. But isolation may not be just a brutal inner instinct,

Nice, i think why people seek out solitude is because they cant think when 15 people are jabbering at them D:

Really enjoyed the post. As somone who prefers my alone time, I found this compelling and interesting. Content like this is why i wanted to join in the first place. I personally use several forms or art from cooking to guitar and graphic design and several other as sorta a distraction for the stress of having to deal with people on the daily.

I think nobody wants to stay alone but due to some reason if person has to live alone then such person gets company with arts. Art has its own happiness for which person don't need anybody else to understand it. Art has its own way of enjoyment and people who understands it they enjoy a happy time with it.

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We have many commitments to the things we undertake in our lives, perhaps after isolation there are things they can do, because they are devoted to their family obligations

Some people prefer isolation from their social surroundings, for various reasons, some of which may be known, or for unknown reasons. Others may choose isolation for an inner instinct in themselves

One of the most important causes is that the lady sees herself as right and the problem lies in her understanding of those who abuse her and therefore tend to be isolated

Friends and girlfriends, relatives and parents, adults and children, gather in public places, on family visits, or even in restaurants, on the beach, and each of them in a valley, exchanging little talk

@chbartist Absolutely agree with you.
Solitude is a state which helps to determine one's true potential.
This makes people achieve any heights possible.

Isolation ", when a person is in crisis, it is not necessarily about the person himself; it may relate to his interaction with society

That's a common problem here in the world you are sharing very good thing that is demanding of time I think easy to way that satution think about self and make a plan done something batter learning or social work education participate activities outside of home.

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When one isolates himself from the social context of his life, he may see more clearly the impact of this context on his personality. Thomas Merton supports

Man is a social creature who tends to live within a certain community, feels safe, stable and calm, and satisfies his need for belonging.

When in a spiritual journey, isolation is usually an ally. By living in it, one can focus exclusively and quietly on this task.

We have all heard that humans are social beings by nature, that is why people seeking isolation are attracted, either because they chose to be alone or because certain circumstances in their lives led them to do so

There is no better way to get to know yourself than to spend time alone with your thoughts alone. When you are alone there are no excuses to avoid knowing your mind and what it wants. It is appropriate to enhance your personality and identity or to make changes and improvements.

Isolation and self-confidence in our day is favored by many students,
You find the person for long hours in his room without boredom,

When looking for isolation, means that one can take leave of living with other people, these social commitments do not leave time for personal concerns

En la mayorìa de los casos la Soledad està relacionada con el Artes, cuando esta es una Soledad escogida; es el caso de los cientìficos, escritores y pintores que prefieren y buscan estar sòlo para lograr mayor concentraciòn a la hora de desarrollar su actividad y el otro tipo de Soledad es la que està relacionada con sentimientos de tristezas melancolìa o frustraciòn ya sea por la desapariciòn de un ser querido o por cualquier decepciòn experimentada. En ambos casos se requiere de la fuerza necesaria para sobrevivir, prosperar y lograr el cometido.

A person's sense that isolation will cause him psychological comfort because he will get away from who will cause him to lose his mind

Sir human beings a part of social creatures.
Filling lonely very bad satution for him good idea for coming out that easy not difficult help together each other participate in social activities and societies attend function and make a good friend good habits learn something new that's a good way to come out easily.

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I think that sometimes such lonely people try to express themself throught their lonely life art or something else. Also I think that this people have their law sometimes to be alone to put things in order around and inside them.

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Something I can relate to, as I was in solitude when I was going through the dark night of the soul in the recent year. Engaging in drawing as a form of art was my way of grounding myself. The feeling of loneliness (or rather aloneness) was real as no one understood what I was going through at the time.

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To have a good relationship with the world, we first have to solve our internal problems. Loneliness is what allows us to find ourselves, allows us to think and solve our problems.

Dear @chbartist sir
The lonely life tells the person that either the person has lost interest in the worldly way, or is preparing himself mentally for the fulfillment of a particular purpose or he is afraid to face the people. It can not be that he may have seen the worst deformity in the world or failed in love, which can be used to present his words to his artworks and creations. Ryas doing because disjunctive first poet, will stems from ah awareness . living live so we should spend our life with mistakes and shortcomings as a person is not complete.
Thank you

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Today, in our over-connected society, Poker sees unity as "less valuable than it has ever been

Many modern humans seem determined to avoid them in many ways. "Every time we have a chance to run

I agree, you need to make the best of lonelines!

As if you read my mind. Though I can't call myself an artist, I do think my craft is my art. Thanks for sharing.

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Loneliness is a feeling, and there are many types of solitude. We must also distinguish loneliness from isolation.

Hi @chbartist, life has a lot of offer, the ups and downs, twists and turns - it takes resilience and determination to keep on but it is worth it.

If you love isolation, what are your reasons for this?

Very interesting! I am definitely one of those..

That is the really reason people abandoned it☝️ very correct

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Thanks so much for this post.It has been a very solitary life for me and i never thought of it that way.I always knew we as artists were different and the creative state of mind we meditate upon subconsciously throughout the day can deem very solitary.The interactions with daily life can truly humble us and see things from different point of views.And not to mention elevate the creative concious mind at the end.Brilliant post.You made my year!!

Excelente post, la verdad es que momentos de soledad hacen falta para apreciar las verdaderas y únicas compañías, a las que vale la pena dedicar nuestro tiempo, además que la soledad con un poco de ocio y productividad resulta mas conveniente que compartir con algunas personas

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Hoy formalmente me inicié en Steemit, tratando de comprender su uso me topé con este artículo, que me llamó la atención de inmediato.
Es mi opinión, la soledad viene dada en primera instancia por la madurez, comienzas a comprender como funciona la sociedad y sus reglas. No todo es igual cuando apenas tienes 20 años, te lanzas hacer de todo, te enamoras como loco, acumulas amigos, asistes a fiestas, compartes todo lo que tienes y haces, pero luego al pasar de los años, las decepciones te hacen despertar, y comienzas alejarte de la gente.
Por otro lado, comprendes que cada quien anda en lo suyo, te oyen pero no te escuchan, sencillamente no les interesa. Y si además lees y buscas respuestas, te vuelves más solitario porque la televisión y las redes sociales se han encargado de ocupar sus mentes en cuestiones burdas e insignificantes como la moda, el consumismo, la estupidez extrema, por lo que hacer un razonamiento profundo sobre un tema te hace ver como un extraterrestre.
Recojo tus palabras "la ignorancia es una bendición". Así es, mientras menos sabes, más feliz eres, te conformas con la verdad a medias, y lo más impresionante, es que llegas a viejo, en la ignorancia.
Es un tema complejo y difícil para debatir, necesitaríamos más tiempo y más sesiones. Recuerdo a un amigo que una vez me dijo, hay que buscarse un amante, me envió un escrito que decía, que un amante puede ser la música, la pintura, el arte, la fotografía, etc., y decía algo así como que para mantenernos ocupados y felices teníamos que conseguirlo.
Y si coincido en que mientras más leemos, nos volvemos más solitarios, porque ya casi nadie nos comprende, ya no hay temas de conversaciones profundas, porque solo copiamos y pegamos, repetimos como loros, difundimos información sin conocer las fuentes y su veracidad, estamos en peligro, peligro de perder las palabras, el idioma, hasta el conocimiento, porque estamos siendo dominados por grandes laboratorios.