What to Do When Your Mind is Wired in the Wrong Way?

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Hi, dear friends!

In one of our previous blog posts we talked about the folly of human society when it comes to beliefs and ideas that are imparted from one generation to another.

One other important thing to remember is the fact that these subjective truths tend to determine a great deal about our life without us logically assessing our choices and finding our own viewpoints.

What should we do to free ourselves from the prison of society’s prejudice?

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Society is inevitably prejudiced, one way or another.

People think that in order to achieve anything of merit, they have to follow particular rules.

For instance, if you want to be a successful person who is financially secure, you need to finish your education at university.

Now, I am not saying higher education is wrong or anything, but many people waste their time and potential studying things that they could have learned on their own.

Bill Gates once said:
‘I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.’

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This presupposition is not just about ideas that we inherit on how to live our lives. Many of them actually contribute to society on a large scale.

For instance, a society that values celebrity culture and tends to care less for more important things, climate change per say, is a society that is doomed to collapse.

But here is the question: Can we expect people to be better than this?

Because there is a big problem here. People don’t want to be told that they are doing things wrong.

When you think about it, people are already doing their best to be decent human beings.

Letting them know that they are in the wrong when it comes to important matters is at best… ill-mannered.

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Scolding someone on their mindset and approach never works. What you can do is show another path by making an example or even passionately debating other alternatives.

It is not an issue of who is right and who is wrong, but what is better! If your assessment is logical, people will come around eventually and see things the way you see them.

As for your own mindset, keep yourself well-informed and educated. Read books whenever you can, and on different subjects.

This society suffers from a collective ignorance, but you can always choose another path.

Fix the wiring of your brain in order to achieve great things!



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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Greetings @chbartist

We are living in the 21st century (21), we are educating with teachers of the 20th century (20), and stomata using the educational scheme of the 19th century (19). In this formula there are variables that do not coincide.

With regard to academic education, I recommend that it be carried out. The academy will open a range of experiences and contacts, which in other ways could not be generated

But the world is not going to develop around our profession. We must be dynamic when it comes to the professional. The more competencies we can generate more hits will open up.

Finally, we can not do everything alone, for that we must lead or be part of work teams, where the best possible organizational climate is generated, which guarantees the fulfillment of the objectives.
  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I've been a wreck back in the days, had no clue what to do with my life, been doing drugs for whole my childhood and teenage years, gone through a massive amount of pain and suffering, had a feeling I'm not accepted by society and could not talk to people or do anything well,and then I've somehow stumbled on one specific book that really got my attention ..Since then I've managed to read over 400 books that relate to self-growth and business-wide, got off drugs, started living a good life and I've built and sold company for 1mil$ and now in the process of growing my second business, I'm from third world country, it took me 8 years to totally change my habits and life,best advice I can give to people is to read whatever they can get their hands on, and to shut down from society for a little(also be aware to not lose touch with reality in the process, you don't want to go down the rabbit hole)
On topic related, I think we need to educate our youth and shape they're minds in the right direction..For better tommorow..For better Earth :)


Your words are inspiring. As someone who experienced abuse as a child, I am trying to heal and get on with my life day by day. It takes courage and determination but I believe, like you, I can do it too!


Always great to hear success stories from people who have pulled themselves out of a hole. Good on you and thanks for sharing your story🙏

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For all of you that are interested in my story check the link below

@chbartist our mindset always forced us to choose and our life experience helps us to rate our right or wrong. But some how after the selection we realise that we are on left side. When this happened things more cluctchy but have to rung the drums arround our necks. One thing that you can do in this situation be patient and wait for some good. If you thing about any shortcut may you succeded but mostly you have big loss.

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Everybody thought, he is always right but the others are wrong. This thinking isn't going well to create relations between people.

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Hola @chbartist, radicalmente importante; evaluar lógicamente nuestras vidas, pero he allí el punto, aprender a destruir esos fantasmas dentro de nosotros que nos tratan de guiar constantemente por el camino de la servidumbre; una persona logra más para una sociedad, una vez que se ha encontrado así mismo; cuando actuamos con modales, no se nota lo mal educado que podamos llegar a ser; el camino más adecuado ante una sociedad con ignorancia colectiva, es superarte, abrirte paso he irlos dejando atrás, o comenzaras a formar parte de ellos…

Great example Will get I empress.
Sir beliefs and practices is most important ideas transfer to nest generation.

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Saludos @chbartist. Muy buenas recomendaciones, mejor no puede ser. Leer muchos libros cuando nuestro cerebro tiene cortocircuito, sin escapar de la realidad, hasta encontrar lo que sea de interés.

I think this is also the power of decentralized social networks and communities like Steem as they provide knowledge and perspectives to deal with the herd mentality seen elsewhere that is more manipulative in nature. As you have mentioned before, ot comes down to self confidence and acting accordingly.

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@chbartist Heya, According to me each one of us get wired in wrong way at some stage of life and understanding it and rising above that is the quality some of us have... Keep it up and I don't should I ask or not but will ask you that when and in what way you were wired in wrong???

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never give up!

The life is the best teacher :)

As much as we talk about what may be wrong with others we seldom discuss the fact that we arrive at the distinction of normal based on common agreement.


I'm sure one could conjecture that there is something wrong about the way you worked to win favor with the bid bot owners by being their #1 customer (subsequently taking more from the reward pool than anybody else) and, in turn, got some sweet witness votes is wrong.

If you ever become a top witness, mark my words. Somebody will fork this chain. Don't worry. We can leave the self-help guru cults on the legacy chain complete with the collusive vote selling corruption.

... Or maybe my brain is just wired wrong. ¯\(ツ)

For most, our brain development takes time, especially in our younger years. Feel free to check out my most recent post on this topic. I am on that journey to rewire now. Cheers!


Good luck on your journey bro, stay safe and stay positive :) Much appreciated on your comment..If you need good books on self-growth, I can drop you some good stuff, I'm in the process of creating my top 100 books post right now, but you can freely check my blog post for top 21 books I've picked recently :)

it is true say also that the life is made of opportunities and trains to take on the fly. one always has courage?

This is a strong viewpoint especially for people who have not even thought of questioning the mindset they inherited from their upbringing and education. I questioned everything when I was a teenager and made my own opinions after much reading, observing and learning. Although I am not successful in business, I have learned many skills that enable me to enjoy life like music skills and technology and also enable me to earn enough to be somewhat comfortable. Losses along the way due to stupid mistakes and bad luck meant that I had to start from zero in midlife so I am at least thankful that I get to do what I love and share my talents with others that need my assistance. 🙏

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Aunque el camino sea difícil. Hay que levantarse sin miedo a la batalla.

Although the road is difficult. You have to get up without fear of battle.

Most of the precious and important investment for everyone can be invest in yourself whether financial or time wise , increase our knowledge because life never stops to teach us . Keep learning keep rocking .
Thanks everyone!

I want to be added in the list

I don't like all these clichés saying that youth are self-centered, do trivial things such as social media. Don't forget that young people are our best chance to reach radical change for a thriving, healthy, and sustainable world.

My mindset is most important. If my mindset lose focus, then all myself lose focus so everything I am always careful with my mind and mindset

Most of the things we do in life are simply done for the sake of getting acceptance from others. For example many people follow religion and becomes showy so that others may think them very pious and pure. In this way they not only deceives others but also cheat themselves.
I tried to connect the witness link but it seems to me too slow. I tried but it didn't work. I'll try later.

You are not necessarily right to have a higher education to become successful. For this there are other ways, the main thing is to have your own point of view on everything

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Interesting post

Great post!

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Reminds me of my country

Very nice

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¿como puedo ingresar?

Well, some ppl would suggest rewiring with electric shocks, but I would prefer that we try with the improved version of education for a start.

Thanks for the post.