What Happens When You Constantly Blame Yourself?

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Hello, dear friends!

When it comes to blaming oneself, there are two types of people:

Those who moderately and rationally blame themselves, and those who overdo it to the point of mental exhaustion.

When it comes to pointing fingers and takin on the blame, there are two types of situations:

There is one in which you are actually guilty of doing something wrong, and there is one where you blatantly blame yourself when you haven’t done anything wrong!

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Most people are generally decent and even actively try to be good men. That is why they tend to blame themselves at every given opportunity.

The truth is, blaming yourself isn’t really something wrong to do. Sometimes, we have to be hard on ourselves in order to learn our lesson.

But overdoing it can really be harmful to your mental health in the long run. Some people even get depression as a result of that.

There are people who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and whenever something remotely bad happens, they think that they are the ones who should be blamed for it.

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I am not going to talk about the obvious mental effects of blaming yourself for things that weren’t your fault.

What I will do instead is mention how each and every time you blame yourself, you are going to send a signal to your subconscious mind.

In time, you will be so guilt-ridden about anything that you cannot bear the thought of continuing to live in this world. All of this because you erroneously put the blame on your shoulders.

Some people are right to blame themselves, but even they shouldn’t overdo it.

Remember: You need to take lessons, not scold yourself relentlessly.

The first one will actually make you stronger and stop you from making the same mistake again, while the second one merely undermines your personality.

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One last thing to remember is that we are all humans and we make mistakes.

When we make mistakes, we should learn our lesson and move on.

Forgiving other people is a heroic feat, but forgiving yourself is something that only a handful of people are strong enough to do!

Try to be forgiving towards yourself, but do not forget to learn your lesson.

Scold yourself, but for the right amount of time.

Making mistakes in the journey of life is inevitable… it is our duty to learn from these mistakes and become a better person!



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Greetings @chbartits

Correction is the way we stop doing something wrong to start doing it the right way.

Now, if the correction is accompanied by a reprimand, the correction will be more effective, taking into account that the lack has its cost.

When we begin to assess the losses every time we are admonished, we will begin to develop criteria of care and attention in what we do.

We are human and as humans we tend to make mistakes, but it is also a human faculty to learn from mistakes, accept our responsibility and move forward with greater knowledge.

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Nice read as usual. It is good to be critical to your self to see possible mistakes you made but it has to be seen as a positive thing and not as a blame which could be harmful for your soul.

Greetings @chbartist, if many of us sin by feeling guilty for things that are not under our responsibility or escape the radius of reach where we act and cannot resolve and sometimes the economic situation makes it impossible for us to help. But what is certain is that many of us make mistakes and we have to learn to assume responsibility and learn to move forward just as we must learn to forgive when others make intentional mistakes or not, to be consistent with the word of our God. Happiness.

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@chbartist I tgink both type of the people you mention in the post are the victim of personality clash or lack of confidence and all it is due to the over reaction on their each action. If you are good in your work then it does't to expres the feelings beyond tge boundries. At the end ultimately tgey blam them selves

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True, I agree to your perspective and yes everything should be in limited amount that is only beneficial for us, we should not be hard on ourselves.

Realizing mistakes and errors are a part of self improvement and growth. Blaming oneself is ok as long as it does not hinder the ability to continue forward with your goals.

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Mistake a hummus nature but learn more things by mistake make a great personality don't blame self do better.

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Its alright to make mistakes because that's part of being human. But it's different when you are a mistakes all the time. The decisions made were all mistakes. Could it be that it's life or the person is just so dumb to make decision?

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Just say it, this person you described is a complete "dumbass".

Posted using Partiko Android

Sometimes I do blame myself but I do that just to add positive to myself and not negative again


My brother, who e help??

Posted using Partiko Android

Personally I try to see where the things went wrong and could I do something about it, if not, I try to avoid the whole set of circumstances that led to the failure.


Good point

Posted using Partiko Android

I never blame myself. Its a good content @chbartist.
Good luck.........


Accept your fault, yes. But blaming???? Naahhh

Posted using Partiko Android

Y es que no se trata de no cometer errores, se trata de aceptar que los habrá y que aunque son tu responsabilidad, también lo es aprender de ellos para no tropezar nuevamente, es lo que conocemos como superarse.

Gracias @chbartist

Los errores están ahí para que aprendamos! Gracias por compartir!

Self blame is often part of depression, sufferers having a constant negative outlook on the world around them and feeling too useless to change anything.Although this is often caused by unbalanced hormones, brain chemistry or unfortunate life circumstances, it can also be a matter of mindset. Changing your mindset to a positive one changes your whole outlook and can reverse the self blame game. I hope people get some impetus to make change in their lives if they suffer from self blame. Be Happy

Guilt destroy a person in a way where it is not easy to rebuild the self-confidence required to cope with life.

So sad but sometimes I accepted l blamed myself for there are hidden things that I kept then it will coincide to the existence of arguments or in any aspect. I rather blamed myself than other people around me.

Wait a minute, why in the world would I want to blame myself for something???? Or anything for that matter??? Hell no.
I don't take shit and I don't give shit either. pardon my language.
The thing is I was raised in the hood, and I keep it real and straight.
If I am responsible for any wrong doing and I know it, I will apologize and move on with my life. On there other hand, if someone wrongfully accuses me as being responsible for something I did not do and expects me to apologise, then you got something else coming.
I got no time for playing the blame game.

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Thanks for sharing @chbartist
Yes, Forgiving yourself is tough when you are suffering due to your past mistakes. What I learned from my past mistake is , everything happen for a good reason try to opportunity in your bad situation. keep believing that God have better plan for you.

Making mistake is not bad, The bad is not realizing your mistake and not putting extra effort to change it.

It's true, sometimes we punish ourselves when we have many people who are experienced in that, we just have to take into account with ourselves, sincerely. We learn from mistakes without reproaching ourselves so much.


Why would I want to punish myself???

Posted using Partiko Android

The truth is, blaming yourself isn’t really something wrong to do. Sometimes, we have to be hard on ourselves in order to learn our lesson.
Its fine to take the credit of the mistake because this is the act which leader should do. I also think blaming all the time might become a factor to to demotivate ourself. So even this blaming thing should be in balance. Thanks for writing nice post dear friend. @chbartist

@chbartist , cuando me suceden cosas malas en vez de autoculparme pienso: que debo aprender de esta experiencia que me brinda la vida?

Self love and care is do important. I was just chatting to my sister about this earlier today. When you fall in this trap It's easier to beat yourself up than to take time for you. And you never know what someone else is going through in there heart of hearts. Keep spreading awareness... 💕

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Better if we know it ahead!

This is one of the great article Ive seen!

Just stop blaming yourself!

Great post.

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thanks for sharing.

thanks for sharing.

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Posted 3 days ago, just what I needed today. Thank you @chbartist!

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Don't blame blame those who get taugh of you

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I used to constantly blame myself about all the shit happened, but not anymore. I focus on being happy regardless of the end result of a thing, even if its bad, dont want to ruin the positive attitude. Great post, keep it up.

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Very nice article. At least in my personal situation, it came as a ring to the finger. I want to thank you for most of your articles. Please keep on writing and improving if it were possible.