Understanding the Different Types of Human Intelligence...

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Hello, Steemians!

There is no such thing as an unintelligent human being. We are all bestowed with intelligence in one area or another. The problem is that most people do not know that such areas of intelligence exist.

When we talk about intelligence, most people think about one’s capability to process data or outthink other people in education or business. Well, scientifically speaking, that is hardly the case.

We have many types of intelligence and all of us are born with capability in one of them. In today’s article, we will list and explain these types of intelligence to you.

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One of the most significant types of intelligence is Natural Intelligence.

Naturally intelligent people often find it easy to connect with nature and understand it in ways that other people find difficult. This is the most common type of intelligence, as our human forefathers were gatherers, hunters, and farmers who lived in nature, unlike the current machinated human society.

Logical and Mathematical Intelligence comes next. When we talk about intelligence, this is what most people falsely consider to be the defining characteristic of being clever and capable.

This type of intelligence is basically about one’s aptitude to calculate, quantify, proposition and think in a logical and certifiable way. These people make scientists, mathematicians or even detectives!

Musical Intelligence is one’s capability to notice and understand sounds, rhythms, tone, and the patterns with which the above dance.

These people can understand and compose rhythms and take notice of sounds that other people tend to ignore. Our musicians, players, and other esteemed people of the artistic profession all have musical intelligence.

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Interpersonal Intelligence is heavily connected to emotional intelligence, as it describes one’s capability to understand other people and their conflicts, and make these people reliable in social connections.

Their sensitivity and their ability to connect with other people distinguishes these people. Teachers, actors, or even politicians are all bestowed with interpersonal intelligence.

Kinesthetic Intelligence and those who are bestowed with it are all about the physicality of something.

The physical skills of these people are phenomenal and they often make great sportsmen. Their reflexes and ability to time their physicality distinguishes them from a lot of other people from a very early age.

Linguistic Intelligence is about how you connect with words and use them to express yourself properly. People who are linguistically intelligent make novelists, poets, or journalists and public speakers.

Adults with this type of intelligence enjoy writing, reading, or practically anything that engages them with words.

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These were only the most common types of intelligence, as there is obviously more to the human nature that we currently comprehend.

Everyone is bestowed with capability in one area of intelligence. You just have to find it and then dedicate your life to growing your talent with hard work and determination.

Human beings are all intelligent, one way or another.

Never forget that.

It is only our uniqueness in one area of intelligence that defines who we are and what we do with our lives.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Very intelligent article!

You have wrote what was in my mind for years, in today's world everything thinks that the term intelligence means only to process data or in the science area but that's not true,
Let me take a example compare a robot and a ordinary human, we can observe that these robots cannot do process many of complicated task but on the other hand this ordinary human whom we have not considered intelligent can process those task,
And It was an amazing line that everyone have their own intelligence
Thanks alot for such a post

And I want to be included in your community
Can you please help me

I am a poker player and I use a lot of intelligence to read the cards of the opponents and to become a winner. Intelligence is very important and especially we must try to use it to its fullest. The human race certainly has a lot of resources that it does not we know how to access them. A superb article, I'll always read you from now on. A good day.


When I was a teenager I had a great friend with whom I shared many years of friendship. And from her I remember that she was a very astute girl in terms of personal relationships but she was not academically successful. This always caught my attention because I didn't explain how a person could be so smart for some things and not so smart for others. It was many years later, when I was in college, that I learned that there are different types of intelligence and with that I gave answers to my questions.
So we must be aware of which are our intellectual gifts and abilities to somehow develop them to the maximum because that will allow us to develop in the best way in the area of work to what we dedicate ourselves.

Oh yes @chbartist, it was quite interesting for me to learn from you about the types of intelligence, and understand the nature of things, I clearly realize that each type of intelligence is unique, just need to use this gift and reach the top of perfection!

A very interesting post and I had never even guessed that there are many types of intellect, but now I clearly understand that I should find my intellect and understand how it can be useful to me to help achieve my goals and dreams! Thank you @chbartist

We havecome to the world with a suitcase full of talents. It is our purpose to discover which ones have been granted by nature and take advantage of them for our benefit and that of society. Even people who have a cognitive disability have a kind and degree of intelligence that distinguishes them from others. Parents and teachers should be attentive to the type of intelligence that children possess and help develop it.

We are exraordinary creatures in this world. I wish you a great day

Intelligent a quality some people have god gifted and some one's earn this beautiful ability through the learn mental activities.
Thanks sir for sharing your thoughts.

Posted using Partiko Android

Why not , because in this world people have many faces and if we differentiate good or bad between them , it must be our intelligence . But this intelligency we can't learn from books, we can't buy too and no need to be literate because we got it naturally. Nice @chbartist

Posted using Partiko Android

Sir you arer sharing here's very nice subject intelligence this is God gifted availity but someone use this talent smartly someone not use this quality.
this is depend self esteem and confidence.
Thanks for sharing good thought.

An excellent overview @chbartist and it is very important to learn about your intellect and the people around you, this will give us a better idea of our talents and how to use our intellect for the benefit of yourself and society!

Dear @chbartist
The level of intellectual level of mental ability and learning of all people vary, what level varies. The human mind is the best, whose only part we can get in use. In fact, intelligence is basically about a qualification to calculate, quantify, propose and think in a logical and proven way, which is used by a person to achieve objectives in different areas of life. Wisdom is the same in all the people, it depends on us in what way we use it to develop wisdom. We have seen many such instances from where the mental age of a person is many times more than his actual age. The only reason for this is to use a sufficient quantity of intelligence.
Thank you for binding people in unity

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes its 100 % True that we do not know our intelligent.

That was an eye opening thought , indeed every human is special and unique in their own way. it's jut that we need to recognize that talent.
Keep inspiring us all:)

There are many people in this world, everyone has their own mind, whatever works right, does the same thing.

Posted using Partiko Android

Everyone is bestowed with grace and gift to makes his/herself unique and useful. As I always say, don't make yourself a photocopy of another's personality. Discover your gift and develop it and that's will define your life.

Posted using Partiko Android

It is absolutely right, people of different intellects are in this world, only if they prefer to sell a flower, then prefer to like a business selling a gun.
While some people do business of selling meat fish, some people work to sell fruits.Every man develops his own independent personality, which is what seems right to him, whatever he understands from the mind consciousness of his mind that it is right that he does it.

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I think intelligence is a layer of knowledge that comes to you from the consciousness that you carry through many lives. The more you practice, the more you are accomplished.

Posted using Partiko Android

I have shared with some many varied types of intellectuals and it has always been a great way to learn perspective. Sharing with these groups have been a great experience for me!

Posted using Partiko iOS

God created us all with a special talent as you say @chbartist the most important thing is to find and develop it, who was smarter, Albert Einstein or Marlon Brando? Common sense points to the former as the paradigm of intelligence, but the truth is that the scientist was as incapable of acting or impersonating another with conviction, as the second of enunciating great abstract theories. The question is, therefore, incorrect. Each one, in his field, was a genius. The explanation is that some types of intelligence -now different to eight different- are more developed in some individuals than in others.
The different types of intelligence are not watertight compartments, but are combined with each other, since all human beings count on them to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, although the innate abilities are different in each individual, today it is known that these types of intelligence are, to a large extent, abilities. Therefore, they can be increased if they are developed enough. Encouragement and sufficient instruction are key to achieving growth in any of them.

I had never studied the different types of intelligence, we usually generalize in one word ...

Yes it is right we have to understand various types of human intelligence. It is necessary to know about what kind of qualities human being have . Intelligence is not about what people show means there work skills or something else it is all about that what there intention and strong decision.

Congratulations, @chbartist for the highest payout on one day.
I am trying to find out my intelligent but I can't find my intelligent because I am not intelligent.

@chbartist we should not downgrade some one on a particular sort of intelligence
because everyone has some unique qualities which can be productively used

Yeah that is right

You share many types of intelligence in this post which I was not aware of so thank you so much for making us aware. Now I got to know about logical intelligence mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence and linguistic intelligence. Have a great weekend @chbartist

Posted using Partiko Android

Everyone has the gift (intelligence) when we our born. By harnessing the mind through creative thinking, problem solving and imagination anyone can fully use this gift.

Excellent article, you’re 100% right, that’s why the world is so beautiful, different intelligent makes different beauty, entertainment, life saving, flying in the sky and what not. We should all respect each other's profession even if it is very least quality. Thanks for your very very practical article.

love your posts!!! eager to read more about it! glad to be part of this community

Have you seen Young Sheldon? As is showed, that series displayed that Sheldon and his sister were scrutinized over different subjects. He outperformed his sister in math and physics, but his sister who was an outgoing girl won the match as she had a great load of social intelligence in communicating and seeing differences and mismatchings in the atmosphere. So, by that I can tell that this is our misunderstanding if we delimit and categorize people with their computation intelligence. Sometimes there are more important things in life neccesiating intelligence in other meanings. Never judge and compare your kids with their classmates who barely know how to live and improve in their real life, let them be themselves, their intelligence might worth more in other cases....believe me.

Agreed 100%

Thomas Aquinas says:

"grace builds on nature"

Naturally we're intelligent and when this intelligence develops and nurtures, it becomes our own unique intelligent.
In this, we realize our purpose in life which would lead us to fulfillment in life.


I usually say that nobody is devoid of God's blessings. That is to say that God bestow unlimited intelligence on every soul on the planet. What is required of us all is to utilize that intelligence for our maximum benefits. Great post @chbartist.

Nice informative blogg!!!exiting blogg about human forefathers and natural intelligence love to read this @chbartist great blogg...

Posted using Partiko Android

@chbartist, Yes, we are intelligent beings and in my opinion our souls are ancient and it also completed many courses of Intelligence, but when we talk about Now Moment then most of the times we discover our true Intelligence unknowingly and it come out accidentally, but the actual case is, it was predestined to come out and being discovered in that way. Stay blessed.

Have you seen Young Sheldon? As is showed, that series displayed that Sheldon and his sister were scrutinized over different subjects. He outperformed his sister in math and physics, but his sister who was an outgoing girl won the match as she had a great load of social intelligence in communicating and seeing differences and mismatchings in the atmosphere. So, by that I can tell that this is our misunderstanding if we delimit and categorize people with their computation intelligence. Sometimes there are more important things in life neccesiating intelligence in other meanings. Never judge and compare your kids with their classmates who barely know how to live and improve in their real life, let them be themselves, their intelligence might worth more in other cases....believe me

Agree! Everyone has his own intelligence! And we should not only develope our intelligence but also learn how to increase intelligence of other people with whom we are interact. One more point which I think also important is to learn how to feel and recognize intelligence of man with whom you are innteracting!

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes!, we must also admit other people the way they think and behave. Thanks very much.

@chbartist It is there where I consider that this world is wonderful in each of our areas we complement each other as humanity and each one of us can exploit our skills in each of our areas.

Como docente (Profesora de Educación Primaria) dentro del aula se ve reflejada la inteligencia en los niños y en cada uno es diferente. Solo tenemos que ayudarlos a descubrirla, a que puedan florecer y así, ya como adultos, poder entender que todos somos diferentes, que todos somos inteligentes en diferentes aspectos y que eso no nos hace menos inteligentes.

Excelentes publicaciones. Te seguiré leyendo.

The main thing is you do what you are good at. It makes you feel good and happy :)

There are many types of human intelligence. Not just a few, that's depends only the point of view that you 're looking for.

Posted using Partiko Android

@chbartist if we understant different types of human , it means we have some natural power because no one can learn it . Only he can do it himself.

Naturally every human is intelligent but some humans use more brain and I think slightly difference may be of intelligence. Thanks @chnmbartist for this lovely post with awesome knowledge .

Posted using Partiko Android

Sehr gut. Endlich ist es einmal ausgesprochen und erklärt. Der Mensch ist wesentlich mehr, als wir zur Zeit in der Lage sind, zu erkennen.
Es gibt keine Menschen ohne Intelligenz. Leider denken wir noch zu engstirnig. Deshalb verstehen wir andere Menschen nicht immer oder sehen und interpretieren andere Menschen falsch. Nicht jeder ist in der Lage meinen Vorstellungen zu entsprechen. Andere wollen vielleicht auch gar nicht meinen Ideen folgen oder zustimmen. Andere Menschen haben eigene Vorstellungen und Ideen, die man auch erst einmal akzeptieren sollte, damit der Weg für Verständnis un Zusammenarbeit geebnet ist. Unsere Geschichte hat uns gelehrt, dass jeder Mensch einen anderen braucht.
Was ist der Dachdecker ohne den Bäcker?
Was ist der Bäcker ohne den Maurer?
Was ist der Maurer ohne den Arzt?
Was ist...
Dies geht endlos weiter. Wir müssen das nur erkennen, damit wir besser verstehen.

Hello chbartist! Here I would like to add financial intelligence that is different from other types. I have always wondered how the less intelligent people in my country managed to make money until I learned of this kind of intelligence.

Hi, I have musical intelligence, I easily learn melodies. :)

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fine i think

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only one word: extraordinary

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Thanks for the informative article. I think that every kind of intellect has its own gradation in level and polarity. Maybe I'm wrong about that.


I have upvoted basically every blog post you have ever made and resteem the posts that I resonate deeply with. Thank you for providing extremely insightful information and I really want to be included in the list of contributors to this community.

Great article -- I sometimes wonder about those who seem intelligent as in they get A's on exams because they can regurgitate dates and facts BUT do not know how to apply this knowledge. That is the difference between lateral thinkers and dummy thinkers ( as I call them ).

BUT BUT don't get me started on the notion of " I want you to think outside the box " . Sometimes working within a BOX is there for a very good reason!

Keep it up!!


Intelligence is the matter to boom or dump you in your life style!

The artical interprets many people' confusing life. Questions pushed before us: What are we doing now ? What are our interested fields ? What are we good at ? What are our gifts? The four questions might be for your reference before you make a decision.

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