The Subtle Art of Building Connections and Maintaining Them in Life

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Today, I will share with you one of the most important mindsets in the world of business which will inevitably result in your much-awaited success.

It is simple math and calculations; you want to earn wealth, and you need to interact with people in order to do that.

The stronger your ability to make connections and maintain them, the greater your odds of finding your breakthrough.
This is what I like to call the Subtle Art of Building Connections.

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The thing about having the right connections is the clever mechanism that our world thrives upon and some people have understood how to utilize this perfectly over the years.

Imagine that you one day found yourself at the right spot in the right time. You get to meet someone who may be influential, maybe in business, maybe in politics, maybe in both.

The person is not going to offer you your breakthrough or success. But for things to work in society, people of influence or power need other people to work for them. That is where you come in.

That person might someday find himself in need of a marketer, a writer, or someone with another discernible skill or talent. He may need them for himself, or he may want to introduce them to other people for work.

Either way, the person in question has found success merely by connecting with that particular person.

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Some of you might think that this is all a work of chance. But trust me, building connections can be done consciously. You should seek out people and befriend them at every possible opportunity.

Building connections may not be fruitful at first. You may get to know someone, but that does not mean you are going to achieve success. It may be months or years before this connection turns out to be beneficial to you.

Which brings us to the second point of this blog post: You should try to maintain your connections with whatever opportunity that presents itself.

For example, if you are in holiday season, send a card to the person whose trust and connection is valuable to you.

In this way, you will not slip away from their mind and that increases your chances of successful collaboration.

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This is not same lazy idea that compels you to forsake your endeavors and work on building connections with other people. Rather, you should become more conscious of who you come in contact with.

This way, you will try to lever things to your advantage and win the pinnacle of social interactions, which is basically to get things done.

Do not underestimate your connections and do not lose touch with them!

Actively seek out new people of influence or power and see if you can help them in their social or professional endeavors!




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@tts nice and voice is so clear and cool I loving this voice

Building connections may not be fruitful at first. You may get to know someone, but that does not mean you are going to achieve success. It may be months or years before this connection turns out to be beneficial to you.

Tim Ferriss talks about this sometimes - he says that when you connect with someone much more successful than yourself, you should try and touch base with them only once per 6 months or so. It can be years and years before a relationship blooms, but patience will win -- and of course, not all of these "connections" can or should go anywhere. Only a few will.

This mindset is something I probably need to give more attention to, especially for my business. Networking with others in ones area of business can help to grow through meaningful connections. If I would have put as much time into building connections for my business as I have put into my music and this platform, I would have more work. Thanks for this tip it has got me thinking🙏

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People underestimate the power of what are called "weak ties" -- those outside your close circle of friends and associates, but they are the very ones who can provide opportunities that your inner circle typically cannot, as well as a new, refreshing perspective at times. Thanks for writing, and I wish to be part of this community!

Building connections takes communication skills and a certain level of charisma that allows one make people comfortable around them, this I feel is crucial to networking and business. Often this is where people struggle, because you also need to have the courage, along with the intelect to speak at the most opportune time when the information you have is of most value. Sometimes this can be the downfall of ones endevors because they fail to execute the correct timing, in fact its proven that timing may be even more important then the product/information you have, even if the product/information is genius.

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It is always good to maintain connections, not only because you can get an additional benefit, but it is good to surround yourself and maintain connection with people who make your life more enjoyable.
As for connections with influential people, they really are important and you have to take care of those connections. Those connections are really the ones that arrive at the right moment and we should always be grateful that they have appeared in our lives ...
I take the opportunity to thank you for appearing in mine. Thank you.

God bless you!

hi Legend Hero @chbartist
Sea of ​​information
happy to see that your Post in the Top :)

Hello @chbartist!

The environment gives us material to grow, to improve.

The contribution can be through important information, or simply the support of a friend at the right time.

To be able to count on the help you must have the source of this, a network of contacts, friends, acquaintances, with whom you can count for a moment of need

As some say, we must create a support account in the favors bank, where at the appropriate time we deposit a favor, and when help is required, we can ask for a favor, with the guarantee that this will not be denied since we are Participants of the support system.

The meaning to life is relationships. Happy Friday.

My dad always advises me to maintain good connections with people because there are some places only connections can reach.

Sometimes we just have to reach out to people, text them, send them gifts overtime instead of ambushing them with our needs out of the blues

publicación digna de leer y conocer, nos conectamos con la similitud del pensamiento y la cohesión por la certeza de la razón...

to be frank I have seen the benefits of building trustworthy connection in my life. even I can give real testimony

Thank you so much for the post.
I want to join your Steemit Community.
Please how do I go about it and what is the T&C?
Waiting to hear from you

Thank you once again


I'm including you in my list! You can see that in last post list! Regards


Thank you very much

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Information age is where we find our selves and information is power. Connection is an embodiment of information. When one is informed, one is connected. I stayed most at times indoor and my inner man kept telling me to move out, what I needed for sometimes now, today, I got to meet with a long standing friend, and lo, he showed me. Am blessed by this write up my boss. Thank you very much @chbartist.



I agree with what you say, I can add that life is all feedback and people take us to more people.
We create connections that can help us later.
And this is so mystical that even on Facebook we can see that we have some contact in common, showing the theory of 6 degrees of separation.

Greetings and congratulations for your publications

Greate blogg bro @chbartist building connections is very sensible things.we have to maintain it very nicely...

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Increible post eres una legenda te felicito!!! @chbartist

Its like building an empire.
It takes years and decades to build it depending on your type of empire.
Its about your target.

Wow, sincerely I thought about this same topic several times, but I have just started in this platform and I dont have any power or influence. I would love to create a nice and incredible community of helping and supporting each other. I think that creating connections is crucial, hope this project success

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That is a very interesting advice that everyone should take into account. I completely agree with you, connections are indispensable to have a strong, successful business.
In my case, doing that is something especially difficult as I have problems to build relationships. Anyway, it is something that, even if I want or not, I have to work on it!

Posted using Partiko Android

Some of you might think that this is all a work of chance. But trust me, building connections can be done consciously. You should seek out people and befriend them at every possible opportunity.

I agree with you on this thought dear friend @chbartist
Thanks for writing such a nice post. You're doing a lot for the community.

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Connections are must, You have highlighted an vital point of view.
Keep flourishing.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

As for connections with influential people, they really are important and you have to take care of those connections. Those connections are really the ones that arrive at the right moment and we should always be grateful that they have appeared in our lives ...Screenshot_20190315-103933.png

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Digital nomads sadly don't get these experiences

2383 voices clearly indicate the great wisdom of life you passed on. And although a significant number of people who read this probably met in their lives with this at school during the lessons, probably most of us did not assimilate it sufficiently. Many things we learn at school are unnecessary but what you wrote about if we want to achieve success we should always remember. Thank you for this valuable knowledge

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Inspired bro..

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hola excelente dame tu voto gracias

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I can attest to this sort of mindset.
A best friend and I work in entertainment. Subconsciously kept good relations with prospects, doing favors without expecting reciprocation. All though my best friend, at that time, constantly stated his close minded opinion of my pointlessness -- cut to a decade later and guess who has retained a good reputation and guess who has been almost completely forgotten?
So grateful I naturally decided to be a civil human being. The disadvantages in my social life are highly made up for in the advantages of business and people that matter.

We are stronger when we unify...
Auspiciously, this is the perfect topic, as one of my oldest friends left his body this week. I had the fortunate experience of living on an intentional community mid-90's passed several days ago. I hadn't seen or talked to him in 15 years and yet, it is as if no time had passed. I can hear his laugh. He taught us to wild craft Octillo and Mesquite and we built a mini business from his connections in Colorado. Life is all about connections and the invisible spirit strands that make them infinite. I was writing in my journal of a fun time we had shared making a sweat lodge, thinking about him, was it random? Later that day, got the news. We are infinite Star seeds, that must connect in this density.

Wish I had been more comfortable doing this earlier in my career. It was very stressful for me to meet people. My head was filled with thoughts I could not push away.

Publicly Good relationship with Understanding a source of successful life.

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