The Strongest Source of Insecurity in the Modern Society

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Hello, dear Steemians!

One of the things that I aspire to achieve in this blog is honesty and open communication with all the members.

That is why I rarely buy into some motivational ideas that are enforced through the media of our modern society. There is a huge problem with that way of thinking.

I want to emphasize on it in order to maintain this trust that we have come to achieve as a community.
The thing that I am talking about is the Spirit of Equality.

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A great source of anxiety and depression in the modern society is envy. When I use the word ‘envy’ I am not necessarily talking about the petty feeling of wanting what other people have.

This is much deeper than that.

After the process of identification, we come to know who we are and what we really want out of this life. That is when the idea of working hard with a powerful mindset in order to achieve ‘success’ comes to play.

Our society supports this mindset, as it is constantly pointed out that we are all equal and have the same chances as any other human being.

In this case, success is not achieved by a combination of hard work and chance, but it is a mandatory concept that relies heavily on your personal talent and skills.

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Our society has the spirit of equality, but does not maintain the elements that bring about true equality. That gives way to ‘envy’ which we talked about earlier.

When you can relate to other people, the society with a spirit of equality creates a sense of envy for those people, because what it is selling you is merely a beautiful lie.

Imagine the Queen of England. She is wealthier than us and is renowned by everyone in the world. Yet, we cannot feel envious of the kind, because she is not one of us.

But imagine that you have to attend a school reunion after years. You get to meet the kind of people that were once the same as you, but now each of them represents a certain level of social hierarchy.

In this situation, it is easy to get anxiety, depression, and fall into the trap of insecurity, because now your lack of success falls on ‘you’ and your inaptitude to achieve anything of particular merit or value.

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The modern society might sell you the idea that everyone is equal, but that is not necessarily the problem.

The problem is that it also sells us the idea of ‘success’ and what it looks like, which usually involves riches and wealth.

Whatever the idea, you should understand that the modern society of our world has basically turned our lives into the School Reunion, where every failure falls directly and completely on the person who may have not been lucky enough to catch their breakthrough.

That is why the suicide rate of developed and first world societies ironically transcends those countries whose people believe in fate.

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Here is the truth: If we want to truly find peace and comfort with the life that we are living, we should have our own independent definition of ‘success’ and how it is achieved.

The way of society gives in to many insecurities that come along with the spirit of equality. We may have equal rights, but our chances, opportunities, and life circumstances are not the same.

Have your own definition of success and work towards it, regardless of what society might tell you about your own life and identity. - @chbartist


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Thanks All of You!!!!



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I live in Venezuela and I am a psychology student. For those who do not know, Venezuela is going through a serious humanitarian crisis, and this has made me understand many things that I did not know before. I learned to value the truly essential things and to seek happiness in the small details, it is good to be ambitious, but in my current situation, it is better to help each other.
Being a university student, I realize that we are not all the same, psychology has shown it, that is why we must exploit our individual strengths to get ahead. (Sorry for my english)

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

I agree with your premise,

If we want to truly find peace and comfort with the life that we are living, we should have our own independent definition of ‘success’ and how it is achieved.

in as much as it would surely help lower the anxiety and frustration levels people may develop as the result of unfulfiled expectations. That being said, there are obvious results in any field that are supposed to provide a minimum of financial, emotional or social security.

Take Steemit, for instance, where being a whale (or at least a dolphin) seems to be a commonly shared goal that would distinguish the average steemian as a successful member of this ecosystem.

We know how difficult achieving such goal may be, unless you had money to invest a priori or some friends or allies that help you ascend that ladder quickly.

Most Steemians may set up less ambitious goals and just enjoy the ride, become content creators and participate of as many communities as possible, learning and sharing as you'd do in any other social network.

Even if at some point there is a moment of questioning about the profitability of the amount of time devoted to Steemit and the actual dividends it generates, people can find satisfaction in the very content that was created and which would not have seen the light had it not been for all the interaction generated here.
That may mean success for some, and that's better than a frantic pursue of finacial success that may very well leave irreparable damage in the process.

Becoming a whale on steem it? I don't get it but I think I follow your post hlezama.

My personal ethos: Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default. When delved into it opens a plethora of concepts, all of which angle towards living ones' best version of life.

You made some good points. Thank you.

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Excellent motivation @chbartist, and I completely agree with you, that each of us must determine the direction of our own success. Public experience is very important, but only we can decide what can come in handy from this experience and how to find our own method of achieving our dreams!

Success is always attributed to a perfect life, but that depends on the glass with which you see things, for me, my life may be perfect, but for another it is not. So I must feel good with what I do and work for what is important to me and what would be a success for me !!! instead of wanting to follow another person's success, which may not be as necessary for me as it is for the other person. (I hope you understand what I meant, hahaha)

This is motivational and captivating. There is a deviation all around our environment from normal and the norms and values of our society is gradually wearing away. Success used to be from hard work but not disputing favoritism and nowadays mediocrity is the order of the day. Am inspired @chbartist.

@chbartist, Unfortunately Equality just remained as saying because if we observe current world then every now and then we face Judgements and Discouragements and now it became the mass pattern and we are seeing mass Judgements in this world. Stay blessed.

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Sadly true, just thinking about the refugees who went thru the dessert to lybia, to sit in a boat and caught by the coastguard to be send back into one horrific camp.. This is the proof of inequality, just as their are infinite more examples nowadays :(

We are in Awakened Times and truth is becoming more visible and in this world we are not seeing any Equality and that is the truth.

I have never looked at the equality from that side. Yeah I think we ignore that the circumstances of each person is different from each other. While one calls a job or a rank as a success, other can call it disaster. We should evaluate every piece of success acording to their circumstances or abilities..

Success in everyone one's mindset is the biggest problem as everyone see a person able to do such things that they can't afford to do created the 'envy' and inferior complex in heart mind and soul.

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I read your post with interest is a topic that is close to me, a few days ago I talked about it with some friends, a group of girls coming like me from a low "social class" and we exchanged opinions about the economic difficulties to study, looking with a bit of envy at those who have parents who pay them books, studies, school, etc. It often reminds us that we pay our parents the bills. But it made me think about your post because in our speeches I found a suffering for not belonging to a certain type of "people" or category feeling somehow worth less, and we were also talking about equity that we don't find in reality because it doesn't have all are given the same resources.

We suffer for many things that are foolish that are just invented by ourselves. I will still write a lot about this, please, be sure to subscribe for the channel mentioned in the post. Regards.

The thought of creating our own version of success is great as we each have priorities to achieve. I often compare my goals to not only others but also to my own in the last to ensure that I can reflect on the journey and never forget to be grateful.

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Everyone wants tk be successful but the way to success can't be same. It depends upon everyone's choise and way of working. In the society people give the example of few successful person or failure person no-one tell way to success or reason for failure.

Everyone os different and have different mind-set so their failures or success also can't be same..

Thanks @chbartist for nice post. Appreciate your efforts.
Waiting for content in your YouTube channel..

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True words, which let me remember to focus on the real riches in this life, for me those are 'giving back to nature and other people', love, and of course family, for all those who are blessed to have one, I find myself now seeing not everyone is blessed with a family, not everyone has a beloved partner but maybe in some we can can all give back to nature, simply by planting flowers for example, so bees can find food.. Peace

Here is the truth: If we want to truly find peace and comfort with the life that we are living, we should have our own independent definition of ‘success’ and how it is achieved.

Success for me is love, peace and harmony.

Why bother engaging in modern society when love, peace and harmony are obscure?
A hermit living in woods is much more preferable than people of modern society.

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"When you can relate to other people, the society with a spirit of equality creates a sense of envy for those people, because what it is selling you is merely a beautiful lie."
@chbartist Nice content with good thinking

That is the "thing" which bringing lake of trust in society and increasing insecurity in human being

How many of you @steemains think that it is true??

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hola excelente dame tu voto

Para mi el èxito es la toma de buenas decisiones de manera constante, que nos generen muy buenos resultados y por ende nos conducen a obtener mejor calidad de vida; enmarcado este concepto dentro de las rutinas del quehacer diario que todo ser humano debe llevar a cabo para logra un objetivo.

I accept the I also a person belong to feel envy to another person a now a control that feeling

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Almost everyone can relate to what you write in your blogs. Even I have anxiety issues. I worry about irrelevant things and have wasted a lot of time doing so. I regret it later and try to be constant with life. Then again, after sometime I catch up anxiety issues and waste a lot of time and it is going like this right now.

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