The Reason You Are Not Happy with the Life You Are Living…!

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Hi, dear Steemians!

When it comes right down to it, there are a few things that can really make you miserable in this life.

And if we are being logical, most of them are a result of our own incompetence and lack of care.

One reason in particular stands out among all others and that is to live your life as if you are a complete stranger to fulfillment, both physically and mentally.

In this article, we want to talk about the collective respect that we have for our own existence.

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How do we look at the concept of time?

Do we see our time as Years? Months? Weeks? Days?Hours? Minutes?

How do we approach time? What is our idea of time?

This is really important, because it will determine our approach to productivity and success on a daily basis.

A person who looks at time in the manner of years has a different perspective when it comes to fighting for his life and realizing his dreams. A person who sees their time in months works quite differently.

But nonetheless, time is a relative factor that contributes to our productivity. In this particular blog post, I want you to see your time in the manner of days.

You have 365 days a year, 30 days a month, and 7 days a week.

What do you do with it?

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The answer to that question determines a great deal about a person or a character.

You see, many of us are miserable in our life. Each day, we do not do the things that we really want to do, rather, we do things that we otherwise would not.

We do things that do not benefit us in the long run.

We do things that we are not particularly proud of. We do things that bring much shame to our inner self and the portrait of our ideal character that we aspire to become.

The equation is simple, and the result is all the more interesting:

When we waste each day not living the life that is in alignment with the higher vision that we have for ourselves, we are miserable and wretched.

We are desperate for everything that can hold our attention, because we are not giving the important things the attention that they deserve.

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If you want to live a happier life, the solution to your misery is simple:

Do not waste your days living everybody else’s life.

Do not waste your days living a life that makes you ashamed of yourself.

Live your days in a manner that makes you proud.

Live each and every day doing the things that you have always wanted to do.

This is the only way to run away from the misery and the suffering of living a pointless life.

See your time as days and live each day like it is your last upon this earth!

It is at the doorsteps of this meaningful approach to your daily life that you will find happiness and contentment.

A BIG HUG! @chbartist

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Thanks All of You!!!!


Greetings @chbartist

we must learn to invest our most valuable resource; our time.

In order to invest our time efficiently, we must have structured our short, medium and long term objectives.

In order to make good use of time, we must make a plan of life.

Very true. The solution may sound simple. However, the life we live at a given moment (resulting from whatever decisions we took) tends to involve other people. To live the life we envision before those people were also part of it may involve leaving not only a crappy job or a filthy town, but also leaving people who may or may not be responsible for our sense of failure or unhappiness.
It can get very complicated.

exactly, live every day as it would be your last day.
Enjoy the small things, the nature, meeting friends whatever is necessary to make you happy.
Thais for example enjoy nothing more then eating together and they do it every day.
Make plans for a longer time but LIVE your life every single day.
Have a beautiful one

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It seems to me that a lot of people are not happy because they don't truly know what it is they want, and they don't know what they truly want because they don't know who they truly are.

Authentic introspection and self-inquiry seems to be sadly rare, in our day and age. Mostly, we end up running from one thing to another, too busy to stop and question why we are doing what we are doing... and yet, aware that we are not content with our lives, at the end of the day.

I teach many of my clients to start with "small steps." Stop... just for a moment, and observe a sunset, a beautiful flower, a mother interacting with her child, and truly see what is there. In that moment, it is likely that nothing is wrong! What we must learn, then, is to put together increasing numbers of moments in which nothing is wrong, until gradually we stop worrying so much!

Bright Blessings to you @chbartist!

@chbartist domestically a person is never satisfying. I mean if every thing act according to your own then a man should be happy 😊 but there is a time or period of change. If things remain same for a long time, this mean that things feelings moods become meaningless. Change forced us to explore ourself. In a constant atmosphere how can we generate a good idea for us that satisfy our inner ego.

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Time is the only thing we can never get back whichbis why we must use it carefully and purposefully as it will determine our journey and if we achieve our objectives or not. However, it is always important to realize where we have been and appreciate the journey and how it integrates into our experiences and appreciate it every day!

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Excellent motivation @chbartist and I totally agree with you that you should not spend your life on trifles. We all need to understand that by giving all our thinking and work completely every day, not paying attention to the difficulties and problems, we can achieve everything in our life and experience true happiness from it!

@chbartist como decimos en Colombia, "el tiempo es oro" y " si haces lo que te gusta no tendrás que trabajar" feliz y bendecido tiempo.

We must be true to ourselves. One should find joy in everything he do in this life and nature will bring more of that. Judging or comparing to other people can only bring misery. One can start moving, make plan, to achieve anything in this world.

You are right true energy master only pozitive thinking can save us my advice don"t owerthink about problems I only see solutions is my current mindset :)

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It's true, we are wasting our time. We wasting our time on social media, with friends and many more.

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Wow. This is great. This is worth looking at ones life and and trying to examine ones life

@calebotamus thanks for the consistant good reads

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Great words of advice. Using our time and mental resources are something we should cultivate deliberately.

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Post geared towards living our full potential and being happy all the way through it
@chbartist Awesome post as always! I am motivated!!!

Basically I count my time as weeks not days. This article helps me a lot. Good Work @chbartist

Amigo chabartist hy personas que pierden el tiempo pensando en lo que harán en el futuro, y en lo que paso. Y se olvidan del ahora, del presente, ese presente que hay que disfrutar de las cosas bellas de la vida.
A mi me gusta vivir cada momento porque no se si sera el ultimo.
Me gusta cuando dices: " Vive todos los días haciendo las cosas que siempre has querido hacer". A veces es complicado, pero hay que hacer lo posible por salir de ese circulo que te impide hacer lo que te gusta.

Our actions in past make our present, actions in present make our future so we should be focus what we want to accomplish , make our priorities and act accordingly.We should not do things that will be regretful in the future such as being addicted to social media.
Thanks for great motivation always.

Hola @chbartist. Eso me costó aprenderlo. No fue fácil.

No desperdicies tus días viviendo la vida de todos los demás.
No desperdicies tus días viviendo una vida que te avergüence de ti mismo.
Vive tus días de una manera que te haga sentir orgulloso.
Vive todos los días haciendo las cosas que siempre has querido hacer.

Sin embargo, respecto a esto, sé que todas las personas dicen eso

...vive cada día como si fuera el último en esta tierra!

pero yo lo digo al contrario "vive la vida como si fuera el primer día"porque es como cuando tenemos algo nuevo, nos alegramos por eso, lucimos y nos sentimos bien. Creo que de saber que es el último, sería lo contrario, como cuando tenemos algo viejo y estamos cansados de de verlos porque está gastado.

The last portion is very inspirational. Thank you @chbartist

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Good use time for better future.
A telanted buddy driven better.

Time. = Life worst your time waste of life.
remember anybody can not brought time pay off money or any price.

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You are an amazing motivator.and I totally agree with you.

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Use time wisely because time is gold

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Actually we only need to be grateful for what we have now and enjoy life

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...because you never choose it to be happy.

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