The First Months of Trying to Do or Learn Something New...

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Hi, Steemians!

There are a whole lot of motivational mindsets and outlooks in this blog that talk about the idea of starting something and going through with it.

But we rarely talk about the process after you start doing something. In fact, I have rarely seen anyone address the first few months of trying to do something new or actually starting to learn something.

There are many difficulties, doubts, and challenges that one has to face in the first few months of attempting anything. And you need to know them in case they catch you unprepared!

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Imagine a person who wants to start a business or learn how to play the violin. Now, some of you may point out that their paths are entirely different. What has learning violin has to do with the industry of, for instance, rugs and carpets?

One person is trying their hand at arts, while the other is focusing to grow their business and earn a whole lot of money. Their means are different, and so are their ends.

But there is a truth equally interesting in each of these endeavors.

The first few months of starting a business or trying to learn something new, and almost any other pursuit that you can possibly think about is simply full of pitfalls and challenges that we are not prepared for.

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Imagine that there a great mountain that you want to conquer. You estimate that it is going to take you five days to reach the top of the mount.

But here is the problem: You have zero experience climbing mountains. You simply haven’t done it before.

You are going to struggle very hard in the first day. It is going to wear you out.

You might even regret deciding to climb the mountain in the first place. You may feel disappointed with yourself and your physical prowess to climb a mountain.

The second day is going to be much the same.

But you can be sure that in the third days, things are going to change. You are going to get used to the difficulty of climbing. You may have even learned a few tricks that help you climb better.

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Now you have a general understanding of climbing. After each day, there will be fewer pitfalls waiting for you. You will have more wisdom and more experience, and that will make the whole trial easier.

This is the same about any other pursuit in our life. When you want to learn a new instrument, the first few months are going to be exhausting.

When you want to start a business, the first few months will drive you to the edge of madness.

But when you get through that difficult time, it will all be easier and much more enjoyable than you thought possible.

After the first few months comes the beginning of your journey in mastering something and the rest will be history!




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Anything which we start, initial journey is full of struggle and challenges. It's because we don't had the expertise or the required knowledge. Once we keep on doing it for sometime then we get the tips and tricks and gain some knowledge which help us do it in better way.

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First :
Never listen what other people will tell you about your dreams, plans or ideas!
Second :
Read the first point again 😂😁
Third :
Follow consequently your plans
Work hard
Fifth :
Believe in yourself
Have a wonderful day

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True! It's just so difficult not to give in to all those little voices in your head when things get rough lol

Learning includes failing and overcoming adversity and challenges which make us stronger at the end. These are clear experiences to remain resilient and drive forward towards success. Nobody was an expert day one of their ventures!

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You’re right about there not being to much talk about the first few months of starting something new. I remember when I first started playing guitar. I couldn’t fret a single note at first. I was all over the place. The first few months were rough and full of a massive amount of information. Slowly but surely though, things got a lot better as time went on. I just had to keep at it long enough for it to get to that point.

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Another excellent read and more motivation, thank you :) Starting a new venture, or any change really, takes time to adjust. I like the mention of by day 3, you might even learn some tricks. Keep going and pushing through the hurdles, it'll get easier :) have a great day and thanks again for the inspiration! :)

Tus etiquetas me parecen las adecuadas para la publicación,ya que todo lo que comenzamos a hacer o practicar sin ninguna noción de ello,es duro y puede ser difícil en nuestros comienzos,pero como todo en la vida,es necesario esforzarse para crecer y así alcanzar el éxito.

Es evidente que nuestra mentalidad con respecto a lo que estamos empezando depende de nuestro progreso,pero debemos evitar el acostumbrado cambio negativo en nuestro pensamiento,al plantearnos una meta a alcanzar también estimamos una cantidad de tiempo posible que nos tome llegar a esa meta,vamos a estar entusiasmados en nuestro primer día,para algunos será mejor que para otros,pero al final veremos la realidad de nuestra expectativa y por ello algunos querrán abandonar su meta,porque aunque haya a quien su primer día intentándolo no los desaliente tanto sino que los motive aun más,pues otros se decepcionan al ver que no fueron capaces de lo que creían que podían hacer sin tanta dificultad,luego al volver a intentarlo veremos que es lo mismo a nuestro primer día,los que decidan continuar para progresar,se darán cuenta de que de hecho han mejorado y pueden seguir creciendo y fortaleciéndose mediante a la practica y la lucha.

Buena publicación , quise apoyar tu trabajo con mi voto,espero te sigas esforzando en crear buen material de lectura.

Hello @chbartist!

All the things we want to undertake or venture into are really very difficult. There is really nothing that is easy in this life, the only thing that makes the difference is the desire, and secondly and much more important, the will.

But for these two things to really work we have to be able to buy the experience with the complete combo, the kit of the good things and the satisfactions, and the kit of the bad things and disappointments.

The most important thing is that whatever we are going to do, at the beginning we must continue and take it very seriously, in order to be successful.


This #mindset post is very relevant to my present life situation as I am learning to play the violin 🎻 and also starting my own business. Both pursuits are a few months old now so I have faced many of the early challenges, frustrations and ups and downs that you mention in your blog post. The two endeavours are indeed very similar in that both are in their infancy and both are requiring a great deal of my attention, concentration, passion and hard work. My love for music drives me forward and my determination to succeed has given me the impetus to practice every day diligently. My tech knowledge and self taught repair skills led me to start a small business fixing devices when I found that my chance of employment at my age in this field would be hard. I am slowly building up a client base, encouraging people to repair or upgrade in preference to tossing and opting for buying new devices. By offering affordable repairs, I can save people money.
I learn new skills every day with every new job I get. I climb one mountain only to find another mountain on the other side. Both violin skills and repair skills require much stamina to keep going, but the rewards are evident, both make people 😃

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I totally agree with this sentence "But when you get through that difficult time, it will all be easier and much more enjoyable than you thought possible''
About 5 months ago i started doing yoga and I've never exercised anything before. At the beginning i found very dificult even showing of to the mat each day, let alone working out. But as time passed i started enjoying it more and more. And today i cannot imagine my days without yoga, i love it hehe!

Its really motivative..😯😯
It is true that people will alwys discourge but if do t ignore them then it ruein our dreams 😢 vut if bear their behaviour then success is no more far away..😋😋
Amazing and very motivative..👏👏

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