Our Problem is Not Lack of Knowledge, But Lack of Action...

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Hi, dear Steemians!

The pursuit of knowledge is truly the greatest feat in the life of men, but how far will that wisdom accompany you in your journey to realize your dreams?
Success or accomplishment is not impossible or even improbable, but when you take a look at the people you know, regardless of how well they know and understand the world and their existence, rarely do you find someone who can claim that they have lived life to its fullest and achieved all of their dreams. Rarely can you notice someone who doesn’t live with a mind full of regret and guilt for all the time they have lost. Rarely can you see someone who has used the opportunities that they have come across in their life.
For acquisition of wisdom is, as divine and useful as it might be, utterly pointless without action.

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A friend of mine was an aspiring writer and director of films. He basically knew everything that one could possibly know about the film industry. He knew how to operate even the most complicated cameras, he knew how to manage a set, and he knew how to write a screenplay.
Sometimes I joked about the idea that he might have seen every film that has come out since the 60s several times! And trust me, that was not me exaggerating. He was truly good at what he wanted to do.
Years and years went by, and he began to realize that he was as far as anyone could be from realizing his dreams. He had not directed a single feature film, even though his knowledge and wisdom of the film industry could rival that of the greatest directors of our time.

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Nevertheless, my friend could never bring himself to take steps towards achieving his dreams. He was not lazy and one could certainly claim that he was more than adamant about his values and goals. He spent most of his day watching films, and when he didn’t watch films, he read about them.
He was knowledgeable. He could list every star and cast member of the films that were out in the day, and he could critique the film on the spot with a relentless outburst of opinions.
As dedicated and adamant as he was, he never acted on his wisdom. His vision was worthless, as knowledge is without action.

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It doesn’t matter how much you know, for so long as you do not act on your wisdom, it is utterly useless, both for you and the world you inhabit.
A lot of people suffer from this affliction. They know everything they need to know about the dream that they intend to realize. They know what steps to take, how to take them, and when to take them. But they don’t. That courage to actually act on such knowledge is what compels a lot of people to fail in life.
Your grandeur can change the world. Your vision can affect the society. But if you do not act on your wisdom, the world will not miss you or your presence. It will move on. But someone, a person who knows you well or even yourself, can only sit in sorrow and grief about what you could become but you simply rejected to act on your wisdom.

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In conclusion, our problem is not lack of knowledge, but lack of action. The courage, the heroism, the strength, and the will to act on your wisdom.
Think about my words, friends. Think about what you could do with your knowledge if you were to simply take action instead of leaving them in the boundaries of your thought.
Take action upon your knowledge, and you will not live to regret it.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Hello my friend @chbartist, happy start of year 2019, and return from my Christmas holidays, the bible says that faith without works is dead, in the same way operates knowledge, we can be endowed with information, but if we put it by work, nothing we do I can place you as an example based on my experience, I can say that I want to help the children of my country, I have done preliminary research about this, statistical management, the people and what methods I can use to start a social work, I make a chronogram of activities to see scenarios: optimistic, pessimistic, I have everything documented as a powerful project, and those who read it, may love the idea, but if it only remains embodied in a paper would not have served, we can not be alone carriers of information but demonstrators of it. As the word says in James 2:18 Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960). But some will say: You have faith, and I have works. Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. It is time for action!

Persons who are firmly resolved, confidently gather in whatever work they do. They do not sit quietly without completing it. Even if there is a mountain of difficulties in their path.

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Actualizing the correct techniques to see things through is certifiably not a mind boggling or complicated errand. What it requires is steady and relentless activity. It requires pulling out all the stops and continuing enormous measures of agony and battle today so as to receive the benefits tomorrow.
For whatever length of time that you adopt the correct strategy with the correct temper, you will oversee things. It won't be long. Regardless of whether you feel disheartened en route or you hit a couple of detours, you'll figure out how to push through. You'll figure out how to explore around the obstacles by actualizing the correct procedures to prevail in the long haul instead of endeavoring to get things going rapidly.

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Yeah.. U r absolutely correct.. Action is the next important thing to make ur dream come true.. Even if someone has good knowledge and a good plan without action they r nothing..
So in this 2019 i will try my best to use my knowledge and planning and i will be with u.. Thanks for ur constant effort.. @chbartist

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I can truly relate with this as I have recognized that the comfort of balanced in the short term sometimes makes one overlook great opportunities. I have missed one or two opportunities that could have been life changing for me when I was young but given my immaturity I never acted upon them as I felt a sort of entitlement to get what I deserved. However, I quickly learned that opportunities are to be executed and not to fall on you lap.

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Dear sir could you please share some tectics you ate using currently on steemit platform. Could you you please make a post how we multiple our steem on this platform .
I know this is not related to the post but please I request you.

Dear @chbartist, every time I read your posts I feel that you are dedicating them to me in some way, and I think that this happens to many of us. I have particularly accumulated knowledge about literature, a subject that is not related to my profession and my work. But I have dreamed of writing a novel, but I have not done it out of fear and consider that I am not ready yet. I must act, as you well say, to reach my dream, make it come true. I think with what I've learned from literature (my hobby) and everything I know about my profession and 50 years of life, I should start to challenge the keyboard and write even one page a day. This is a good post to reflect, learn and act. Best regards.

Hi @chbartist

I am also struggling with this. I think this happens because of fear of failure and reasoning of worthless efforts but I have knowledge, I'm not realised, truly speaking, that their is no such thing as failure. (One of your posts: very inspiring). Even though I learn of things, I still operate subconsciously which is not formatted desirably. I can just imagine how much concious I have to be and how much action it will take.!

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This article is a perfect illustration for the scripture, "To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin." With wisdom comes responsibility. It's true, if we fail to heed that call, God will put another person in our place to do the work, but we will miss the blessing and the reward. The person with the courage to act will reap the reward in our place.

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Many times we lose opportunities that allow us to reach our dreams and sometimes our mind does not allow us to leave our Conford area to achieve our dreams.

Our mind is so strong and powerful that it can confuse us and divert us from the path. As long as we do not make the decisions that allow us to leave our Conford site and be able to exploit our qualities, we can hardly reach and fulfill our objectives.

Regards ..

It is a great post with great motivation.

I agree and believe in the saying

"Actions speaks louder than words"

On another note I support the idea of having a community which promotes each other posts.

I upvoted your post.

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Dear chbartist!!

First wishing a successful year. Dear i praying for some suggestion in your "5 Tips to Build Mutual Respect and Understanding with the People in Your Life" post but not get, doesn't matter, you are so busy person although you are continuously posted such as greatest topics.

we can define knowledge like that which thing helped us to take a perfect action in life. Every action don't need knowledge enough but a perfect action need knowledge.

wishing that you will add me.
Thank you.

A big thanks @chbartist for this great post. Just like you rightly said that Success or accomplishment is not impossible or even improbable, but the major problem is that lack in action. I would love to say this that, we can achieve any goal by dedicating our time to it and also with our determination towards the goal.

Happy New Year and holiday.....from @sannihorlas.

I'm still here for the steem train! Love steemit and still believe in it - upvoted

hello @chbartist ...!
wish u very happy new year..!
you have written such an inspirational post.
Knowledge and actions are wheels of same vehicle, we should use both very wisely.
"knowledge + action = power"
you have given perfect example of your friend, I totally agree with you.
guys just think if you have lots of knowledge about anything , and you are not taking action then definitely problem is going to arise.
So better to transform your knowlodge into action.
atlast i would like to say you big thank you for adding me in your community.

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I agree with you. Knowledge is important, but execution is more important. If you try but don't succeed, don't be discouraged, don't complain, you may not try hard enough. Believe in yourself and your efforts will not be in vain.

Our problem is not lack of knowledge, but lack of action. you are right that's how i feel when i want to do some hobby and i feel like i have the time but dont do anything!! thats great!

Hello @chbartist , your story reminds me, that I also resign to act. First I am not able to make decision and then I am worried about mistakes. So I postpone the action and finally do nothing.

Pretty powerful message and definitely a note that should be placed somewhere as a reminder. That’s sort of the theme for me in the last year or so while going into the new year just gotta keep building and maintain.

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As long as our clear thinking is at hand with our actions we will live closer to our dreams.
Thanks for your words that invite you to act @chbartist
!Happy New Year!

@chbartist, Without any doubt, Action is one aspect which can make anything possible because, for example, if someone wants to become singer and they are singing at home and thinking as their time will come then in my opinion, thoughts are already knocking the door to tell that time never comes, we have to catch the time, so in this example that individual should try for the platforms where he/she can showcase their talent and who knows one positive action can bring unexpected results. Stay blessed. 🙂

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What an interesting reflection. And yes, like that friend's story, there are many that don't have a happy ending, perhaps due to the impediments offered by the comfort zone, fears or imaginary limitations.

This is actually the truth, one thing about the truth is that it reveals to us things we'd rather avoid. Therefore the truth is that most of us has been blessed with immeasurable talents, but just like the lazy steward in the bible we dig up a hole and bury it.

Yes . Action is required to finish any task or to convert any plan in to reality. Even if we don't have knowledge then also actions can gain knowledge to us and then we can do whatever we think to do.
Nothing is possible in this world without actions
Great write dear @chbartist

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Great post, very inspiring and very true at the same time.
Only action matters, only action counts. 💪🏼

I definitely agree to this.
Our lack of action to what we want is the cause why we can't achieve something. :(
I hope people will act on so that everything will be in our reach.

Good post! This will help people to get motivated.

You will never achieve something if you won't act upon it.
This piece is very true. Nice!

God has given us wisdom to use our talents for the greater good. Perhaps, your friend needs to believe in himself first or you can make him realize that he has a purpose in this world. There are people who are just waiting to be knocked on their senses.

Happy New Year!
It was really nice to read such agreeable post like this.
Hoping you will achieve and get your hearts' desires this year by acting on them.

Knowledge is cheap, work is expensive. And sometimes knowledge can turn into a curse, sometimes it is better to know just a little. People who work always become leaders but people who accumulate knowledge always end up being followers

it's really only us who can help ourselves whatever others say to motivate us. some are just too stubborn and end up being miserable. it's also possible that they have so much fear inside.

I like your discussion about this. in my opinion this is the basic thing that everyone must know. The term "NATO" (No Action Talk Only) may also be due to this. Many people are smart, great and even more than us today, but they are like living on the island alone. I agree that policies affect the things you mention, but there are also those that I think affect, its selfishness.

Thanks for sharing it sir @chbartist. God bless you

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One thing i realized is that without work or action, we will end up procrastinating.
No matter how we postpone our ideas, it will never come to past until we put it into action. i am still a work in progress. thank you for your article.

Very well written post!

Yeah, you are so right!

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Yesss! We know what to do but we tell ourselves that later! But later becomes forever! Therfore we need to take action without fear of failure!

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Strongly believe what you wrote. I myself is lack of action. We all are very knowledgeable but the action is not great.
Sometime the action will be less if we always think of others instead loving more of ourself. Talk is easy but action is more difficult if we don't step up.
The people who surround us with negative thought, as not be the bad guys.

Cheers. Positive.

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Motivational sciences perhaps require further application

Motivation is not a science but a religion of sorts in movement ....a religious movement perhaps
Kinda like a ...’knee jerk movement’

Thank you Kindly

Hello, I wish you a Happy New Year.
I totally agree with you. All what I can tell you, is that I also had big visions, dreams what I wanted to change. But it ended up for me in a very extreme, critical life-threatening emergency. Sometimes my family and I do not have enough to eat, let alone clean running water.
So, it's very hard for me and my family to think positive right now and to look forward. But I like to read your thoughts, it helps a bit to think positive and to gain new ideas.

Faith without action is .......Faith...Less the action ......faithless in truth
Gnosis is balanced within the in;reflection of man

Thank you Kindly

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