Learning Can Be A Path to Finding Fulfillment and Happiness

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Hi, Steemians!

When talking about happiness and fulfillment, anyone can think of a concept that gives them joy and tranquility.

A person might be under the assumption that wealth and riches is going to fill him with happiness and contentment, arguing that not having to worry about living costs, bills, and etc. can bring you peace and comfort.

Another person might think that fulfillment occurs when you have done something of value for this world and its inhabitants.

But today, I want to talk about another path that is always neglected.

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One of the strange characteristics of life in general is that we tend to get bored so easily after getting used to something.

For instance, if your dream is to live in a palace, and you do everything within your power to achieve that vision, it will only be a matter of time until you are bored with your palace.

You see, the idea of owning and living in a palace is extraordinary, at least to some people. But when they achieve that, their success will only be a spot that they arrive in.

Sooner or later, they are going to have to pass that spot and get on with their lives.

So, the blissful state of earning riches is but a passing thing, because as much as it affects your lifestyle, it will become its own mundane routine in time and you will get used to it.

What then?

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The same could be said about people who are brave enough to have a greater vision other than their own needs; people who feel like they should do something for this world.

But even then, these people will get bored of their endeavors.

Because saving a bunch of people from something or doing a thing that stands the test of time is a great dream, but it is also something that doesn’t last when you reach the end.

You do something for this world and it is great, but what then?

What should you occupy yourself with? More pursuits of the same nature?

That could be fine with a lot of people. In our previous example, THERE are people who seek more and more riches as time passes, and their greed becomes their driving force in life.

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But the pursuit of knowledge is not the same as these.

You see, the idea of learning is an infinite well of wisdom that can never dry out.

The more you learn, the less you know.

So, learning in itself is not just a means to achieve other ends, like progress in career or earning more money.

Learning can be an end unto itself, and your thirst for knowledge could never be satiated.

The people who dedicate their life to learning are those who never get bored of living.

Their lives are always adventurous, as they know there is always something to learn.
This does not only affect their state of mental bliss, but also improves their life on financial terms.

The more you know, the better your chances of finding success in the world.

Embrace your curious nature and set yourself upon a path of learning… it is one of the handful of ways with which you can find happiness and contentment!




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I'm new to the steem platform and hoping that my work here will help others to discover the wonders and marvel your work suggests. I think you have a real gift for helping others find fulfillment. I'm quite impressed that you can present fundamental ayurvedic ideals in such a modern manner, much like Depak Chopra. So far I have only had the chance to read 2 of your posts but look forward to many more.

I thought nobody could understand me, but yes you can!!! I've been thinking a lot about this, everybody says you have to love, you have to do tadada... nobody but today said me that learning brings happiness. You don't know how happy I'm right now of reading that.

Have a nice day chbartist😜☀️

Posted using Partiko Android

You are not alone in this new found happiness to learn that " learning new things results to happiness"

This is true beyond doubt!! How do I prove this ?? It is by burying myself in studying for my r a new knowledge whenever I am emotionally "down"! It gives instant bowl of happiness.

I guess you are a mate in this @marc5

Greetings @chbartist.

Knowledge is the greatest wealth a person can have.

With knowledge you can generate money. With money you can hire specialists, but this is not generating your own knowledge.

The life experience generated by the constant consumption of knowledge is rewarding, the risks of accidents are low, and the professional, social and individual future is promising

"Knowledge is the greatest wealth a person can have. " Well said!

You are right in saying that learning brings happiness.

I have always fought my permanent depressed state with the reading of how much book came into my hands.

And when I had access to the internet, the first thing I looked for were online courses or studies.

Discovering wonderful pages like Coursera that allowed me to study basic guitar with berklee college of music.
For free. Wonderful!

And now Steem with all its source of knowledge.
It has really worked for me better than any therapy.

It is true, there are many millionaire people who have their lives empty, they do not understand why, having everything, they feel that something is missing. Many times that emptiness is because your spiritual life is empty, if you have an empty spiritual life ... unfortunately your material life will be empty. When you have Jesus in your life, you will feel that your life has meaning and everything you do will make sense, God gives you wisdom, that as you mention it here, wisdom is a great treasure for us, a wise person achieves success rightly.

Damn true, we should all keep our curiosity going on and should grasp more.
Keep inspiring us.

Learning is the best investment you can make in your most valuable asset, yourself! Human capital is often undervalued but it is the asset generates the best return but it needs to be fed knowledge and experience to leverage it in life. Learn and grow to achieve the best self!

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El conocimiento es el resultado del aprendizaje y la principal fuente de riqueza. Sin embargo, muchos se dejan llevar por la codicia; mientras más tienen más quieren.

Excellent review @chbartist and you are absolutely right, our life does not stand still, so constantly learning something is very useful. We all strive forward to our dream and it is very important to understand that learning and knowledge is not only a useful thing, but at the same time very exciting!

This is downright awesome. Thanks for your insight, it has made me stop and think a little more about my own happiness ;-) thank you!

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On point. Not a whole truth though

Posted using Partiko Android

Regards @chbartist for this inspiring post. It is so true that learning as a means to finding fulfilment is often overlooked. People are so obsessed with the idea that the ultimate goal of getting fulfilled lies in having too much money. Life all boils down to learning constantly so as to be be fulfilled and happy on the long run. The day we stop learning is the day we die.

Learning and being open to learn is an incredible attribute to have. It's extremely important for personal growth and overall fulfillment.

@Yes i totally agree with you. Why we want a quick change or some shocking things after a particular time.Might we are not satify from a stable life. Things have the lesser importance before and after the use. If any thing important for us the only our lnternal change, that we want fresh event on daily basis but some time it also become boring for us

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Your post is very importan. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us..
Have a Great Day.

I would love to be included.

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Learning is the best and it must be on always. Learning is something which is for lifetime. Whatever we learn is remain with us always and intact it's the best investment on ourself. Definitely leaning makes us happy and give strength in terms of knowledge.

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Even we are top number one riches man of the world we bring nothing when we die

Posted using Partiko Android

Learning really a endless quality that provides us confidence and achieve for success in life.

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Learning the difference between knowledge and wisdom is important.
Wisdom is far more superior than knowledge.
A person reading a book is getting knowledge while a person meditating is getting wisdom.
You may have all the knowledge but still considered as fool without getting any wisdom.

As always inspiration never runs out :)

Beautiful message and gorgeous photos 👍🏽

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Add me to the list :)

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Beautiful sharing

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