A Successful Business Model That You Should All Know About!!!

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Hi, dear friends!

Whether you are currently owning an independent business or are dreaming of starting one someday, you understand the importance of business models that need to be utilized for success.

In this blog post, I am going to reveal to you one of these models that have personally worked for my projects. It is essential to understand the nature of progress in order to comprehend my point here.

This is what I call ‘The Journey of a Hundred Steps!’

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A lot of people own small and independent businesses around the world. Whether you are in charge of running a shop or designing new websites, or simply wish to found something new and innovative, you need to understand that there are many obstacles in the way.

That is why some people take shelter from all the ambiguity in the arms of successful and proven business models.

What I want to explain to you today is not your typical business model. It is much more of an efficient perspective that could hopefully shake things up for you.

When you start a business, you are essentially entering a journey.

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This journey can be perilous. You could lose many things while gaining only a few. You could go a long while without any compensation or hope.

You could lose your motivation and think about forsaking the entire pursuit and leaving the journey to other people in your line of work.

But in this long journey, there is something that can help you and your business grow.

Most people are under the wrong impression that they should be working themselves to the ground like a bull in order to achieve the success that they desire.

But if you want to experience true progress in your work, you need to learn how to take small steps.

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You may not feel the need or the incentive to bring many innovations into your line of work all at the same time. You may not even feel as talented and wise as you would like to think.

That is alright. What you need to do instead is think about the journey as a hundred little steps towards the light; which is the inevitable success waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

The Journey of a Hundred Steps basically wants you to do something new everyday to make progress in your business.

There are going to be a hundred days, and there are going to be a hundred individual steps.

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For instance, imagine that you are working in a bookshop. From this Monday, you come to work with the perspective that ‘I am going to do something new everyday that would help my business!’

The first day you begin to categorize your books based on genre, which gives the customers an easier job of locating the books.

The second day, you start putting the names of the books into the computer, further enhancing the shop’s efficiency.

The third day, you might do something really small and insignificant, like putting a stool in the middle of the shop, so that people can rest their legs when they come to your store.

img src

As time slowly moves forward, you begin to see more and more success in your business. This is the magic of the Journey of a Hundred Steps.

If you are not in a position to revolutionize your business, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to do that.

You only have to apply this method and you will see improvement and progress after a while!




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Muy interesante los conceptos plasmados en esta publicaciòn, para contar con el èxito en los negocios. Es muy cierto que todo emprendedor debe contar con las ideas, motivaciones, interès y perspectivas de prosperidad en las actividades que lleva a cabo, por tanto deben cada dìa estar innovando, cambiando, diseñando y rediseñando para hacer de su actividad o negocio un lugar acogedor que atraiga clientes y posteriores ventas que se traducirìan en una actividad o negocio con mucha rentabilidad.

Thank you for your comment @lujosag, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

Hi @chbartist,

Thanks a lot for this nice article.

As a fact, 'The Journey of a Hundred Steps' might be what I've been looking for. I've been running a business in the leisure sector in Switzerland for 7 years now and I've the feeling that I'm stagnating. I'm business blind in a way and I don't manage to see the bigger picture anymore. I lack the capacity to re-invent my company and it bothers me a lot. So I tend not to do anything at all. This is not a good approach either because in terms of marketing, I need to come up with good ideas from time to time.

Maybe I put myself under too much pressure and that's why, your approch with 'the journey of a hundred steps' might be quite fitting my situation. Instead of wanting to come up with revolutionary ideas, I should just do one little thing at a time and see where this leads me...

Best regards,

I should just do one little thing at a time and see where this leads me...

You got it!

@achim03 Ruts happen to us all, sometimes the mundane can help us find our path again. I find doing my daily rituals sometimes get me out of the business rut.

Thank you for your comment! @achim03, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

@magnata, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

Small steps are encouraging to take for ultimate success as businesses must also adapt to change to attend the needs of the customers they serve. They will build the necessary foundations to create the model needed for sustainable results.

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hola @chbartist!

La técnica de los 100 pasos, un paso cada día, es una manera de generar progreso sin desarrollar agotamiento.

Este es un sistema esquemático simple de mejora continua.

Es una técnica sencilla pero eficiente. Gracias por el aporte.

You are correct about taking small steps. I remember someone explaining about building a successful business model. He compared it to playing American Football. He said it is about gaining yardage and getting first downs. In other words you want to be steadily moving the ball down the field. Even small gains are progress. Most touchdowns are scored because the defense made a mistake. Too many people have a touchdown or bust mentality. In other words take the big play when it comes, but don't pin your hopes on the big plays. The small steps are repeatable, obtainable and measurable.

Hi @chbartist I am not in business as of now and working in a company but I have got the message you want to convey. You just have given the example of Shop but it can be applied in any field i think. May be these small steps are more useful for business owners but can also be applied in other areas.

So basically we need to think out of the box to make difference and gradually that little difference will make bigger impact.

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I like this strategy. Thanks for sharing, I'll keep it in mind.

It's very interesting, the points in this post.
I think subconsciously, we understand it takes time and persistence, in your words, doing something new each day towards the business goal.

The problem is our conscious mind wants the instant gratification of success, hence we trick ourselves to believing there is an overnight success.

That's why "tricks", "how-tos", "self-help" and "loss weight quick portions" sell like hot cakes

Very interesting proposal, dear @chbartist

Many times we mistakenly think that, in order to achieve maximum success, we need to do many great things. And it is not true. One step at a time, one step per day, and that will be enough to achieve the objectives.

Succeeding is the end that is sought. Good to know this method, which will give us a hundred small steps that in a hundred days will give us a great result.

Thanks for such excellent advice! A big hug, from Venezuela!

Thank you! Don't forget! subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

Of course my friend @chbartist. I already did it the same day you published. A big hug!

This model is applicable to all areas of our lives, not just business;
in marriage, spirituality, sports, health & wellness, you name it.

Doing something different, new and exciting each day is key to success in all endeavors.

Let's keep doing it , my friends.
Thanks @chbartist for sharing.

Thank you @ourdailymanna, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

Thank for the great advice. It will be greatly helpful for the person who is planning to start a business. Thank for helping others by providing genuine tips.

Thank you for your comment! @kshahrck, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

Thanks so much for your biz insight, but also your constant information about Steem and how to help the community. I am happy to be a part of it ...

Thank you @tammyp, @magnata, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

creo que lo importante es disfrutar del viaje, y si estas en el negocio indicado ya te lo dirá tu corazón...

Sounding simple though powerful tip to business development. Each day must be faced with enthusiasm and the readiness to do something new and different from what we did yesterday.

Thanks @Chbartist for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words @uyobong, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards

Good content I insist you must be in the top 3 at least thanks for your article!

Thank you @ejspkk49, @magnata, don't forget subscribe to youtube channel! Regards


Highly impressive post

You have to go head, even if no one goes with you.

Pictures that reflect a culture

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One of the best article I saw this week!

very nice post

Yes! This is a great way to view a larger project.

I am about to begin my 4th year of cocreating with my mountaintop... Creating a way of living that is whole and healthy for the land and all its life.

Progress is easy to miss in the scope of the larger picture. Yet something like a intentional or noticed small step each day helps keep the motivation up.

Those little steps really do add up to beautiful real progress. My life here on this homestead is my proof! Many projects are just now coming to the point where the returns are visible.


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