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RE: 📱surviving life without texting on the low phone diet📱

in #mindfulness3 years ago

LOL. I text maybe once a day. "I'll be home in half an hour, can you put something in the oven?"

Email, text, social media - it's all a bare minimum.

The downside is that nothing that comes through my phone is ever fun. Maybe it's a message from my accountant. Maybe it's my mother telling me I need to take care of some other bit of family business. Or it's a workman about the next round of crap going wrong with the house.

Whenever my phone vibrates I have an instant feeling of dread. God, what am I going to have to do now?

I use it to read ebooks, listen to music, and take pictures. But never, by choice, to connect with people.


You're a rare case of a person who isn't addicted!

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