Please Allow Me to be More Selfish - Leveling Up to version 2.0

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It's Monday again and, being part of the #naturalmedicine Steemit group, I was reminded of the so called mindfulmonday tag.

Those of you who only read my ( recent ) movie posts, might think that I'm doing great, especially after moving into my house again, a little over a week ago. Saying that is the case would be a lie though. I still don't master feeling good, although I experience some glimpses of it, every now and then. I know life is merely about feeling good as much as possible and I still am a noob at that There's only so much that a forced smile can do ( it increases your amount of endorphins though ) and I want to do more than forced smiling :>)

I am focusing on several things to feel good, as much as I can though, merely related to (mental) health: meditation is one of them.

Improving My Health by Intermittent Fasting

Another thing I have been focusing on is an eating schedule, since last October. A week ago, I narrowed it down from 10 to 8 hours per day ( noon to 8 pm ). Outside of these hours, I'm only allowed to drink water. I'm still not sure if this is actually making me feel better ( if I need to believe all the research that has been done to prove this, it should improve my health, both mental and physical, in many ways ).

I started on this 'diet' more than 7 months ago but - until recently - I was on a 10 hour eating window. Let's see if 8 hours ( apparently, tightening it down to less than 8 hours has no proven benefit. I'm happy about that ) actually makes a difference. For now, I have to say that it's kind of tough, especially in the morning hours. I feel I should give it some more time though. This circadian diet is said to cure all kind of ( chronical ) illnesses, even depression. And, as I'm all for self medication ( and staying away from doctors and 'un'natural medicine ) it's definitely worth the try.

P.S. I have to admit that there were some other things being said in the book that I read about this diet, that are advisory ( besides the eating window ), namely:

  • Daily exercise
  • Cutting down on unnatural light in the night ( and thus on screen time )
  • A regular rhythm ( sleeping and waking up around the same time )

I especially struggle with cutting down on unnatural light in the evening. A movie projector doesn't help with that :>)

Focus on the Positive

Another thing I learnt, is to focus on the positive rather than the negative, without necessarily resisting or pushing away the negative ( think of the sandpaper analogy in this previous post by me Stop Rubbing the Sandpaper. It's okay to feel crappy every now and then.

This afternoon, while relaxing in the calming, almost Asian, quiet spot near my house ( as shown on the picture above this post ), I had a little epiphany or Eureka moment. Nothing major but interesting anyway:

I felt that I should focus even more on things that make me feel good.

I thought I was already doing that, but, to be honest, I am not doing it enough.

There's still so many moments that I'm doing things that I don't need to do, that don't make me feel good. Why am I not prioritizing the feel good stuff even more?

I feel I should do more things with a purpose.

This could even mean posting less on Steemit, focus more on 'writing with a goal' ( my How to Not Make a Movie book for instance ). It would mean that I should actually start painting and drawing ( instead of just thinking and at times talking about it ). That I should meditate even more, going on more walks in nature and, possibly, travel more.

I should focus less on pleasing others, unless I really feel like it, feel inspired to do so. When I'm not, I should focus on myself, on feeling good.

The better I feel, the more others will benefit from me too.

Honestly, do you prefer Vincent 2.0 or Vincent 1.5?

I know there's still a long way to go but I'm getting there, day by day, step by step.

And now back to being more selfish.

P.S. Some of you might think that it's easy talking for a single guy without kids but believe me, it's not like I chose to be in this situation ( or at least not consciously ). I know now that I can choose my life though and I choose to feel better more often. Don't we all want that?

What things are you doing to feel good? Could you prioritize those things even more? Wouldn't the whole world benefit from more 'great feeling' people? :>)

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Yeah, I am agreeing with you on a lot of these, @vincentnijman ... I think doing things with purposes will feel good, better at least than doing things to please others. I'm trying to cut away from Steemit myself. Recent experience has dissuaded me from my earlier enthusiasm, to be honest.

Being more 'selfish' (for lack of better word) does mean SELF-care, and we do need to look after ourselves first before we can look after others....

As for me, I've realized I've been too invested in Steemit.... I commented faithfully on so many blogs without expecting anything in return for months on end, supporting and curating others. And I don't regret it, but I do think I need to cut down so I can have more time for my own projects, doing the things that I want 'selfishly', so to speak.

In general, I am a happy and positive person, so I try to support and prop others up as often as I can, but it is good to always check your checks and balances, don't you think? :D

Spending more time on your own things is never bad XD hope you can check in on us from time to time :)

No worries, I won't forget you, whether you live in Australia or not ;>)

And I don't regret it, but I do think I need to cut down so I can have more time for my own projects, doing the things that I want 'selfishly', so to speak.

That's what it's all about, I also believe there should always be some kind of balance. Not just giving or just taking.

Life is all about energy and we only have so much of it :>)

Glad to hear that you're a happy and positive person. I am definitely working on that myself.

Take care and keep creating.

I wish you all the best.

Um abraço,


Do whatever's working and don't do whatever's not :)

I'm generally easy to please so just doing my thing is making me happy. Would love to prioritise it more but I have to work around too many other people XD

It must be nice to be so easily satisfied ( although I know you're a perfectionist too, so not necessarily making it easy on yourself, haha ). I am in the luxury position not to have to work around too many other people but just to work around myself is challenging enough most of the time ;>)

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Cheers mate! I appreciate it! :>)

I'm so glad you said that ;-)

I approve your atmosphere m8

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