You should be paid for your stories and tweets

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My Steem Experience

Steemit - "Reddit"-like

  • Every post (like this one) gets you steem tokens
  • Posts can be (mostly) edited but cannot be deleted (I think)
  • Your post's first tag cannot be changed after creation so GG for this post
  • To maximize your payout, it is important to have a good topic and content unless you have a well established reputation or brand

Busy - "Twitter"-like

  • Busy is on the same steem blockchain - whatever you post there gets on steemit as well
  • Seems to earn you crypto easily with the "busy" topic

DTube - "YouTube"-like

  • Most videos on there seem like crap
  • Haven't tested it, and I'm not sure if I want to try

It's like they combined Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube into one experience!

Taiwainese "Snapchat" on a Blockchain

Lit - "Snapchat"-like

  • Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, earn you mithril tokens depending on how many times they were viewed and how many likes you accumulate
  • Yes, these tokens are absolutely useless as well, but I like the gamification of trying to get your next high score story as well

Interesting read: social mining vs bitcoin mining


Lit is my preferred platform out of the four since no stories seem to be saved on the app.
The mobile app isn't perfect and features are yet limited, but as a user, having a decent app is requirement for any serious online social network. Find me @ jkubo

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