Milk allergies, how to get calcium?

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Some studies have shown that calcium supplementation may increase the risk of heart disease or heart disease, so food is still the best supplement. If you can not tolerate these foods due to lactose intolerance, can still meet your body's calcium needs by increasing consumption of some foods rich in calcium, including seafood, vegetables, beans, fruits, tofu, and other foods.


Dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of calcium and also contain essential vitamins. The top of the list, followed by spinach, kale, and spinach (also known as rainbow salads, are sold in supermarkets).

Many grains can meet 100% of the daily calcium requirement. Or a cup of orange juice can also provide calcium equivalent to the amount of calcium contained in a cup of cow's milk.

Sardines and canned salmon contain a lot of calcium, especially when canned, fish bones are stewed so can eat the bone.

Soybeans, especially boiled soybeans, are high in calcium. Similarly, tofu is also an easy supplement. Soy milk can also provide calcium like cow's milk. Almost every kind of beans can supply calcium to the diet, which topped the table is dragon beans. Almonds can also be listed as calcium-rich foods.

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