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It is milk that is one of the things that differs from us, inhabiting the planet. For newborns it is the only food that provides all the necessary ingredients to evaluate. For adults, milk remains a tasty treat that is widely used in the culinary community. Every nation and culture has its own traditions of using this product. We would like to introduce you to some curious facts about the milk that few people are aware of. Milk distinguishes us from others as a species

  1. The most popular species - cow's milk. Every year more than 400 million Euros are produced in the world. tons of milk. Each cow gives between 11 and 23 liters, which averages about 90 cups per day. As a result, an average statistical cow yields 200,000 glasses of milk for life. One cow gives 200,000 cups of milk for one year
  2. Goat milk is second. It contains a lot of potassium, useful for our cardiovascular system. In addition, the cosmetic element is extremely rich in cobalt and vitamin B12. It is from goat's milk that the famous roamadour, cheese and feta cheese are made. Extremely soft Rocamadour cheese
  3. Milk of seals and whales is the highest weight (about 50%), and the smallest amount of horses and donkeys milk. Do not forget that cow's milk contains about 83-89% of water - the rest is dry matter. Milk of whales is one of the "fattest"
  4. Camel milk is unique. They are not absorbed by people with lactose intolerance, which contain much more vitamin C than cow's milk, but have much less fat and cholesterol. Camel milk sours much slower than cow's milk. Camel milk is very useful for people with diabetes because of the insulin content
  5. With the help of new mining equipment, up to 100 cows per hour can be removed. By the same token, a farmer can milk up to six cows. However, this is a pretty difficult job. And have you ever brought a cow?
  6. Scientists believe people are starting to use animal milk about 10-11 thousand years ago after they have domesticated goats and sheep. And before 9000. on the territory of daily Turkey is the first time talking about domesticated cows. People have been drinking milk for 11,000 years.
  7. A curious fact is what may be perceived as a result of a genetic mutation. Presenting the body of the elderly does not produce lactase (not to be confused with lactose). As a result, they could not digest lactose in the milk. It should be recalled that it is necessary to create a new organization responsible for the production of lactase throughout the life of a person. In this way, we humans have received a valuable source that is needed and does not contain substances such as calcium and vitamin D. Drawings in a cave of the New Stone Age or Neolithic
  8. Milk is also known for its cleaning property. With his help you can get rid of the ink stains on the clothes and the darkness of the gilded objects. The milk can clear ink spots
  9. Soy milk has become very popular in recent years. People use it as much as cow's milk, believing that soy milk is almost no different from cow's milk. But it should not be forgotten that our organism is much less than the cost of cow. In addition, vitamin and microelements that are rich cow's milk. Soy milk is delicious but can not replace cow's milk
  10. Cow's milk proteins have their own lives and are associated with toxins in the body. That is why it is advisable to use the services of the chemical enterprises that benefit from its use. Also, poisoning gives cow's milk to purify the body. Upon poisoning, fresh milk is given
  11. Did you know that the unborn cows do not give milk? To become a dairy cow, she must give birth and then end up not giving up milk. The cow can donate you milk only after giving birth
  12. On the shores of the Amazon tree, a tree called Sorveira, whose juice is very similar to the composition of the milk. For its extraction it is necessary to make a tree cut on a tree, for once it can be extracted up to 4 liters. Dairy tree
  13. "Milky Way" is the name of the galaxy that is located on our solar system. According to the legend of Greek mythology, the Milky Way appears from the milk of Hera, the wife of Zeus, when Hercules is to close and become immortal. By repelling Hercules, Hera splashed out of milk and the Milky Way
  14. Thanks to the French biologist Louis Pasteur, who lived in the nineteenth century, we now drink pasteurized milk that is low in bacteria. In order to pasteurize milk, he used his special technology, also used in making beer. Besides pasteurized milk, Louis Pasteur has created the first rabies and anthrax vaccines
  15. The first milk of Nepal and Tibetan yak is pink in color. It is very tasty and its fat content is higher than that of cow's milk. People rarely drink it, but it makes a wonderful and expensive cheese. In Tibet, yoghurt is used in the cosmetics industry.



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