Welcome Back Gift for Brother Dan - US Navy

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This is my brother-in-law Dan. He is in the US Navy and has been deployed overseas for the last 5 months. He comes home in 1 month – I am gifting Dan and my sister 100% of the value of this post payout to help them go on a trip to celebrate his safe return home.

Dan is the man, and I could not be prouder. In additional to being a physical beast, he also is caring, giving and has great integrity. He has missed sooo much while he has been serving overseas – the biggest of which was his only sister’s wedding. Our military service members and their families are courageous, selfless, generous and tough, among so many other adjectives!

Since Dan is not back yet, I will not say too much about his operational details or his ship, but, in general, they have been hosting a Marine strike force and providing operational support for Middle-East and South Asia operations. They are keeping “Rocket Man” honest over there as well.

Let’s go big on this one. Help me say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU to Dan for his service to the USA and, in turn, the rest of globe. This gift will be presented on behalf of “Me and My Steemit Friends” and I will give a copy of this post and comments to him as well.

I am doing this slightly early due to the strong Steem and SBD prices as his ship is scheduled to arrive back in San Diego, CA in the first few days in February – let’s maximize this for Dan. I will take all SBD and Steem generated from this post payout as well as any of my comments on this post, send it to my Bittrex wallet, convert them to BTC, and then send the BTC to my Coinbase account where I will convert the BTC to cash and give them a check on behalf of my Steemit friends – HELP ME MAKE IT LARGE!!

I will also have Dan and my sister take pictures from their trip and give us an update so you will know where this gift has gone. More details to come on this as I learn their plans.






Upvote this too to make the gift even bigger!!

That was so kind of you to make this post

That sounds great Brian. What a nice thing to do for them!

What a lovely idea @brian.rrr.

Thank you very much to your brother-in-law for his service.

Please no strings attached gift.....

Perhaps gift him with BTC...it is accumulating currency.

All the best. Cheers.

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I wish my vote was worth something so i could help. I thank ur brother for his service and wish him all the best

Soo good to hear that brothers in law care about each other, good friends, kindof happy to see the attachement prove for your brother. That is something worth appreciating.

My upvote is not worth much at all, so it doesn’t express my gratitude for his service. Thank him for his service for this country. He is a true hero. Many blessings to him this holiday season! :)

great topic friend , good luck

Welcome back to us in the American Navy to come back to you in the American Navy, I love you very much, and many greetings because the US Navy is a very strong force. I think you too join the army. You are very proud of me. I actually had a lot of dreams America Navy But I have not seen it in the eyes but I hope to see it in the future I see the

I am praud for his service to his country. Is he your brother, @brian.rrr???