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I made it above 400 Steem Power today. :) Hopefully a year from now I will at least be at 1,000. It sucks that it is very hard to buy Steem and nobody seems to want to sell it for fiat but oh well.


Wednesday 1-2

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Really, I thought it would be very easy to buy steem at this point. Sometimes, it feels as if I'm the only one who never powered down.


Way to keep building up.


I don't think any cryptos are easy to buy. It doesn't seem like anyone is selling them for credit card or cash.

Nice congrats. If you are looking to buy Steem with fiat make a post saying so and I bet someone will take you up on your offer.


I think I had mentioned it but great idea. I thought I had already done a blog post but I guess not.


🎈 🎉🎊

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Why is it hard to buy steem with fiat?


Conspiracy? Fraud? Security?
Regardless it seems like it should be easier and that there should be a Steemian or somebody selling Steem.
If I give an exchange my ID and do a bank wire transfer and pay fees maybe I could buy Bitcoin or another majore crypto and then pay more fees to to switch that to Steem and then transfer it to my Steemit account but yeah. Not easy!


I know it gives you the jitters thinking about giving out so much personal information to organizations that you really have no idea will actually be around in the future or could possibly get hacked. If they go under where does that leave your personal information hanging. Someone told me how he does it, I have no reason to doubt him...but, then again the other day I found out through someone pointing me into a certain direction that someone I thought whom I had been blogging with for years was on the up and up is pretty much as close to a criminal as one can get...(lol)..well so much for the blogga' sphere. Any way he told me he goes on coinbase and buys bitcoin the exchanges it on bittrex. I started the process of joining coinbase then hew hawed on about it when it came time to give out infor, then I noticed they had a pay pal option and was going to go that route but it's been year since I've used pay pal, it was late so I didn't want to go digging for the password or resetting it etc., and that's about as far as my enthusiasm got. I haven't even looked at Bittrex yet about what they require. I wasn't really worried about the monetary aspect as I was going to take someone else's advice and use small sum at first to make sure it worked out and you were doing it properly but I can't get passed giving out all that identifiable information then if steem goes belly up I gave all that information I'll be sitting around worrying about for eons.


I think almost every single trading exchange requires you give them your identification. You can set up an account without ID but good luck trying to trade without giving up your info.


I didn't when I bought steem on blocktrades but that was direct from my wallet here so that may be why.

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