Middle class family ....

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Middle class family ....

The children of middle class families live very hard. They have many wishes, they are not fulfilled in the form of money.

Suffer from inferiority.


Always remember

A scare work

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Always do their own weaknesses. There are many dreams, they have many wills, they are not fulfilled for the sole money. All squeezes all the pain in the chest. Even if love, it can not express the love easily.

The most difficult of being a middle-aged father Taking self-esteem, the child has to fill some obesity. The juban is very difficult to get in. The cost of the child, the cost of the child, the cost of the child, etc. is to be in a lot of trouble.

The sufferings of the children of middle class families do not last forever because they suffer from their daily problems.

It's not a deficiency today.

Due to lack of love in their lives, there is a break-up in love with more than the boyfriend, but there is no break-up with the lack of middle-class family, like life.

The children of middle class families dreamed of their dreams, and their dream was to deceive them constantly.

Yet, in the darkness of the night, dreams that will not be lost in the night, and in the morning, life goes out in battle. In this war, the life is wasted. All the desire to come to them becomes bitter.

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This life is the middle class, always in conflict, thinking about their needs, thinking about the needs of the weak class, and always the middle dish is the best.

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People ot middle class is so scared of doing things that never done before, they follow what their ancestors doing, they love asking help for the government or anyone else

Yeah, this is a article voted up for "quality". Was this written by google translate?

No sé cómo será en el resto del mundo, pero ser padres actualmente en Venezuela es todo un reto! Soy orgullosamente un venezolano luchador, pertenezco a la clase media, padre de un niño increíble y confieso que no es nada fácil el tema económico. Además debo tener equilibrio mental y emocional para dar amor y atención de calidad a mi familia.

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