Middle Theory Podcast Episode For 06.16.17. Bases Loaded


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Show Notes

This week on Middle Theory, we kick things off by remembering that most famous ancient Chinese curse (which may or may not actually be an authentic, ancient Chinese curse, but nonetheless… ).

Our discussion moves from talk of Oliver Stone’s recent series of interviews with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, to government surveillance, domestic spying, and the “War on Terror”.

We also highlight a piece of “secret audio” produced by Alex Jones of InfoWars, who secretly recorded calls he had with Megyn Kelly… the latter of whom is in the midst of losing sponsors due to fallout after the announcement of the interview.

The focus of our discussion, however, is on the shooting incident involving members of Congress at a Washington baseball field earlier this week, where a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter took lethal action against a member of Congress and several staffers.

Fortunately no one was killed, except from the shooter himself, James Hodgkinson. What do we learn from a terrible incident like this, and how does media spin and “contrived controversy” in American politics contribute to these problems?

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Thank you:)

Hi @middle-theory, nice share! I am a fairly new member who just got started here. It would be awesome if you would check out my blog and click follow if you like my content. Thanks!

I read your post....and frankly Steemit could fail

I am new to steemit...I posted several stories....see my blog...and 6 days later I suddenly cannot post a story anymore.....why....I did go into live chat and ask several questions about steemit and all and two people were very rude and reported me to abuse where there was no abuse at all I asked 2-3 questions and they went nuts....is there some sort of cult like group in steemit where they know how to shut your account down through computer programs using abuse? Is so then there is no free speech in steemit and it is noting more that crazies who are hurting steemit where fewer quality people come to steemit...please let me know about this so I do not waist my time....I was never rude or a jerk to anyone...

Also, many people commented that I actually used my real name and I have my Linkedin page in my profile....so it is like there is some sort of group of people in steemit who do not want people like me in steemit...they want there little bitcoin hype platform and nothing more...they do not want people using their real names in here...they want more of a AOL thing where nobody really knows who the other person is.....

if steemit wants to be nothing more than bitcoin stories then it will fail....


Not sure what this has to do with the Middle Theory podcast. Anyway I'm sorry you have been having problems - not sure why you are not able to post. Might be worth querying in the #help channel of the chat as someone may have had the same issue. Also in my experience people are generally more pleasant on Steemit compared to other places so you may have just had a bad experience. No place is immune to bad behaviour. It is akin to saying you will abandon FB or Twitter because there are trolls. There are far more on those platforms and they are not failing.

Like IT! Thanks For Sharing.