Successful community-to-peer micro-lending on Steemit !

in microfinance •  3 months ago

@thegreens will paid back the micro-loan with 24 monthly paiements of 2.69 Steem representing a 5 % annual interest.

The big advantage of Steemit as a micro-finance platform is that the borrower can post articles about its activity and upvotes from the community will help him to payback its micro-loan.

There are no transaction fees for Steem transfers from borrower to lender !

Looking at the excellent job that @thegreens have done the last months to gain followers, many articles from @thegreens get more than a $3 reward.
So monthly paiement are really easy to make !!

Let’s multiply micro-loans on Steemit :
Follow @solarcoach weekly post :

Help @thegreens to develop its activity :

Steemit is the perfect tool for microfinance as discribed in my previous articles :

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@chrisaiki happy janamashtmi

This is an awesome initiative and it will be great to promote this initiative more. Thanks for the support.

Nice post