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RE: 10 Points To Increase Your Reputation

in #mgsc6 years ago (edited)

I woke up this morning, saw a post on byte ball airdrop and the sad part was that I couldn't participate because of my low reputation. The least was 30 and I'm 29.

Shortly after I came across your post. And I'd like to say thank you for the great tips. I thought the reputation is automated by some robot depending on how many followers you have.

Now I know it's all about quality contribution to the community. Thank you @iftikharali I cant wait to be at 52 like you. 😀


don't worry bro, work hard follow the rules you will get. keep in touch i will try my best to help you increasing your reputation by voting you. would you tell me how did you find my article , i mean Where?

I clicked on the 'Hot' tab where you have Trending, New, Hot, Promoted etc. I saw a post on Blockchain, so I clicked on your profile to see more of your posts and I saw this one and some other interesting ones. You've got really great contents.

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