10 Points To Increase Your Reputation

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Hi Dear Steemains !

Today I am going to talk about the most important thing on the steemit platform which has the main role in your steemit journey I mean Reputation ,Reputation is the main thing in the real world as well ,in your business, in the society . the people look at your reputation how much reputation do you have ? the reputation attract the people to your business and help you to get success. here on the steemit First of all the users look at your reputation after that they open your post along with this the whales will not pay attention to your post until you have a good reputation So reputation has the main role in the steemit growth so we should work hard and try any way which can increase our reputation, after study and research of many hours along with my some experience in some days I collected some points which will increase you reputation if you follow them. let's start first what is reputation.

What is Reputation


reputation 2.png

Importance OF Reputation

images (11).jpg


reputation 1.png

So you got what is the reputation and importance of reputation Now Get the points to increase your reputation.

1.Quality Posts

Work hard and make quality posts to impress the people to make votes on your posts , in result you will get grow in you reputation. Remember " Give Quality Get Votes "


2.Choose A Good Title

Try to choose an attractive title it gives the first impression to your followers and other steemains to open your post or not So choose a unique title , always follow this rule .
"the first impression is the last impression"

images (8).png

3.Choose the Time

post your articles when less arickles are being posted because we are new users if we post our artickles in the peak time when every one post his arickle our post will get no attention of users because we have low reputation and the others have high so the people will pay attention to high reputation's users. you can see this in New section.


4.Select The best photos that support your article:-

Add the best photos to your article that support it. it will make the readers fresh and they will not get bored, if you post a long article without photos the reader will get bored and as a result you will not get an upvote nor comment.


5.Be Original and Creative

always be original and creative prepare you own content don't copy others's users content use your mind and come up with something unique in your articles.


6.Be Friendly

always keep your followers happy support them , help them and try to solve their problems so you will get the real value of your content.


7.Make Good Comments

Make good and long comments if possible on other users posts it will get their attention and lead them to upvote you and your reputation will get grow.

images (12).jpg

8.Make Responses

Always reply to your followers comments . describe what they want and try to make them satisfy .


9.Make Votes

upvot to those who make comments on your posts if possible because making too many upvotes lead you to end up with your voting power.

download (4).png

10.Be Regular

Post regularly at least one post a day and regularly make comments on other users posts.


Hope dear steemains it will help increasing your reputation.

If any question put it in the comment .

Please resteem it to support and help the new users.

Thanks For Reading.
Take care.

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great article, I will save this article for my friends that are joining Steemit to learn the platform


thanks, appreciate it


The “introduceyourself/introducemyself” tag is for creating one introductory post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

More information:

The Game of Tags

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Bro,its nice topic for the new users in steemit so tq for the content

Yeah, it is not easy to build good reputation.
But to have it - is everything!


great thing you said

I've read everything carefully. it looks like I follow rules, but my reputation is still low. What am I doing wrong =(((


i saw you profile and your posts right now , you don't follow the rules i described, don't focus on too much posts focus on quality. vote to your followers who comment on your post. i got this 2 points from your profile and if i have time i will check further.
wish good luck


thanks for the answer! appreciate it! yeah... these two points are great and honestly, I am not doing it...

  • vote to your followers who comment on your post
  • focus on posts quality

thanks for appreciating

Realy very good information sir... Sir u say stay away to post in pick time .. Sir plese can u say what is the best time to post , night or day, i am from india


look at your followers where is the maximum of them from, if they are from US OR UK then post your article in the morning and if they are from Asian countries then post in the night if they are from both then post an article in the morning and one other in the evening OR one day in the morning and one day in the evening but look at your post first who is it related to ? i hope it will be enough.

What the best and informative tips you shared with us. These are not onlu useful for newbies but also for old users too. Nice information I appreciate your effort very much. Keep on sharing such useful contents. Best of luck.


thanks bro. you really encouraged me i appreciate it. i will try my best to share anything which can help others.
thanks again.

Thanks for sharing those good tips.
I remain thinking, in what refers to the time of publication.

Resteemed favors, to raise the reputation?


resteem a post if you think the post is useful for your followers it can help your followers, in my opinion resteeming is not useful for increasing reputation. a vote by a higher reputation user than you can increase your reputtion easily as the steemit described.


Notice the sentence " the higher your reputation, the more affect your vote will have on the reputation of others" .


you are welcome

Posting really matter? Thanks bro.
I want to add some thing try to keep short and simple,

I have a question -
stick to a specific tag matters?


No but you should put the tags related to your topic


thanks. i checked the first one really informative i like this kind of blogs

thanks for the recommendations, it is always good to have a person to orient you when you are starting a new project


you are welcome

Thanks for this post. I am writing my first post and I had some doubts about the best time to publish it and how to reach more people.

Gracias por el aporte. Precisamente estoy escribiendo mi primer post y tenía algunas dudas con respecto a la mejor hora para publicarlo y cómo llegar a más personas.


you should write your post " introduce yourself" .

Very good things to tell you. I would like to add one more point on my behalf, 'language'. The selection of easy-to-understand and effective words affects more people.


great thing you said

i write good and quality content,even i comment and reply to everyone but growth of my account is too slow,i will follow this 10 rules.hope they help me.
Thanks @sumeetsingh


you just posted 2 articles, do you want high reputation in 2 days ? it's impossible. work hard , post daily , increase your followers and come up with good and quality things then you will get grow


i voted you and your reputation went up from 27.23 to 27.28

Explain everything very nicely and in very short description really helpful thanks for great share I hope you will follow all these steps too after you read my comment and upvote thanks.

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greate post
Thanks for this

Thanks for this...it was a good rundown on rep...


you are welcome

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Yeah very well said, you have to create a eye catching stories of everything you post so that you will encourage them to read and liking your ideas..thank you very much for us it helps alot for us to the newly members.


thanks, appreciate it. i will try my best to come up with such blogs to help steemains in their steemit journey

I must confess, this is remarkable and it was just yesterday I got to make my first post. Now I know this, I believe I'll do better but now I think @iftikharali just check my first post and make your suggestions @ablefield.
Once again your post is full of quality contents


well said, great post about your introduction, i think you should explain why are you here.

Great article I am going to follow this advice, Please check out my work for those interested in crypto

what is best time for indian zone to publish the article ?


there is no special time to post the article just see in the new section if there is less posts are being posted post your article otherwise wait.

Thanks for the info. I didn't know how reputation was even generated. I'm new and thank you for this new knowledge that is definitely needed and helpful right off the bat.


thanks a lot bro, special thank for resteeming, appreciate it. you can read my other blogs you would find them helpful

@iftikharali i must confess your post itself is highly helpful and great, after reading through i was motivated on what to do as a new steemian to help me relevant to tne whole community at large as well as my self ..thanks a ton...
I look forward to more beautiful posta from you.


thanks, keep in touch to get more helpful blogs thanks again

Thank you. Very helpful. Nice article:-)

Good post and some valuable tips! thanks for sharing! I hope more people read this and it helps them along their journey.


you are welcome

This is awesome i must confess. I was thinking about how to improve myself here and a whole lots of questions going through my mind about this community. I couldn't get relevant answers to those questions which is why i decided to check through different blogs to see if i could figure out something that will help newbie like me. I love the article, it's quit simple,understandable and infact comprehendable#lolz.... Thanks


thanks for following appreciate it. you can read my other bolgs you will find them helpful

This is a great help. Thank you for sharing tips.


thanks a lot @canarypenman for resyeeming, appreciate resteeming i followed you and gave 2votes

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thanks a lot

nice article , very informative and especially give ab boost of knowledge to the new users.

I woke up this morning, saw a post on byte ball airdrop and the sad part was that I couldn't participate because of my low reputation. The least was 30 and I'm 29.

Shortly after I came across your post. And I'd like to say thank you for the great tips. I thought the reputation is automated by some robot depending on how many followers you have.

Now I know it's all about quality contribution to the community. Thank you @iftikharali I cant wait to be at 52 like you. 😀


don't worry bro, work hard follow the rules you will get. keep in touch i will try my best to help you increasing your reputation by voting you. would you tell me how did you find my article , i mean Where?


I clicked on the 'Hot' tab where you have Trending, New, Hot, Promoted etc. I saw a post on Blockchain, so I clicked on your profile to see more of your posts and I saw this one and some other interesting ones. You've got really great contents.

Thanks for the tips! Does anyone participate in a Steemit pod? Similar to an instagram pod where a few people will all alert one another when they've put a new post up so everyone can go like it and beat the algorithm? If you're interested, I'd love to try it out with you! You can message me on here but probably better to communicate on Instagram -- @christabellatravels


thanks for advice, i followed you on instagram but don't know how to communicate ?


thanks, done