Use this search engine and earn daily Tokens. Just by searching|Free में सिर्फ ऑनलाइन search कर के कमाये पैसे। Earn Money while searching on net.

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Friends, today I have brought for you a search engine where you will find some money every time you search for anything.And you can earn only by searching on the Internet from ₹25000 to ₹190000 per year.
download (3).jpg

They are also free at all. Yes you heard right. As you have to find something on the Internet, you type directly on Google and Google shows you results. But Google does not give you money.

But the search engine I'm telling you there, when you search anything on the internet, this search engine will give you some tokens. Which you can pay by turning it into Rupees, Dollars etc.

The name of this search engine is 'PRESEARCH' and its token name is 'PRE' token.
its link is: -
Friends, you can register yourself by visiting this link. With this link, you will initially get 25 PRE tokens FREE. If you do not use the link then you will not get free 25 PRE COINS.pre homepage screenshot.jpeg

Friends, you can download extention on Google Chrome and firefox browser too.
The link for the extension for Google Chrome is: pre extention screenshot.jpeg

The link for the extension for FireFox is:-

Whenever you search anything in it, it will add you 0.25 PRE token into your wallet on every search.
You can earn up to 8 PRE tokens per day. I.e. you will get PRE tokens until you search 32 times a day. Tokens will not be found if you search above.

And be aware that you can not create more than one account. For earning more coins, you can not continuously search, if you have to do so your account will be blocked and your token's Withdrawl will be stopped. You use it as you normally would of the Google search engine.
You will only be able to REDEEM those tokens when you have 1000 PRE tokens. redeem-points1.jpg

Currently, this token is only available on three exchanges. HITBTC, YOBIT and COINEXCHANGE
You can sell PRE TOKEN on any of these exchanges. pre market coin marketcap.jpeg

At present, its value on coin market capital is $ 0.141. And the maximum value so far is $ 0.8.
pre price cmc.jpeg

अधिक जानकारी के लिए यह वीडियो देखें:-

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