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Friends the image which you saw above, there is one bitcoin is hidden, if you find the way to crack it you will get private key to access one bitcoin and buy that key you can transfer that 1 Bitcoin to your wallet. Those who are interested to try their luck I have one HINT for them, all the words which you saw in this puzzle is took from the white paper which is written by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO.
I am sharing the link go try your luck and do let me know about this post if you like it please Upvote, comment and follow.
BTC puzzle link -


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It is going to take a lot of time

@anantj if it's that easy than anybody can win.

nahi ho pa rha bhai

@minerking nothing is impossible. Try try until so succeed.

really good post upvoted!!
hope you will do the same.

@fahad290 thnx for appreciating my work. I'll definitely going to do the same bro bcoz I believe in work together.

Its quite tricky bro. But still I congratulate you on your post.

@trendingsam yes right bro..but nothing is easy in this line.

really good post upvoted!!
hope you will do the same.

@jayminvekariya Thanx bro and for sure I'll do the same.

very good post.......but i think its not of our level....

@anamika Hahaha I tried but I found the difficulties as well.

very innovative.

Thank you

i think no one can solve this...

May be but at least give it a try.

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@steemitvkey24 hahaha... don't know where to start. @sisodiyarj