(BJP) Bhartiya Janta Party accused for Bitcoin Scam

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The Indian National Congress (INC) party, the biggest party in India, is accusing Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) of money laundering for illegal tax avoidance through bitcoin.

INC, known as the Congress Party, on Thursday accused that the BJP was changing over Black money utilizing bitcoin in Gujurat , newspaper Hindustan Times revealed. Further, the congress party asked the Indian Supreme Court to examine the same. In report Congress party representative Shaktisinh Gohil affirmed that BJP "administration was associated with changing over black money through" the bitcoin, which could be worth between Rs 5000 Crore Inr and Rs 88000 Crore Inr
He included that by utilizing bitcoin, certain pioneers at BJP could change over their "black money" to other biggies in the state. In any case, the BJP denied the assertions, saying the Congress Party's "filthy traps division" was just attempting to "spread confusion and falsehoods."

To be sure, BJP representative Anil Baluni appeared to suggest that the INC may have a wanted to make a bad image of BJP in blaming the decision party for washing the assets. "I think about whether the Congress is attempting to help some individual for this situation as a component of a scheme," he said.

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Politicians does not know the strengh of cryptocurrency or do not want to know because it is a threat to their corruption.

True said. And, now they have also involved cryptocurrency into this pathetic black money conversation.

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Kya hoga is desh ka..aur kya hoga bitcoin ka after 20th july??
Every country is legalising and regulating cryptocurrencies and we indians are after sacmming...Shame on our politicians.

bhaiya tension lene ki jrurat nhi hai bitcoin ban hatega

kuchh achha h hoga,....lets wait for the positive verdict on Bitcoin

They will do the same bro but will take little time. Yaha per logo ko late samajh me aata hai ki kya Achha hai aur kya bura. India always been a slow starter so don't need to worry i future definitely we will heard good new

@doctorhealth sb politicians bus khud kai lie sochte hai bhai

When the Law Commission of India recommending to implement betting and gambling in India, how can they think of banning Crypto...

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India is needed to take crypto seriously , these scam news going to mar future of India in Bitcoin world, as people may going to take Bitcoin as scam instead of understanding political scam!

@sscomm thanks for creating this type of blog, keep up good work bro

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Definitely i will join

I dont know why bjp doing this .
Nearly Every country legalise bitcoin but our politician scam on every buisness and now they are going to ban cryptocurrencies .

Is this the party that runs our country? They all talk negative about bitcoin and everybody know that why they are not making it legal......because CORRUPTION is there in their every nerves.If bitcoin become legal,we would be able to track transactions and the leaders would not be able to eat the money which do not belongs to them..........OH MY GOODNESS ....WE WILL LACK BEHIND IN TECHNOLOGY AS COMPARED TO OTHERS....>>SHAMEFUL

After demonitization we think BJP government is really doing something for the nation. But now slowly slowly each and every plan is coming to public. RBI ban Crypto is one of the biggest example that BJP is only thinking about there party, not for country.

bjp always the worst party in india this time its on the peak scams money laundering everything they are doing for money and power need to investigate deeper in this issue

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good work and it help to increase our mgsc community

India should legalize the crypto currency it is the future

Iss bar bilkul nahi aane denge modi sarkar. jo crypto ko support karega usse hi vote denge.

Very Informative Post

@sscomm You are right... but in future crypto has a great success in future..

i wish after sometime indian goverment is also accept a bitcoin, and it will be llegal in our country

New scam of BJP in Gujarat started during Modiji when he was CM sterling biotech during a raid a dairy was found in which amounts given to Modiji is written and loans by the state government and the Sez land given to them for almost free etc has come up it is in today's news papers


@sscomm. all these for 2019 election

Bitcoin don't ban India..I don't vote BJP next election

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I dont know why bjp doing this.

Almost Every nation sanction bitcoin yet our legislator trick on each business and now they will boycott cryptographic forms of money.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people

I really have no connection with India but if I was going to launder money, having something with a publicly accessible ledger probably is not the way to do it. The reason that there is even the hint of scandal is because the Indian government has legislated against cryptocurrencies... feeding the erroneous idea that bitcoin is used for criminal activities. I've paid people for work multinationally (including India) (my company is in Canada). The least amount that it has cost to pay employees (ie transaction fee for international transfers) was $13 per transaction ... it typically is around $50.00 for those countries. I stand corrected ... the least that it cost was $0.04 when Bitcoin had a lower transaction cost. Now it would be possible to pay people using Steem ... which has no transaction cost ... except that the barriers to using cryptos is so high in India. Ironically if India was more open to cryptos (and I had a larger investment in steem), I could be paid to hire more people. All they would need to do is report their progress on steemit and I could pay them with an upvote (I would need a lot more steem in order to make this possible). Then my curation would pay me.

During this party, most scams have happened #sscomm

I advocate two solutions. The first would be to decentralize governments to the level of city states. Iceland has a population of roughly 350,000 and is able to successfully run based on a representation of 69 people. In the case of India, who have a military issue with China, Pakistan etc, these city states could form a military alliance similar to Nato. This first solution has many downsides mainly because people do not want to leave the status quo. Additionally there would need to be a second tier government similar to the EU to allow free trade, open borders and consistent legislation within the zone...

The second option is to eliminate elected government officials and replace them with randomly selected body. The opposing parties could continue to exist but only in the form of lobby groups. A group might propose a law, a random selection of 100 people would be sequestered (like in jury duty) and each side would be able to present opposing positions and information. It wouldn't just be parties. Any group (farmers, unions, business coalitions) would be permitted to represent their arguments. Finally the 100 would make their vote. The second part would have to do with budgets. Each individual would on an annual basis go to a secured facility and register their decision on how they want their taxes to be allocated:

Of course it would be written in the language of the person or have icons for those who are unable to read. Additionally those selections could be drilled down to specify specific departments eg: Security might be broken into Policing vs Military.

This takes political cronyism out of budget process.

Ban ho ya na ho ham to invest karenge hi karenge

I don't think bjp would done this scam if they done this they would not ban crypto in India

If it is banned there is no system to investigate it which means they can do whatever they want because wherever there is internet there is bitcoin, bitcoin cannot be effectively banned.

Kismat hai bandy ki issy pata bhi nhi hoga kay yeh mgsc say kaamye ga, abhi tu uchal uchal kay pagal hoga. Trending main agaya.

By the way bitcoin future is bright.

Luck work for those who push there luck don't wait for luck to make them lucky. Not only mgsc har tag par trending hai par logo ki jazar mgsc se aage nai ja pati.

Kismat hai bandy ki issy pata bhi nhi hoga kay yeh mgsc say kaamye ga, abhi tu uchal uchal kay pagal hoga. Trending main agaya.

By the way bitcoin future is bright.

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sscomm, This Is Politics , all ruls On Small Invester , Welhs Always in Proffit

@sscomm The limit of the @cryptocurrency market was Rs. 95,000 crore in @December2016 and Congress says that BJP converted 88,000 crore rupees into @Bitcoin. The limit of the Bitcoin market cap was 72,000 crore rupees by the way. @BJPBITCOINSCAM

they mean cryptocurrency by this

Cool post sprb

Sprb post

BJP should Justify .......else BJP go back!!!!!!!!

Bhartya janta party was best party in the history of india

bitcoin will be legal in INDIA ,time to be take one month or 3 month or one year or 2-3 year or 5 year but will need to be legal.....

@sscomm bahut hi jad legal hoga bitcoin india me

This is true sir

Yes modi will again rocks on 2019 also
R u ready frnds to see over india improved varsion

Blame game!!!nice post.

Actually in our India there is no any one in Govt. to understand Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and Cryptocoins. This is the problems of our country.

sad part : nobody would be arrested!

upvoted to you sir..now its your turn to upvote me

कई बीजेपी के नेताओ ने मिलकर बहुत बड़े स्तर पर बिटकॉइन का scam किया इसमे राष्ट्रीय स्तर के गुजरात के नेता और बीजेपी के अध्यक्ष अमित शाह का भी हाथ हो सकता है

This is the truth
Demonetization is BJP scam

Kya bjp such me Desh ka Vikas karegi?

It should not do, because Bitcoin(BTC) is a global cryptocurrency.
What do you think?

I think the government has to wait for few more years and learn blockchain technology. the world is rapidly changing

88000 हजार करोड़ रूपये का #bitcoin घोटाला सूत्रधार @BJP4India का पूर्व MLA गुजरात नलिन कोटाडिया फरार,बोला पकड़ा गया तो सबके नाम खोल देगा

Hope before elections they make some changes and allow us to trade.

its amazing tk see the scenario of cryptocurrency market in future. i seek your help guys. kindly follow me.

Indepth investigation is needed before reaching any conclusions

please my dear friends follow me for more exciting tweets

In india crypto is a legal issue ... I think playing politics on this topic should be ended and take a good judgement for the behalf of many people..


Amazing Post Buddy!

I am admirer of your post.😍

The Congress party itself is a big scam party. Have done the same for the last 10 years

So is BTC/CryptoCurrency getting banned in india or no?

bhai hamare desh me 2 kanoon hain politicians ke liye alag, normal people ke liye alag

bhai aag to lgi hai tabhi dhua uth rha hai . dekhte hai aage kya result aata hai

Whatever will be good I have full faith
Believe me

i never expect anything from goverment

Government will not ban Bit coin at any moment, since it is very much required for a developing economy like India. Bitcoin is a generally assumed currency, which is neither legal nor illegal. If Govt does not want the bit coin they could have banned Bit coin within these 4 yrs of their Govt. Since they have not banned, it means they are not against it. Request for reply from you.

hello dear MEEPY!!!

they are destroying our nation .they misused taxpayer funds. All are same

There's one saying about politics.
If something looks like accident or spontaneous, it's planned.

If someone took out this info to public, he's just betting all-in on replacing the current powerstructure in politics and is same powerhungry and greedy psycho as those he's attempting to replace.
Nicolae Ceaușescu was handed over to masses by his No.2 man, the one responsible for decade of repressions. And Nicolae was not hanged and shot by angry civilians but secret police/military.

Kya hoga is desh ka. Gov ka Kya fesla hoga. BITCOIN lovers bus yahi soch rhe hai

It's india uneducated leader. And some more advance like jaitly sahab ~apna kaam banta bhaad main jaaye janta|

Pata nhi Kya hoga 20july ka baad ...

Kya india mai regulation ayega? What you think?

bold & remarkable post...very nice bro

Number 1 scammers in India is Our Government. They are the most corrupt as compare to other countries. I feel really bad about it that instead of promoting technology, they keep on doing shitty things and pushing our country backwards.
What you think??
Awaiting for yours answer.

Thats very nice
I am new you can upvote me?

sahi bat india me kya hoga sir es bitcoin aur dushri kuchh crypto currency ka ? aur kyu ese india me unligly mana jata hai please es k bare bhi apni ray bataye aur aap muje follow kar lijiye me bhi sumit kapoor ji k group steemit se hi hu aur hamko bhi sir ek community taiyar karni hai jay hindi

The government knows that cryptocurrencies are a threat to their illicit businesses.

Bjp party ne phele kaha tha ki aacha din aane wale ab aaye hai toh accpect karo Cryptocurrency ye toh hame chaye. bjp party bhi corrupted hai. sab kuch galat kar rahi hai.

the proverb is fit for govt. 100 chuhe kha ke billi chali haj ko

@sscomm Change could never be expected due to reign of such filth, they seek ways to perform money laundering on a platform that could help to improvise the sustainability of livelihood.

Congrats to you for following your dreams no matter what! This platform is indeed a fantastic instrument to help you achieve your financial independence and other goals. Glad that you see Steem for what it is.

I pray to God that India will soon accept the crypto currency

I think these are all tactics of parties to malign other parties.

Kya hoga is desh ka..aur kya hoga bitcoin ka after 20th july is desh me neta log kb pde leke hoge aur kb desh aage bdega

In india government are really jealous each others they dont think what is it how it is help other. I great appreciate NARENDER MODI government because people don't know what he do but its result advantage take by people.
Ban Bitcoin is not grate but it has any reason to ban in india for our country financial situation.
Anybody know reason tell us .
Thank you

This is the corrupt free government that India ever had

we all steemit users are hoping best from crypto final decision is pending on 20th of July.

A big name is also coming into it former Mla Nalin Kotadiya into this scam,but BJP is denying of all of these facts.It has also been heard that party is being alleged for the demonetisation of indian rupee was a stunt of politicians to convert their black money into white . Indian government on one side claimaing a ban on crypto market ,whereas on the other hand they said they are planning to launch their own . Let time decide what is the fate of crypto in india,But one thing is for sure its a big insider game

@sscomm these politicians just earn and put a ban for us

This is because in most of the states the Indian National Congress is lossong so I order to prove that they are good they keep on blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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