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Hi Steemians, I welcome you to Australia where everything is "THE OPPOSITE"
Let me tell you why I said so....
See, at any University when you get D, you fail. But in Australia D is GREAT because it means "DISTINCTION".
There is no A
Tipping in Australia is not required, what you see is what you pay for.
Unlike in the US where you gotta pay TAX and TIP on top.
In Australia the water flushes in the OPPOSITE way, people drive on the OPPOSITE side and the weather is the complete OPPOSITE.
thats why SANTA is naked... xoxo
And most surprisingly the word "[email protected]@@" is used a lot!!!
"Yes I am Serious"
Water, Weather, Language, Grades, Tips, and Distance are all done THE OPPOSITE WAY..
Maybe that's why they call
That's Australia, see you tomorrow.

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@pankuvirat Australia is a good place to visit.. it's so beautiful place to visit

If so then give me an upvote thanks

Nice information

Hey thanks . More coming soon.

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i like your content .. please follow back, i have already followed and upvoted you

Thanks that you liked it. I followed u back long before

Australia will indeed be a dream place for everyone to join. A nice place indeed.

That's true .

I spent a while is Australia and found things were back to front, but I enjoyed it there and will go back again one day

Ya buddy, Australia is great.

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