steemit WHY : My Goals And Benefits . What are yours

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Very first word I heard about seemit was of Mr. Sumit Kapoor @moneyguru on YouTube and @moneygurru on seemit. He uploaded a video on YouTube @ EARN 10000 NO INVESTMENT.

So in the modern world of cryptocurrency and after watching these kind of video,You can understand what my mind thought . Same as all of yours "man, it could be a great opportunity. Go ahead." So now I'm just going to share why I joined steemit and what Benefits I Can achieve-

Money-Obviously no one can say I'm not on steemit bcoz of money.

To get a sense of Marketing virtually. If you put your thoughts before somebody and if they likes you or not . If they do they upvote and if they don't they may comment. Same in marketing.

Personality Development - As we go to take coching for it , Its a platform.Bcoz you are presenting yourself before a big crowd. No worries if I'm not upvoted or liked bcoz since I'm not upvoted I'm rejected and if it happens hundred of times, My great weakness i.e Fear Of Rejection will be lost.

Thought Exchanging- Becoz the amount of people is very large , thousands of thoughts will be available.

Time Utilisation- The time we waste in facebook and whatsapp and get nothing , we can utilize that time to get a lot in return.

Till now I could think this little only but everyone knows this has got a lot.

Friends,now I want to know why you joined steemit and what are your goals .

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you r doing marvelous job...keep it up

Informative post, I would say good job.
One more thing I want to add up here is,
First of all I haven't created any post of mine yet (will do in near future) but looking at your post, people are liking it, you've good amount so far on this but this can be increased with just one thing which I've noticed in your post which is missing (please take it as a advice)

  1. Please make proper indentation for your post so that it looks great to others.
  2. List of points (numbering) should also be correct which is not correct in this post.



I tried to update but I did not get done


@panditsaurabh, I also faced same issue while writing the post, but found a solution.
Here it is:
you can add points like this "1.)" (Add bracket at the end) rather "1.". It will solve this or you can modify as you like.

Everybuddy who is in the steemit has a goes u just follow your goals one dayit will be achieved...

I have upvote and comment on your post please doo the same for me

Great post Frend. Keep going on .

your all point is good . i learn from your post lot of things , thanks for sharing .

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Steemiti a gud platform to earn money

Nicely written. All d best


Easiest way to earn money

I Really like steemit platform in future steemit will replace facebook and all social media platforms

very helpful agar hum achchhe se kaam karenge to jarooor kamayenge

@panditsaurabh You Beautifully write your views. Great job

I to inspired from moneyguru

In steemit first thing we keep in mind is reputation

Yes everyone is here to make some crypto/money.

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Nice article by sumit kapoor


Bro this article is mine .

Nice information

Very important thing that we all west our time on many platform of social media . Used it for our future it is good platform given by sumit Kapoor moneyguru so plz be serious to do it well

bro can u tell ir how to use... paid upvotes

Steemit is the platform where we can earn by sharing our views only that's it.. for those writers artists novelists who have fear of expressing themselves among public
So this boosts our self confidence by enhancing our interactions 😊🤩

good information bro this post

steemit a good platform. early steemit join the big community
modern world use the crypto and steemit
the time waste in facebook all us.
thanks smith sir