BITCOIN: it is best time or it is worst time

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There is a saying that goes:"it's not what happens in one's life that matters, but it's the meaning that one puts on what happens that matters." So it's only us who will make this time best or worst.

Hii friends, today I've tried to write about what kind of mindset we should be having in this time of massive unpredictable fluctuations in cryptomarket weather you are in or want to take an entry.Because in today's world it is just irresistible to be stay away from it. I'm not going to talk about facts and datas.

As of now the situation of all people in this field can be revealed by this image
Most of the people are in this market having a thought of being rich fast. Due to a sudden trend they invested in the market without having a complete overview. This is not only an overnight journey.

Panic is everywhere bcoz the fall of market happened unexpectedly.Due to emotions and fears they are so concerned about job and hard work again. Instead of thinking what they lacked, they start blaming others.

They are lagging in technical skills required.just as a doctor must have technical skills developed from years to be master his work. They should consider the people who are doing good in this field.
There are some motivating youtubers as Mr Sumit Kapoor @moneyguruu who repeatedly says,"Do your studies first. Only that will give you a great boost and you will be able to understand things more clearly."


One of the important things to a successful and happy life is to be flexible enough to respond appropriately to whatever changes comes your way.Unfortunately,most people are not with the abilities to handle the fast breaking economic changes that have happened and will continue to be .

So they should focus on their abilities and get trained themselves bcoz if they master in this field. They don't know a great wealth is awaiting for them .

So friends this was my small effort to say my words to you.
Thank you.

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@panditsaurabh thankx for information bro

I can live with no worries if I lose my small crypto investment. More risk may mean more reward but I prefer security at the end of the day.

Yeah patience and hard work is the key to success in this field. Thank you for sharing this article bro many people need this badly.

bro i need to talk with you pls give me your number or fb link


Ha bhai kyu nhi aap bta do kese contact krna aap apna no. Dal do m msg krta hu aapko fir

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Huh? How on earth was I proven wrong? First I wrote this when bitcoin was 6800, and I still won’t be proven wrong if it goes to 6000. Bitcoin is a volatile asset, it moving 5% is mainly noise. It’s absolutely hilarious you think a highly volatile asset moving a couple percent means anything.

Bhai ek bat pu6ta hu sachchi sachchi batana kitne ka investment kiya hh aur aisa kya kiya jo itne itne upvotes aane lage hh

Best effort in every sector gives the success anytime. We have to be very serious and give 100 percent to be successful. So be patience and concentrate in your work ..

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Why RBI Ban cyrptocurrency bank transaction

good info

For me it is best time for crypto world

kya me bat kar sakta hu


Ha bhai kyu nhi kr skte isme puchhne ki kya bat h. Btao bhai


Tum money guru se ho


To muze bi upvote kardo

Sir its true that patience is a key to success n m also following the same but may I know wt exactly is the stoploss and hw can I implement it. I am asking you this bcz I feel like you can answer me in a better way

It is best time to but
Bcoz crypto is in dip

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What do you think about electronium


I trade on bittrex and electronum is not listed on bittrex. So bro I have no opinion about it

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What we would like is if you just put a note at the bottom of your post saying something like "Images used are open source"


Thank u I will do the same

I have upvote you and comment on your post please do the same for me