When you rise 1000 Dies- My Lines

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I am here talking about myself.... as i am into this Crypto world for about 2 years and majority than 80-90% of Indians here.....

But these days kids who enter few months back mainly in Oct-Jan2018 tries to be Oversmart and they know only to sink there money and TROLL on the Persons who are darn more experience then themselves .

I have a 1 Line for them- Kids Be Mature & wake Up

If i will show my #Aukaad..... and what i done and where i visited,..... These kids will piss in there Huggies.... (Example image is in top of this BLOG #Google)

YOU will get burn soon by the jealousy which is building in your mind and in your body.

Hope You guys will wake up and respect those who are your Daddy in this Crypto World.



thanks buddy..... and always follows on who have experience more :)

Thanks and kindly comment big so that it not count as bot commemt thanks

guys will wake up and respect those who are your Daddy in this Crypto World... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👆

Yeap.....soon these kids will get maturity in there brains

Agreed with you...100%..we must learn...and try to gain more knowledge (About Blockchain & Crypto)..instead of being greedy and oversmart.
I got Bitcoin opportunity in 2013 from one of my friend of Miami, but honestly speaking i ignored him that time(Just because i was not believing )....During second visit of some projects he showed me his earning in USD(converted from BTC in nov 2015).....after that i realized power of Bitcoin...i started learing seriously about crypto in 2016...and still i feel...i need to learn more..........Learning is really more important .....(Hope Indian Govt will support crypto and in future(2019/20/21/22) they will start Blockchain Education at Institutional Level)...Steemit is very good plateform for all of us..we can earn huge money if we really work honestly with Patience.....Thanks

Indeed..... Respect for your. Comment with Soo much details about your..... Crypto starting steps..... And yeah these days kids bark. Alot. But they have fuked up courage to come face to face....... BTW. I do rise as I never. Listen the varks of. bitches..... In Groups.... Especially fb Group- XDA Crypto World 😂😂😂. That's why those Bitches are behind

I think your angry of any person

Not about a person, there are many who thinks like that brother..... :)🤣

As a community we need to help each other yes of course as a experience person like u need to guide everyone in the community don't frustrate for small issues bro... I am following n upvoting you under MGSC community... plz do the same buddy.

indeed but there are majority of kids who think oversmart and tries to take all attensionwith there 1-20% knowledge..... Rip them hahahhahaha