Learn English Grammar series part-2

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Well friends welcome back.

 In this session we will learn the remaining four parts of right words of english grammar.
  1. Adverbs :- The words that go with verbs are called adverbs. An adverb goes with a verb to tell how, when or where an action takes place.

  2. Prepositions :- Word or group of words used especially before a noun or pronoun to show place, position, time , method etc is called a preposition.

  3. Conjuctions :- Conjuctions are words that join together words, phrases or sentences.

  4. Interjections :- They are words (or some times phrases) that we use to express a sudden feeling, as joy, sorrow, surprise etc.

    We have completed all 8 parts of what are right words of english grammar. Friends in part 3 we will learn about what are right places until a question for all learners.

Tell the meaning of "NOUN". Answer in comment.images.jpeg

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Hey, you are doing great work, mate... This will help many people to take advantage of free learning... @maheksvyas

Good topic

NIce topic @maheksvyas

@maheksvyas thanks


Welcome sir

such a great way to explain, even i don't think so non of them better explain than u

Thanks i really need this help

@maheksvyas nice tutorial .

Thanks for learning English and further you will add more blog back to back