Top 5 Cryptos with fast transaction speed

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With almost 1550+ cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, most of the crypto lovers are more familiar and used to with BTC, ETH, LTC for majority of their transactions. But it is interesting to know that while doing any transaction with crypto, we may use few well known cryptos having very fast speed in term of completion of the transaction. In this article I am going to cover five such coins where the transaction speed is quick.

  1. Dash: Being one of the popular coins and ranked within 15 in coinmarketcap, Dash is a fast transacting coin. In 2017, Dash team has increased its block size from 1 MB to 2 MB and is capable to process 56 tx/sec. Average transaction time is generally less than 3 mins.

  2. Verge: After rebranding its name from Dogecoindark to Verge, this coin has started gaining popularity since late 2016. In Jan 2018, its price & popularity has touched new heights with new ATH. Its interesting to know that if you are transacting with XVG, generally transactions is completed within 10 secs. The transaction fees of 0.1 XVG is comparatively very low. XVG is having capacity of 100 transactions per secs.

  3. NEO: Also known as 'Ethereum Killer' & 'Chinese Ethereum' , this proof of stake coin can process 1000 trx/sec. In the NEO block, generally transactions are completed within 15 seconds.

  4. Monero: Another privacy coin XMR is quite fast with transactions. The block usually takes about 2 mins time for completing one transaction. An interesting fact of this block is it is dynamic & it automatically adjust its block size with increase in congestion in network.

  5. PIVX: A DASH fork coin & privacy coin is another popular coin having one of the fastest transaction speed. Its block timing is less than a minute. even a no-fees transaction generally get settled within a minutes when the congestion in network is low.

Note: The list is in no particular order & I have mentioned coins which I have experienced personally for transacting apart from BTC,LTC & ETH.


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