5 unforgettable heist in history

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Since the inception of human civilisation, we all have the desire to become millionaire overnight. This quest has given birth to heist, robbery, burglary, loots & dacoity. The modern era of crypto currencies had even showed glimpse of such upgraded robbery version in the form of hacking, scam etc in crypto field. As we are still in dilemma of bullish-bearish market, I thought to take a look at few infamous robberies in the history that has taken place through out the world.

Mostly all of us enjoy Hollywood thrillers like Blind Rage,Reservoir Dogs, Heist etc & Bollywood block-blasters like Dhoom, Race series etc. Many readers may have played popular games like GTA, Mafia, Red Dead Redemption etc where the players are often supposed to take part in Bank robberies, looting of public transport, stealth mission to rob antiques, arts etc. What if I say that there are few loots & robberies which are quite identical to these scripted movies or missions in games. Yes, in this article, I am going to reveal five most thrilling burglaries that has taken place in this planet and are still not solved.

The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum robbery, Boston:
The heist took place on 18th March 1990 where 13 artworks valuing approx $500 million were robbed from the garden. The sequel is not less than any stealth video game mission. Two men dressed themselves as police, entered the museum by convincing the guard that they are on call. Later on they have handcuffed two guards & locked them at basement of the building & the entire mission of stealing very selective valuable paintings were completed within a timeframe of 1 hour. This incident can be considered as the most high value robbery of private properties in the history. None of the culprits were ever reported to be arrested till date & the robbery file was closed after certain time. The museum owners are still offering a healthy reward of $10 million to any person having any significant information related to the case to resolve the mystery.



The Antwerp World diamond heist, Belgium:
One of the biggest robbery valuing approx USD 100 million took place in mid Feb, 2003 at Antwerp world Diamond Centre, which is considered as the diamond-exchange capital of the world. The master plan of this robbery was planned well before two and half years from the date of its execution. Leonardo Notarbartolo, the leader of Italian thieves group named “The school of Turin” has taken a rented office on the upper floor of the building to carry on a trading business of diamonds. By gaining confidence amongst the localities & his landlord he had eventually got a tenancy card which has helped him to stay at the office for long hours. The gang has breached several securities to loot 123 vaults out of 160 available at the said bank and had even destroyed the video footage tapes of the bank. Though the plan was executed skilfully, Leonardo had leftover a half eaten sandwich at the time of the loot. With the help of DNA testing of that sandwich, police has finally detained the gang leader. Leonardo had almost spend 10 years in jail but had never revealed name of any other gang members & about those stolen diamonds. The case still remains a mystery as no clue ever lead to the recovery of stolen items.



The high-jacked plane of D.B Cooper:
On 24th Nov, 1971, a passenger named D.B Cooper sky-jacked Flight No.305 moving from Portland to Seattle via Oregon. A middle aged man about 45 years of age dressed in business suit was amongst many travellers in that flight. The accused has handed over a letter to one of the flight attendant mentioning that he is carrying explosives in his briefcase and has demanded ransom of USD 2 Lakh, four parachutes & refuelling of the plane at the landing place. All such demands were met by the airport authority for which Cooper has relieved all passengers & two attendants. After refuelling and take off of the aircraft, the pilot was instructed move towards Reno, Nevada & after sometime he jumped out of the plane from a height of about 10,000 feet to disappear forever in the darkness of that night with stolen ransom. The aircraft was finally landed at Reno airport. Even after severe investigation, no clue of the culprit ever got into the hands of FBI. The case was closed unsolved after few years.

db coop.jpg db.jpg

Vastberga Helicopter Robbery, Sweden
This burglary is nothing less than any scripted movie or mission of games like GTA. The incident took place on Sep, 2009 where few robbers firstly stole a helicopter from Roslagens helicopter base in Norrtälje & thereafter landed on the rooftop of G4S cash service building at Stockholm, Sweden. Initially the glasses in the roof were destroyed by sledgehammers by 3-4 looters. The store vaults were bombed & eventually stole all money available at the vaults. Few fake bombs were also planted at local area to scare the localities & polices from the scene. The group was intelligent enough to even spread bags of nails in surrounding areas to puncture the tires of police vehicles. The robbed amount was recovered and seven robbers were arrested within two days from the date of incident.


The Great Train Robbery, England:
In August, 1963 a group of 15-16 thieves had attacked a Royal-mail train carrying about $7 million routing from Glasgow to London near Bridego Bridge by creating a fake stop signal. Though the dacoits were unarmed, they manage to beat up the driver & his attendants & then robbed all available money from the train. All the looted assets were transferred to few Land-Rovers cars which were placed in nearby areas as per the plan. Few members of the group were daring enough to play Monypoly game with the looted funds to leave enough finger print evidences for police to arrest them. Eventually 12 robbers got arrested & was sentenced to jail for 30 years. Later on 5 fled away from the jail to settle in some different country. 3-4 members of the gang never got into the hands of the British Police & neither the looted amount was recovered ever.



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Once a never-caught thief in Belize asked me, "Do you possess it, or does it possess you?" Your stories remind me of him. I loved them very much!