Is it end of crypto in India?

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Being indian the most anxious and curious thing in Indian digital it really an end of crypto in India on 20th July 2018. image
In recent times in indian economics there are sudden & bold changes occurred due to government.
Lately indian government decided for demonetisation & GST which are quite big and bold move by indian government for streamlining the economy and curb on black money. RBI in consequent step implies ban on support of bank to crypto trading firms. Leading names in trading market are coindelta,unocoin,wazirex,bitbns and zebpay..... image
Now being Indian crypto investor the important date is 20th of July.....every indian investor is awaiting of Supremecourt decision on RBI ban of bank support to crypto exchanges image

It will be very pleasent news if RBI ban is removed and crypto market is regulated by government commitee which may be helpful for both sides investor and government as well to collect tax. image

Lets hope that result will be helpful and beneficial for all of us.

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Thank you guyz.....
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basically indian govt cant banned the cryptocurrency because it leads to fall in indian economy and many indians are earning good money from them

It is not possible for any govt. To ban crypto currency. Many other ways in market to cash out btc

Thanks for sharing such informative article !.

Lets see what will happen... 90% Indian exchanges have stopped withdrawal now. But, if Supreme courts decision comes in favour of crypto, then everything will be well for us.

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It is certain

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Indian govt don't have tha power of blockchain it's our bedluck

not only india?its world

It cannot be dead

Wait and watch

Thank you so much guyz for your feedback......

Crypto-trading cannot be stopped .

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