Only if you have mobile then your account might be HACK still if you are using TRUE CALLER

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Do you know that your private data value is only = 0.5$-1$ only
Is your account is safe or your account is not HACKED the pay attention on this blog which is very very important for every user who using True Caller
Guys if you using True Caller so your any private account is not safe
Do you know:- How much data your private data True Caller has , because this data definitely more then Google,Facebook,Whatsappand many more to know this read given below points

  1. When you install True Caller application from any application store , this takes permission to take your image , see the galleries photos.true cl.png
    In this way you can easily get understand your all picture, selfies and other photos are easily accessible by True Caller

  2. When after access photos it takes permission to access your contact number in this way True Caller have your all contact number if you are using True Caller
    Some times we get confused that how True Caller knows every number , when we dial any number it shows name that person whose number you dialed . To get this mathematics you little bit think step wise I am explaining
    Suppose you are A person and B is your friend and C is also friend both you now these three person are friends each other and every single person have both friends contect
    Now we know True Caller user world wide is 250 million suppose
    You have True Caller application means A have True Caller application and your friends B have True Caller application and your friends C has not True Caller but....... True Caller have number A,B and C also
    now you will think how True Caller have my friend C number even my friend did not install True Caller application how how how.... In this way
    You means A and B have True caller and you have saved your friend (C) contect number now true caller can access this number means your friend C's number.
    Now in this same you way True Caller can access your friend contect now True Caller find a same number both contects
    then by it will conform what is the person name who's number find True Caller in your contect now you (A) and (B) saved C number with the name C
    then in this way True Caller knows your all friends and all relatives numbers

  3. Any third party person only little amount of money can know your private details by True Caller because sell also your private details .
    If any person want to know private details then he will email to True Caller then True Caller will say we want that much amount for this information then he will pay then your details are easily accessible if you are using True Caller

  4. If you are form India and other country then your data is daily transfer your country to another country .
    So why I am saying that because you don't know privacy term and conditions of True Caller and you can check this policies and term and conditions on True Caller webside
    so to know True Caller privacy read image

  5. True Caller earn money three way first one is advertising, second is sell your privacy and True Caller take money and spam call score covert low spam number

Positives of True Caller :-

  1. It provide us name a person who is calling us and we can know a person name who's number we have.
  2. It provide location of person

Negatives of True Caller :-

  1. Your contact may be accessible by any other person in this way your mobile number may be hacked.
  2. Your location may be leaked.
  3. Your data may be leaked and sell by True Caller
  4. It keep watch your all mobile applications which are currently running
    Question arises here how we safe then I will suggest you-
    If you want to know a number owner name then make gmail id which should not be private it should general id should not be important for you and then go to the website of True Caller then register and put number and get details of that number and never install True Caller application from any store and never use it

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Thanks for aware us and save from truecaller

I donot know about that thanks post more blog like safety

After reading your post I'm just shocked, I just remove Truecaller from my phone! Thank you for sharing such a informative information here! It's is not safe yet to use this kind of application!

thankz to aware all of us's and were you got all this information about truecaller

Truecaller should not be used as Indian army personnel are not allowed to use some of Chinese phones... 🤐

@bahadur35555 bro Truecaller app really me mobile se apna data churati he....?

every app is using privacy, what to use or what not.these company motive is only to make money.

done upvote and comment please increase reputation then i will daily upvote and comment on your blog

Yes bro I am trying my best to increase reputations since I had joined last month but I am not getting how can I increase can u help me bro

Bro in starting it is little bit costly

You mean to say at the starting stage I have to invest some money...where? To buy steemit power or in bots?

What do they sell from our phone?

Our data private data

Thanks for aware us, I don't know these kind of information of true callers,
But I m not using true caller already,
Are you using true caller app now?

I feel using truecaller in India must be banned by Indian Government.

Oh shut

I do have true caller installed in my phone .

That's why I don't have truecaller

it is sell over private data ?

truecaller is chiese company and they also know what is your phone passcode ...LOL they stole every data on our phone advise is dont install truecaller

I had already removed truecaller few months back after knowing its dangerous

Even it is Swedish company it's not safe.

Its really good app for no tracking

Thanks for this informative blog.
But is they also leak our password like - net banking password?

Thanks for sharing this article.. i ll take care of these thing in my phone from your tips

Thanks for sharing the info bro, will remove truecaller from my phone now

Truecallers should be banned from permanently from India!!

Very unsafe application i must say

@bahadur35555 _ Yes brother its true, i knew it. Thanks for sharing the awareness to everyone. Maximum percentage of people don't know about this.
Your post is really helpful. Nice article,keep writing.

I gather this info. from sid talk utbr he explain very well .why is truecaller is harmful to our security and we should immediately uninstall this app.
thankyou for awareness.

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I never used truecaller in my phone.

what are you saying buddy

@bahadur35555 Great article my friend. I didn't know about this.

Every one Is here for money game