A big opportunity for Indians from IITK and IBM to Learn about Blockchain

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IMG_20180719_103353.jpg IIT Kharagpur and IBM are trying to educate about Block chain. Any one interested candidate can learn this Blockchain technology without pay any single penny. Only for interested Candiate fill form by the help of websites NTPL which government website of india for learning and any one can laern in free and if you want to certificate then you have to fill form for this test to get certificate of Blockcgaoin technology. Now to get this test you have to pay only Rs 1100. Big thing is that it possibled by IIT Kharagpur's and IIT Delhi professors IMG_20180719_110834.jpg To inow more details you cans see in pictures which have very good explenationIMG_20180719_110906.jpgIMG_20180719_110922.jpgIMG_20180719_110943.jpg If you got something good here then please upvote and comment me Thank you

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Very good blog brother check out my blog let's make mgsc community big by helping eachother

Is there any fee for this }?


free leaning but for test and certificate you have to pay

#bahadur35555 What is the full form of IBM?


International Business Machine

Very very great news for me I want to learn this
Block chain development.


Very excited to know that blockchain is getting polularity among Indians

@ bahadur35555 hey bro i,m already this course join and blockchain technology best course. your opinion?

I already had applied for this.... But due to some reason i did foget... Now u reminded me this i will start over again...... Thnx a lot

i already registered in this course and off course nptel offer us great opportunity to learn blockchain in India..