my small hard work in struggle day.........

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hiii... friends....

My first post i told about myself.... Now I want to tell about my Success... images (1).jpg

Do you have enough money? Do you have your favorite thing? Are you happy with your life's attitude? If your answer is not ......Let me tell you how to quit your annoying full-time job and start earning Rs 25,000 or Rs 40,000 every day in just 2 days. 
I was successful in it, and if you want, you will earn! If I tell you my secret then I will not have any loss, but it will help some of you to improve my life and be financially free.  
  After passing the 12th I did not even think about going to college, because I had to earn money for my parents (who had retired till then).![images.jpg](

  I was looking for an employment opportunity on the Internet. When suddenly I saw a web page. There was a boy's story in the house sitting on the internet, using just his computer, he had earned Rs 6,00,000.

He told that he bet on binary options through the Olymp Trade.... images (2).jpg

I got dizzy Is this the only chance in life that I was eagerly waiting for?

At first I did not understand anything, then I searched for more information, websites, forums, blogs, and other sources related to this topic, and finally I became aware of it. I still remember how much I felt happy. It was very exciting to become an expert and start earning money online for me.
I created a free account on Olymp Trade, this is the same broker that the boy wrote about. Later I came to know that this was actually one of the best brokers for the binary option available on the Internet. After opening the account, I got Rs 6,50,000 in demo credit, which is very helpful in testing and practice. It's totally free for everyone.

That's why I started betting with these fake money and in the same hour I had a profit of 11,000! But these were filled with demo credits, while I was wandering in search of real money. Without money, you can not get real money, but with Olymp Trade it will not be a problem because it gives you many options for depositing money, such as all major credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) and e-wallet.On the same day I deposited my old Visa card, which used to be used while working in the shop. I decided to invest a small amount, and this is a huge advantage of Olymp Trade that you can start speculating with a small amount of Rs 2000. I could also deposit such a small amount.

I hardly bet with the real money all the time, when the balance of my account increased to Rs. 4100. It was really incredible !!! My heart was beating very fast and I was not able to breathe properly. There was only one thing in my mind: thank god! I was shown doing !!!

I did not sleep at all that night, and till the next day, I had had 12700 rupees in my account. Yes, you heard right, twelve thousand seven hundred rupees !!! Only Rs 2000 per day deposited on the previous day. I was not sure !!! I used to stay on my computer, but a little sleep was necessary, so I had to get up to sleep but every step seemed to be huge.
When 12 o'clock in the afternoon, first of all logged into their account. 12,700 rupees were still in the account. It became certain that I was not dreaming!

Just like I have been working every day. And I also completed my college ...

  my poem........

   Both Dream and Life put such a race,
   Both Dream and Life put such a race,
   Dream came forward and left life behind.![download (1).jpg](

   All the world was obsessed,
   Friends looked everywhere Anderah,
   There was no eye ray of any hope.

    In the meanwhile,
    That passage was shown to such a passenger,
    That passage was shown to such a passenger,
    Musafir found a ray of new energy inside him.  ![download.jpg](

    Musafir told his heart to the people,
    Musafir told his heart to the people,
    Nobody is happy if someone is happy

   Jindagi also breathed his breath,
   Life also breathed in peace,
   That started thinking ...
   After all, anyone found ... my merge medicine.

  Seeing all this, the struggle also began to rejoice,
  Friends, this all-seeing struggle also began to rejoice,
 Just started thinking this ......
At the end, the first war,
The work of life started coming.   ![images (3).jpg](

 Both of them met together,
 Both of them met together,
 Sounds to the dream.
 Dream also saw both together,
  Dare to stop

  Then what was the three plans to help together the strugglers of the mill,
   Then what was the three plans to help together the strugglers of the mill,
   This is how I created dream life struggle webside.

   The friends expressed their happiness so much,
   The friends expressed their happiness so much,
   After all, nobody has the courage to tell about what to do in the struggle.

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thanks a lot.... yes i have join already discord


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