What is a meaning of perfect day?

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Hello Steemit Family.
I am back again with the interesting topic.
I hope you like this topic.
According to me, My perfect day starts with my mom's voice. Seriously, I am telling I am very lazy. I hate to wake early in the morning. Every morning my mom come to my room and they sweetly ask Arjun wake up its 7 o clock and I ask my mom give me 5 minutes I wake up after 5 minute my come again to my room and can't ask Arjun wake up. She picks a glass of water and through on my face and I totally shocked.
After that, I am going running and Gymming. I really love to do this.
Then, I am going to university for my bank preparation and I came from the university in the evening. And then I go to my Buddies meeting place. All we friend meet together at 7 pm. That was the best moment.
At the time of 10 pm, we go to our home. After dinner, I talk to the Annie. After a talk with Annie, I release my all stress.
I hope you like my perfect day. If you have some perfect day the write on the comment box and upvote my post.
This is signing off by Arjun Gupta.


I have been following your blog and writing very well. I hope we can be friends! OK? I also hope that you can pay attention to me and cast a valuable vote for me! thanks again! @zero12345

yaa sure

So good. Feel fresh . Good afforts to make this article .


Hope my day goes same as you. But my job does not allow me. I have to wake up early at 5 till 6pm continously for 14 days.

The fun part is after 14 days I come home and spend all the 14 days like you.

hahaha nice

That's funny bro, my mom usually wakes me up at 7am but I always stay on my bed till 8am. LOL

goood man

with me happen because I wake up 6 'o clock and my mom tell me sleep down again , Haha


haha dear friend you have entertained me a lot with the happiness between your mother and you every morning.
Give a big hello from the Steemit family

thanks dear

Very well written and informative article. Increased my knowledge. You are very well versed in writing. Keep up the good work. Thanku


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So good. Feel fresh . Good afforts to make this article .

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