What happen?

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Hello Steemit Family.
I am back again with the new interesting topic.
I hope all of you miss my blog.
Today, a topic is a little bit funny and emotional.
What happened if someone special blocks you from all social platform. I know most of you read this and relate our self to unblock you. But one thing I am asking you to all. If someone blocks you then you respect her decision and never forced her/him to unblock you. Because he/she loves you but they have some reason to block you and all of you know about this reason. Then why behaving like childish. The best way you move on with your life. If you try to hurt yourself. If he/she know about this. Then they blame our self and he/she think why I came to her/ his life. You want this. Your special person asks a question to herself. If you don't want this then every time your love one blocks you when you try to respect her decision and don't blame. Because blaming game is one of the weird game. If someone likes to play this game. Then you understand that person never understand you in your life and your decision to block is right. And never regret.
I am sorry. This is for someone. I hope she reads this and she accepts my apology.
If you say something to anyone then comment on this.
This is signing off by Arjun Gupta


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Well, are you a stalker?

no, I am not.

ok good.

did she read it and/or accept your apology?


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