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  • It has 13 countries

  • Latitude 12°N and 55° W

  • Longitude 35°W and 81° W

  • Straits strait of Magellan
    *Desert : Atacama , Patagonia
    {......Structural aspect of South america....}

  • Mountains :
    West Mountains , Andes ,Brazilian highlands , Guiana highlands

  • Rivers :
    Amazon , Magdalena, Orinoco , Paraná , La Plata

  • Lakes :
    Maracaibo , Titicaca , Polo

  • Plateaus :
    Bolivian , Patagonia
    {......Finer Points ......}

  • South America has been divided into three physical division namely two Eastern Highlands , the central plains , the western mountains and the western coastal strip .

  • Cotopaxi in Ecuador is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world .

  • Paraguay and Bolivia are the only landlocked countries .

  • Pampas is the most fertile region of South America and alfa-alfa grasses are found here .
    *South America as well as Mexico , central America and west indies are collectively known as Latin America .

  • It contain the world s highest waterfall I.e Angel fall in Venezuela in Orinoco river .

  • It contain the world's second longest river after Nile and the largest river by volume I.e Amazon river

  • The longest mountain range of the world I.e the Andes lies in South America .

  • Moreover , the driest place on earth I.e Atacama desert , the largest rain forest I.e , the Amazon rain forest , the highest capital city I.e Last (Bolivia ) , the highest commercially navigable lake I.e lake Titicaca are situated in South America .

  • Llanos and Campos are the Savanna grassland in South America . Selvas are the equatorial rainforest of America of Amazon basin .

  • Brazil is the only country , through which both equator and one of the tropics ( Tropic of Capricorn ) passes .
    {......Socio-cultural aspects..}

  • Different tribes of America Indians (Amerinds ) were the original inhabitants of South america .

  • Machu Picchu is a ruined Inca city high up on the Andes in Peru .
    {...Indigenous People ..}

  • Aymara, Away, Cocama , Juris , Shipibo , Yagua , Shuts , Wai Wait .
    {...Economic Aspects..}

  • Some of the countries of South America are specialised in coffee plantation (Brazil , Ecuador , Columbia and Venezuela etc ) , maize cultivation and wheat cultivation

  • South America is rich on minerals such as petroleum , aluminium , bauxite , copper , gold , lead , nickle , nitrates , diamond , coal etc .

  • Brazil has the world s largest reservers of iron is Serra Does Varanasi Hills .

  • Brazil is also know as the coffee bowl of the world because it is the largest producer of coffee

  • Peru is the leading producer of lead , almost 10% of the world output and 50% of the regional production. Colombia is the leading producer of coal.

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Minas Gerais, Brazil, has a lot of minerals.

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