Top 4 Hidden gems to buy (Long Term coins)

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  1. Matrix AI Network(MAN)

Buy zone :- 0.00005500 BTC------0.00006000 BTC
Sell zone :- 0.00030000 BTC-------0.00025000 BTC
Exchange:- Kucoin


  1. OriginTrail (TRAC)

Buy zone :- 0.00001300 BTC------ 0.00001500 BTC
Sell zone :- 0.00007500 BTC-------0.00008000 BTC
Exchange:- Kucoin


  1. Switcheo (SWTH)

Buy zone :- 0.00000250 BTC------ 0.00000270 BTC
Sell zone :- 0.00001500 BTC-------0.00002000 BTC
Exchange:- Switcheo Network


  1. Elastos (ELA

Buy zone :- 0.00250000 BTC------ 0.00300000 BTC
Sell zone :- 0.01000000 BTC-------0.00900000 BTC
Exchange:- Huobi



Among them switcheo is my favourite one

Bro these all coin will moon soon in 2019

@annusingh98 Totally, worth content!
But, you might also include COLX, KMD, SKY and HXX in this list.
They have also performed wonderful time to time with their instant updates.
So much undervalued coins as of now!

Kindly upvote and comment with your more options in coins to hold till 6 months to 1 year duration. Not for Long Term purpose.

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📉 7d
MANMatrix AI Network0.400$5.44%-14.87%
TRACOriginTrail0.100$4.25%-26.45% Hey can you tell me how you manage this image.

what abt TRX?

I think ETN is one of them..?

I think all coins are good to hold because all are undervalued and it gives huge profit...thanks for sharing these coins bro

I think all coin is good
Hold and earn more in short time

Your expectations from ETN?

Many more hidden gems available.. filhal Jo price per mil rha, sab hi gem hai

Bro this could boost up to 20X easily in 2019

Very nice and informative 😍
Keep it up

Informative post.

These all are new to me.....i willl try to buy these coins.

I’ve been founding new hidden coins for some investment! Good to hear about this.
I prefer elastos as some good hidden coin. Right?

switcheo and matrix are the ones i want to buy now

to the moooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRAC is already on my list. Holding it for very long time now.

TRAC is already
On my list. Holding it for
Very long time now.

                 - flash07

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Hmmm, nice info....I would add Dentacoin to this List. It is still undervalued. I bought 10$ worth of DCN for 1 satoshi last year December and sold it at its peak when it reached almost 0.01$ (nearly 100satoshi)....made 1000$ from 10$ ...that was one awesome trade

thanks for sharing.. I will also more research on these

Good information thanks :)

i am going with MAN due to the blockchain technology of this coin is really feels good

looks good, I think I should invest in them