Tutorial-1 : How and Why to DELEGATE your Steem Power.

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Hello Everyone,,
Here on Steemit ,Delegation plays very important role.I had received a lot of request to make blogs on Delegation,Undelegation and to whom we should Delegate.Now, i will be touching all of them in my Current and Upcoming blogs.

Steemit pays us for the Steem and Steem Power which we hold in our account on Yearly Basis.By delegating our Steem Power,we give our benefits of holding steem to another user and in return,they give us some steem and sbd's daily.

Why to Delegate Steem Power:


1)To Empower some Authors,Curators,Bots:
It increases their voting power and curation strength.
2)To earn money as an Investor:
If you don't want to read posts,write blogs,upvote,resteem or comment,even then you can earn a lot of money from steemit.Just you need to invest here,buy steem power and delegate your steem power to good reputed profiles(especially voting bots) and enjoy the passive earning.

Here is the link which you can use to delegate your steem power:


These are the steps you need to perform after visiting the above mentioned link:

  • STEP-1:
    a)Fill your Username in 'Delegator Id'.
    b)Fill the Username of the person whom you want to delegate in the 'Delegatee Id'.
    c)Choose the amount to SP you want to Delegate.
    d)Click on 'Delegate via SteemConnect.com'.

Then you will be directed to the next page as shown below.

  • STEP-2:
    a)Here,recheck whether you have entered correct usernames or not and then click on 'Continue'.

Now,you will be directed to the final confirmation page as shown below.

  • STEP-3:
    a)Enter your Username and the password which was given to you while account creation on steemit(password which steemit had earlier told you to back it up).


Now,To check whether your delegation was successful or not, visit the link mentioned below:
[Copy this link to your browser and in place of 'username' in that link,write your Username.]

You will be redirected to a page where you will see a message as shown in my case:
This Message confirms that your Delegation went successful and hence, from next day you will be earning the benefits of delegation.

If you want to Support me,You can Delegate me some SP's.

In my upcoming blogs, i will be telling you whom to Delegate and how to Undelegate Steem Power.





So if I delegate 100 sp to someone what would I get in return?

If you pay to voting bots,
You would get steems and sbd's in return everyday! The more SP you give,the more returns you will get!
And if you pay to profiles which are not bots,as their voting power gets increased because of your delegation,they will upvote your blogs and you will get good curation...

So if I delegate to some one who is not a bot would that be better?

Delegating to a bot is the best option but when you delegate to others,it helps them grow on this platform and in return they will be supporting you in every field.
For example: assume that u had delegated your SP to me, then i will be upvoting,resteeming and commenting on all your further blogs as u r helping me to make my profile stronger. The more u delegate,more voting power i will have and using that power i will be upvoting all your blogs...hence u get what u have invested!...

Paying to bots doesn't give you good returns unless u pay them huge amount like 1000+SP ...for example: if u paid 100 SP to a bot(say jerrybanfield), u will get,u will roughly get 0.03 steem or sbd daily...that means,u will get 10-11 steem or sbd yearly...thats so less .. isn't it??

Thats why i have undelegated many bots....

Its good to delegate to people because when they upvote,comment and resteem you,u will earn on your every blogs...
Its upon you to choose where to invest your 100SP, u want 10steem yearly or want good curation on every post... that's upto you..

U can delegate me and i will be upvoting , resteeming and commenting on all your blogs...thats a service which i m currently providing...

Thanks for sharing so much of information...
I will be certainly looking into this now :)


Don't delegate to bots,they give really less steem or sbd's....it sucks!

Use bots as upvoting and promoting machines...pay them for these service...
But don't delegate them...u get very less...i have tried them all...
For example: i delegated to jerrybanfield with 10 SP and was getting 0.003sbd in return... isn't it less?....it would have taken a year to earn 1 steem from delegation... hence i undelegated him... similarly i have tried other bots...and got the same results.

If you can delegate more than 1000+ SP...then delegate to bots....

Its better to delegate some people if they are providing you some service in return....u will earn from both the hands...

I m providing the service of Resteeming, upvoting and commenting....
You can delegate me some SP's and check how it works....no need to worry...u can undelegate me any time you want....you will get your SP back...its like renting it to someone!!

Thank you for this...
I will be looking into this soon :)

Have a pleasant day!! :)

You too :)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge...

Visit my new blogs...you will learn much more there.

I will visit them today during free time as I am interested in this topic...you too should visit my blogs :)

I want some help.
Can anybody please tell me why all my posts are going almost unnoticed???

Its because you are new here and atleast you need to work in a team...your team members will increase your post's visibility.otherwise,u can pay money to the bots for upvoting your blogs...there is much more here!

But it has been 3 weeks on steemit for me. Does it always go like this??

Listen bro... whenever u want to earn online... remember...you need to invest some money...here on steem...u need to buy steem and sbd's and pay to bots...they will upvote your blog and you will earn a lot because they have good reputation and more voting power...

Your concept of delegation and earning income is very good.

Nice info mate... your doing too good work.. keep it up

Thanks...keep supporting

Good and useful information I try to do

Read my other blog on whom to delegate first...then decide whom you should delegate.

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