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Hi steemitian today I talk about world some thing that happened first .So let me show you one by one 👇

  1. First country to make Constitution :
    United State of America
  2. First country to appoint lokapal :
  3. First country to ban capital punishment :
  4. First country to give voting right to women :
    New Zealand
  5. First country to impose carbon tax :
    New Zealand
  6. First country to start VAT ( Value added tax ) :
    Brazil and Germany
  7. First country to issue plastic currency :
  8. First country to issue paper currency :
  9. First country to give constitutional status to animal rights :
  10. First country to implement family planing :
  11. First country to start civil service examation :
  12. First country to make education compulsory :
  13. First country to print books :
  14. First country to sign nuclear agreement with India
    15 . First country to send human to moon :
    United states of America
  15. First space ship landed on moon :
    Viking-I (July 1986)
  16. Firts space shuttle lunched :
    19.First country to launch satellite into space :
    Russia(former USSR)
  17. First radio telescope satellite launched into space
  18. First city to be attack with atom bomb :
    Hiroshima (Japan)
  19. First country to win football world cup :
    Uruguay 19930
  20. First country to host the Noreen Olympic games :
  21. First lamb created using DNA from adult sheep :
  22. First heart bypass operation by Robot was carried out in
    25 . Worlds first cloned human baby :
  23. First religion of the world :
    Sanatan Dharma
  24. First university of the world :
    Taxila university
    Thanks for reading friends @sdas

Nice article ... Very informative.. many things that I came to know for the first time..keep continueing..

nice info for knowledge

amazing information bro keep it up keep in touch

You are sharing some valuable information, there are lots of interesting fact on your blog. Keep writing. @sdas I will resteem your post to

Very knowledgeable information

I'm sorry, but I think first university is Takshashila university, Bharat. @sdas

Nice blog keep it up

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Done bro

You post is informative and have learned lots of unknown facts....... keep posting

First country to implement family planing :

And still got second highest population, what the heck.

Great news and soon it will be first @pankuvirat
Good comment

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This is very informative indeed. If you dont mind me adding: South Africa was the first country to perform a successful human heart transplant

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Very nice post @sdas very knowledgeable thank you for sharing... and keep writing good work

Informative article. Dear you are first to give this information on Steemit........ keep it up

Bro aap bhi mujhe daily support krna fallow kijiye ok bro

Waha.. keya amazing information deya ho.. Thank you

@sdas thanks for sharing this useful info for competition student

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