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RE: Metal Genealogy - Family Tree - Evolution - Beginning of a series of posts [Metal Tree: 1]

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My good man, kudos on this idea! I am very excited to follow through this series (though admittedly late, I'm sorry to say). I just shared the link to this post on my Facebook timeline, and gave a little description of it to get people interested in not only checking out your series, but also to join the Steemit community! Hopefully it works! :D Steem on brother, and I salute you with the metal horns! \m/


If I forget anything feel free to add a reply with a video link.

Tomorrow I do Doom Metal which will finish off that row of the tree. That episode will be kind of exciting for me because I don't know anything about any of the bands in that particular sub-genre. So tomorrow is new music exposure day.

Doom Metal, you say? If I may be so bold, might I suggest Type O Negative as a fairly decent starting point? Some may call them Industrial, but I have always felt personally that their sound epitomizes how Doom Metal should sound. One of my favorite bands ever since I was in high school.

I'll make sure to add them to the list... I get a list... find out when they first released any recording, and what nationality they are and I introduce the bands in chronological order.

I'll make sure to include them.

Interestingly enough if you look at that Metal family tree on THIS post... they have Type O' Negative listed as Goth Metal which is in the bottom row. Though I have seen many cases where bands fit within multiple branches of this chart.

So you are saying Type O' Negative is Doom Metal? I am familiar with Type O' Negative, but I don't know ANY of the bands in the Doom Metal branch on that chart. :)

Meh.... more than anything, I'm just saying that I've always personally considered Type O to be Doom Metal in my own opinion....
Though I can see very clearly why they would place them in the Goth Metal subgenre. Makes a lot of sense due to Type O's heavy gothic-esque atmosphere in both their sound and live presence. Just sucks that the lead singer/bassist Peter Steele died back in 2010. They were a band that I've never gotten to see live but always wanted to. :/

They seem to fit... I just finished the post on Doom Metal... though Overkill is primarily Thrash... they have some songs that REALLY fit the Doom Metal vibe, so I threw them into the mix as well.

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