Earn Upvotes For Participating in Crypto Trivia Hosted by MetalPay ft. STEEM

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Hello Everyone,

Most of us know by now is @metalpay is on STEEM and vice versa. For the people who are unaware, please go through this blog: Attention Steemians: STEEM <> USD Added to Metal Pay

Better banking with crypto🤘 Get paid when you pay friends

They are now hosting a live crypto trivia event on Youtube in collaboration with @Oracle-d.

Test your knowledge of Metal Pay and Steem!

Metal Pay is hosting a live competition, checkout the time and date and make sure you do not miss because there are special rewards for STEEmians:


Join the Metal Pay team with Steem as our guest for a fast-paced evening of Crypto Trivia on YouTube Live! We’ll be asking a series of questions about Metal Pay and Steem, and giving out prizes in MTL and STEEM to the winners.

Normally, Crypto Trivia events are restricted to Metal Pay users, but with Steem as the guest, they’re opening it up to existing Steem users as well!

Stream Location

When the event begins, it will be streamed here: Set your reminders please. :))

Date & Time

Date: Friday, 7/12/2019

Time: 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT


Instructions for Metal Pay users:

  • Open the Metal Pay app
  • Scan the QR code displayed in the video stream
  • Request $5 and put your answer in the payment memo
  • The first request with the correct answer wins!
  • You can only win cash prizes once!

Instructions for Steemit users:

  • Resteem and Upvote this post.
  • Keep this post open on Steemit.
  • Respond with your answer in the comments.
  • The first response with the correct answer will get an upvote from @Oracle-D.
  • You can only win once!

See you guys during the live session. ;)

Follow metalpay on Steem, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, download the Metal Pay app, and tune in to earn rewards for sharing your crypto knowledge!

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If you appreciate the work we do for the blockchain and its members, please vote for our witness @oracle-d by going to https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses or directly through SteemConnect

Your vote is highly valuable for us and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.


QUESTION 11: What is the most popular Dapp on Steem?


Steem monster

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QUESTION 9: What symbol is Steem's stable coin?


QUESTION 7: What is the Steem currency Symbol?



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QUESTION 2: How many STEEM takeover tiles did Metal Pay feature this week?



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QUESTION 10: except for steem what is the most recently added token on Metal Pay?


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QUESTION 3: Who founded Steem?

Ned Scot and Dan Larimer

Ned scot founded the steem

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QUESTION 4: What is the name of Metal's new series on crypto vocab?


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Test your knowledge of Metal pay and steem

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Word of the day

Metal is the name of a new cryptocurrency token which is built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token

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QUESTION 5: When was the initial release of STEEM?

24 March 2016

March 24, 2016

March 2016

24 march 2016

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QUESTION 13: You recieve STEEM for your content through what?


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Blog Post, Commenting, Curation, Delegation

Steem power

Upvoting post

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QUESTION 1: STEEMIT is using the steem blockchain to reinvent what?

Social Media

Steem Blockchain

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QUESTION 6: Metal pay has an ambassador program called?

Metal pay club

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QUESTION 8: Including Steem How many tokens are available in the Metal market place?

QUESTION 14: What is the Metal Pay reward for a referral?

QUESTION 16: What is Metal Pay's Instagram handle?

QUESTION 15: Steem that is committed for 13 weeks is called what?

Steem Power


Power down

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Power down

Steem power down

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QUESTION 17: How long has Metal Pay been going for?

2 years

QUESTION 18: Name 1 other dapp on the steem blockchain besides Steemit

QUESTION 19: what FCAS score did STEEM get?

Host says A+ ...he he h e

You just rock this post!

Thank you! This morning I was fortunate to woke up just in time for this

Health 827 Rating :-A

QUESTION 20:What is the maximum % a Metal Pay user can earn from POP

Thanks a lot for your value support to the community and of course the opportunity to know this project..!!!

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Wooaw great travia it will be. Date and time are saved @ifeoluwa88 @burlarj @fedkese @rehan12 @mango-juice

VERY NICE! Such Crypto Trivia should be happen for the Steemians to earn more chunks. Thanks for letting us know...

Is this apps applicable aslo on android?

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Date and time saved! I sure wouldn't miss the livestream.

@burlarj @ferrate @mango-juice @rehan12 @olaexcel come check this out guys!

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Another perfect sharing from you. Thank you for your valuable support to steemians.

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OH this is matalpay i am very thankful to you and to metalpay this is an great opportunity for steemains let me check it...

Wow... Thanks for sharing. I book this time. I hope metalpay can compatible with Android and the best Pay new generation. 👏💖

See you

well .. i am ready for this competition ..

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Hmm.. this app just for iOS device. 😓

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Absolutely, it will be a great day. Do the application operate on Android too? @ayopeju, @ayojewel

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Wow! This is cool. Already saved the date. I wouldn't miss this.

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I will join the trivia but my observation is that metalpay app is location restricted (for now) according to what their team told me.
Meanwhile, some of us who resides in Africa for now would be automatically disqualified from this contest, which is not fair but obviously nothing we can do about it. I wish @metalpay a big success on steem platform and good luck to all the participants. Resteemed

This is an interesting events, I won't miss it, let me also call on @ifeoluwa84, @rehan12, @burlarj to partake in it..

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I would like to share it with some of my friends for the awareness.
@ikrahch @masoom @foxkoit @burlarj
@gotlius @sanach

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Very useful information 🤔🤔

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Really good thinking to highlight such valuable app.I always appreciate to your team who dig out some special app. I think in future Metaplay will also available for Android. As I have read metaplay available on APPSTORE

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@oracle-d, Team waiting for the Live Crypto Trivia. 👍🙂

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if you reply to the quesiton above we will upvote you ;)

Can't refresh the pageeveryti,e to see the queston :(

Ned and Dan Larimer

if you reply to the question above we will upvote you ;)

Ned Scott and Dan Larimer

if you reply to the quesiton above we will upvote you ;)

Ned scot founded the steem

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if you reply to the quesiton above we will upvote you ;)

Wow! It is worth following Metal Pay

Downloading the app now... feeling excited

Answer to Question-7


Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the efforts for the community.

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thte last answer is correctly.. power down.. not steem power

Congratulations to all the participants and i want to thank @oracle-d, @theycallmedan and @metalpay Team for this Initiative and it's a sign that future will going to be more effective when it comes to Collaboration And Integration Orientation and the journey will be rewarding most importantly with the existence of Fun, which makes the hustle of life lighter.

Wishing you'll an wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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This is looking interesting project. Looking forward to participate

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

I'm Ready to Participate The Competition. good luck. :-)

@oracle-d - I was following the links to connect with @metalpay. Your link for their STEEM account is broken. It's where you have Twitter, Insty and fb.

I cannot live stream with my bad Malaysian wifi, but I am with you in spirit :)

@oracle-d, This is very unique way to spread the Collaboration team. Keep up this awesome initiatives and i am waiting for this session.

And when we see that more Projects are showcasing interest towards Steem then definitely it shows that this Community is building value. Stay blessed team.

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This is really splendid, I would like to also participate this great Crypto Trivia. I really love this idea, Damn!

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Question 69: Who took all the names?

Question 52952: Why is Oracle-D Pro Censorship?

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