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Welcome back to my favourite music...alphabetically.

Favourite Band: Electric Wizard

Genre: Stoner, Doom Metal
Awesome stoner doom metal with some of the best guitar tones I've ever heard, so deliciously fuzzy. I need to listen to some more of their albums but so far they are pretty damn great. Check out: Come My Fanatics... (1997) and Dopethrone (2000)

Favourite Album: Elvenefris by Lykathea Aflame

Technical Death Metal with Avant-Garde elements
Slightly strange progressive technical death metal. Aggressive but also quite ethereal. In a world of repetitive tech death this is a very welcome exception. Certainly not for everyone, but if you like really heavy stuff like death metal it's worth checking out and it's definitely some of the best tech death I've ever heard. Check out: Land Where Sympathy is Air

Favourite Song: Evolution (The Grand Design) by Symphony X

Genre: Progressive Metal
Evolution starts off with one of my absolute favourite riffs of all time, which I'm sure is helped by the booming deep guitar tone. I just love the way it feels like it flows on and on, it's so awesome. The synths and the soaring vocals add to the epic feel of the song, one of Symphony X's best.

Thanks for reading! What are you favourites that start with E? Comment below!


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For E,
favourite band: eels
Favourite album: English Electric by Big Big Train
Favourite song: Everlong by Foo Fighters

Well those are what spring to mind right now.

Sad as it may seem but ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) was one of my fav bands , Out of the Blue Album.....
Not Metal tho...Metal Mmmmm , wasnt a big metal fan if im honest....

I fondly remember making the UFO model that came with one of their albums (I think it was Out Of The Blue actually). Not sad at all, I loved them back then!

There's nothing wrong with ELO. Great songs and production. I still love them.

E-Zee Possee - Everything Starts With An E 😆

Yeah and anything by Efemby, Electrostatic Nightmare Disco, EthanolADDiKts or elbrujo...they’re all from EMA 😉

Favourite band: The Eden House
Favourite album: Eyes Open - Snow Patrol
Favourite song: Elevation - Infected Mushroom

Haven't heard of any of these, thanks for sharing!

This is not my favourite band starting with the ‘E’ but is one of those that came to my mind and wished to share it with you:
El Perro Del Mar
Fight For Life

Not something I would normally have on my radar but pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

artist - eminem, album - exodus. bob marley , song - everlong , foo fighters :)

Everlong is one of the few Foo Fighters songs I know, it's good :)

great band :)

Favourite band: Emperor
Favourite Album: Experience, The Prodigy
Favourite Song: Eclipse, Pink Floyd

In the Nightside Eclipse is probably my favourite black metal album, Emperor are a great choice.

Anything from TDSOTM by Pink Floyd is a solid pick!

We done D? Did DNPQ get a mention? :D

I would’ve mentioned you mate, but only caught onto this when it was at E 😁

Artist - Elbow
Album - Eraser (The) by Thom Yorke
Track - Edie (Ciao Baby) by The Cult

elbow was my second choice :) great band , but eminem is a modern day genius i think

Actually Eminem would be higher up than Elbow for me too but I wanted to be different! :P

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Eric Gayles
Song- Watcha Gon' Do