Farming- Turkey Farming 2/3 (Planning)

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In the meat market, turkey is not that much popular for its newcomer in Bangladesh. But it gets a huge response and turkey firming in several firms, the young of Bangladesh has a tendency to raise turkey as a professional way.

The turkey bird has a nice look and can increase the beauty of your house while they are free to move and getting the feed. The turkey is a big bird as like as chicken and has less fat in its meat that has high food value like mutton and beef.


The female turkey can lay eggs at her 5-6 years old. The eggs are not much popular to eat. And they are just for producing the new little turkey bird. The female can lay eggs 2-3 times in a year and 10-15 in numbers.

In the present market, the price of the egg of turkey is 100-200 taka (1-1.5 USD). And the meat is 350-400 taka(4-5 USD). The chick producing way can be local or providing heat. A local chicken can warn and produce chicks. But the heat providing technology is more popular and profitable than the traditional way.


The chicks need 3 or 4 vaccines to be healthy maintaining the routine. The breeds can eat grass and provide high-quality meat and that's why it's more profitable than the other breeds. The males are big in size. And can reach 8-10 kgs within a few months. Calculating the price it's more profitable than the boiler farming and no needs for extra manpower and building special rooms or shelter for them. But it needs to protect from harmful animals like dogs, wild fox, and thieves.

A turkey firming can be a way of empowerment in Bangladesh for its low cost and also high food value. It can be exported and can earn remittance from it. The Bangladesh veterinary department focusing on it and enlightened the younger’s to it,

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Anything that empowers poorer folks is great. Thank you for explaining turkey raising in your country

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