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To whomever may find this,

I am trapped on a world among millions of my own kind.

I've been here now for almost forty years.

At first, I didn't realise I was trapped at all, I just thought I was living a normal life in my normal environment but one day, that all changed and for once, I was able to clearly see my surroundings and those with whom I shared them for what they truly were.

I had thought that this life and the world I was living in were the result of random acts and events by mere men throughout the centuries of our history.

Good decisions, from which we were reaping the rewards and bad decisions, from which we were suffering the consequences but that day I realised that this is not so and that there is a much more malevolent reason behind the current state of the world on which I find myself prisoner.

I realised that the world I live on was no longer the world that had been made for me to tend and intended for me to enjoy but was now the playground for those of my kind whose families had long ago, before my time, taken ownership of it under their own authority and by a combination of cunning, usery and force.
Those who have continued to use these tactics throughout the ages to consolidate and strengthen their physical and mental power over the masses and who continue to do so today, with plans to tighten their stranglehold on myself, my family and my brothers and sisters across the world even further.

Since I found this out, I have been trying desperately to alert others to the fact and inform them as to what is really going on in our world but the spell that has been cast by our captors is a strong one that not many of my kind can resist. The vast majority see nothing wrong at all, even when it is pointed out to them clearly.

Everyone agrees with me that the world we live in has its problems but they still believe that these problems are all unconnected, whereas I now see every negative aspect of our society as one head of a many headed beast.

There are definitely some others out there who can see what I do but they are few and far between, hard to find and harder to find still because of those who see what I see and instead use it as an opportunity to profit from the sentiment of others and they are only one step behind those who are enslaving us, mind, body and soul, currently.

Those who do share my view and are as desperate as myself to expose the truth are spread far and wide, forced to communicate only via computers and phones with little opportunity for personal interaction or discussion.

When I walk out of the front door of my home, no-one I see sees what I see. They see only what they are shown by their masters and view life as they are programmed to, opinions being formed from those given by experts and analysts on the television screen, itself designed to propagandise life and all of its man -made intricacies.

We have a tendency to allow others we feel are worth more than us to over-complicate this simple thing called life.


The air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink. We have allowed them all to be corrupted and contaminated to such a degree that they no longer resemble anything close to their original genetic state and we are suffering ill-health and sickness because of it, yet we continue to fill our faces with sugary drinks and candy, GMO’s and the flesh of dead, highly intoxicated animals.

The ‘food’ we are supplied with and told is safe to eat is no more food when it goes in than when it comes out.

It’s a crude way of putting it but it’s the truth.

We happily eat that which our body has no natural inclination to digest and see no correlation in the ill-health and sickness we suffer as we progress through our lives and into ‘old age’. Somewhere between 70 and 90 for most of us who are lucky to be slaves to the western, technological plantation. Not as long a life as I believe we should be enjoying here or fine health which should be synonymous for all for the entirety of that life.

The air we breathe is so contaminated from centuries of abuse that our bodies struggle to get the right amount of oxygen we need to keep them in a fit and healthy state. The water, which should be the elixir of life for all in the world, is also contaminated beyond recognition and is treated with all manner of chemicals which themselves have an adverse effect on our bodies.

We are told the world is overpopulated and we all agree instinctively because we are unable to lift our heads and avert our eyes from our phones long enough to notice that there is an abundance of space on our world that if used correctly could comfortably house the existing population and many more besides if we were to work with nature instead of against her. If we had the time to escape the mundanity of our lives or the mental pressures of debt and other gifts of our society we would notice that life has more to offer us than the newest gadget or celebrity gossip. These designed distractions are the bonds by which we enslave ourselves further and yet they are seen by most as harmless pastimes.

Nothing in our world is what it appears to be on the surface or what it is hailed as. There is a malevolent, ulterior motive behind much of what is sold to us as benevolent and we accept it because we know no different. As a race we have long forgotten what it is to be naturally human and instead have accepted life as a modern human, a totally different beast.

Those who hold me prisoner have the resources to control the direction of finance throughout the world in such a way as to ensure that they only put the money they have into projects which will ensure that they get a larger percentage of the wealth in future, again and again until they have everything of value in terms of material wealth. They spend nothing on projects that are actually beneficial to the populace, unless for reasons of good publicity.

They laud themselves as philanthropists in the media that they and their friends own but in reality every action is designed to meet their ultimate objective and they can achieve this because they pull the strings of those who we elect to represent us and make decisions for our benefit and the benefit of all.

They have many strings to pull.

puppet (1).jpg

Slowly but surely these evil men and women have maneuvered themselves into a position whereby they now own most of all that has material value in our world and they still thirst for more. They have all of the houses and hotels, utilities and train stations on the board and we simply go around and around, without even collecting our two hundred pounds for passing go.

We get nothing and yet feel we are well treated and provided for as best as can be.

Slave mentality.

Stockholm syndrome.

We even have an electoral system that only allows for those from the highest echelons of our society to be elected, or proxies of and no-one seems to have a problem with this. We even gather en masse to cheer and wave as our captors go by, occasionally paying lip service to our adoration but in reality, they wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire.

We’re out of our fucking minds and we need some serious help because left to our own devices, we haven’t a fucking chance.

We have been so convinced that our natural environment is set against us to such an extent that we need to inject our children with hazardous chemicals, known to cause debilitating illnesses and even death but which make a healthy profit for the pharmaceutical corporations, so we persist and obfuscate the evidence of any negative effects.

We murder the beasts and the birds and we rape the land. We pollute the seas and drain the land of its resources, without thought of what we will leave for those who come after us.

We really need your help.

If you're out there and you hear this message, please help us.

Help myself and my fellow man come to our senses and remember who we are.

I don’t want to live my life at the mercy of others on a world that is being killed by a thousand cuts as I write.

I have a young son and I don’t want him to suffer as I have.

I want him to grow up in a world where the air is fresh and the water is clean.

A world in which we look to help instead of profit.

A world where we look after the weakest instead of praising the strong.

A world where compassion is rewarded rather than cunning.

A world that we can be proud to raise our children in.

A perfect world, or as close as can be found.

I believe it's possible, with your help.

Thank you


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I know we are extremely different in many regards, but I don't think I will ever find anyone who I share more in common with.

You and I suffer the same feeling of being trapped in a world that seems alien, and I really don't understand how, because we spent so much of our lives apart.

I don't think I have ever said before, but I really fucking love you, Tony, and I am so happy to have someone who is as open-minded and as hungry for change as I am in my life.

You've been in this world a decade longer than I have, and yet you have managed to retain your optimism that we still have a chance to turn this world around from the direction it is heading.

I am afraid mine has been all but extinguished in the past year. The only time I feel optimistic about making positive changes in the world on a grand scale, is when I speak to you.

For that I thank you, and for as long as I have even that modicum of optimism that you are able to provide me with, then I will be happy to battle the beast with you side by side, regardless of the outcome.


I feel privileged to be witness to this relationship between such extraordinary brothers. Watching the bond grow between two of my favorite people on this earth is heartwarming to say the least.

I posted a song to'd like it ;)

Keep on sharing the positive vibes and rock into 2017 with light and love!

Excellent Tony, every word. I love the monopoly analogy.


It's not exactly ground breaking stuff but I just felt like letting off a little bit of steam and practicing doing so in a less aggressive way. :)

I think the monopoly analogy is pretty fitting to our current position, unfortunatley. :(

Thanks for the comment my friend. Hope you are well. :)

It's almost like we're all just throwing these little bits of hope into the abyss hoping to reach anyone. :)


:) Fishing for a saviour.

It just pisses me off mate. Like I said in the post I think, we've over-complicated this thing called life. When do we get to put our feet up and enjoy the fruits of our labour? When is enough enough for some people?

Hope you're well buddy and having an awesome day.

Thanks for your time. :)

@tonyr, I just so happened to come across your post here from a post from @clayboyn and I am rather glad I clicked on the post and took the time to read it. I found it very informative and told me to think about a few things I've thought about off and on for the past 5 years. I am from the US and always figured I ate fairly healthy because​ I have food allergies since I was a small child and I try and keep things under control. Little did I know after spending around a month outside of the US in Israel I came to learn that the food we deem as safe and healthy here is actually poison. Some people I talk to​ agree with me and others think that I just want to find fault with stuff here in the US. I was happy to read your article and see you​ have most of the same views over all that I have.

Excellent article and thank you for writing and posting it to us here on steemit! I will defiantly resteem this because information is power!


Thank you so much @ozhiya. I really appreciate your kind words and support in resteeming my post.

Poison is the best way to describe that which we feel is safe to consume on a daily basis. It's all part of the circle of life in the modern world where they fill us up with 'food' and then later in life we develop health problems and become good customers of the pharmaceutical industry. It's like a conveyor belt. I myself suffer from an addiction to sugary foods and drinks which is as deadly to your bodies as a gun shot to the head, it just kills you slower. Cancer cells absolutely love to feed on sugar so it is no surprise that cancers are increasing day by day as well.

It's a crazy world we live in when we can't even trust the real food that grows from the ground. :(

Thanks for your time, my friend. I hope you are having an excellent day. :)

This is one of the best posts I've read on steemit so far. This deserves more views in my opinion so I shared it on steem and Facebook. Well said! I feel like you expressed what I feel and what some others feel, but you did it extremely eloquently, well done! I don't have much to add, I agree with virtually everything you said in your article. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your thoughts! And I hope more people get to read this as well.


Fuck. :) Thanks a lot mate.

Coming from you, that really means a lot and thanks so much as well for sharing it. I'm honored that you would do that. :)


You're welcome! Credit where credit is due. Wish more people would read it and think about these kinds of things more in general as well. Sorry for the delayed response, I almost lost this one and had to scroll back to find it, I get so overwhelmed with messages sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all.

Hi, Tony,

It's late, Christmas comes in a little over a day from now, I'm out of town, but glad I came across your message this evening.

My friend, I hope your remarkable and insightful message in a bottle reaches many of the right people.

However, what I fear is that it will reach mostly those like me who have had their eyes opened to a great degree, who can see that the world is controlled by dark powers, and who will cheer you on. Those who really need to hear this are still deluded and don't want to know.

As you already know, my ultimate hope for a better world lies in my faith in Jesus, the God who mankind is nominally celebrating at this time of year. Sadly, even that celebration has become a commercialized parody that almost completely obscures the truth.

I do see some hope for individuals and families in taking back their power economically as cryptocurrencies and distributed organizations are on the rise. But I still at times despair when, even very broadly speaking within the segment of the population that identifies itself as Christian, as followers of Jesus, there are so very, very few who actually follow his teaching that we ought to love our neighbors as ourselves, that we ought to treat our neighbors the way we wish to be treated.

In any case, my friend, I nevertheless want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you will find the hope for yourself and your children that you are seeking. I will continue to believe that hope is personified in the God/Man Jesus, and will remind you of that when I have opportunity. I will continue to encourage you to read John's book and consider the things that Jesus said. I will continue to try and be your friend.




My friend,

Thank you so much for your very kind words and wishes and the time you have taken from your own life to write them in order to share your experience of this life with me. Whilst I am afraid I still haven't reached a point where I can say that my belief in Jesus Christ as the son of God is secure, I can promise you that my belief in, love for and confidence in my father is far from in doubt. I may have my doubts as to Jesus' position in life but I have no doubt about the truth in many of the teachings attributed to him and try as best as I can, failing often, to live up to them.

Unfortunately, I feel you're correct in your assessment of our current situation and have written before about the difficulty of attracting new men and women to this type of information. It's normally a thankless task and any appreciation is usually from other like minded individuals who already knew what you had to say in the first place. Every now and then, though, there is a comment from someone who is coming across the information for the first time though and that helps a little with staying positive but I definitely hear what your saying and feel the same frustrations as you, which I must admit I am not always good at dealing with. They say ignorance is bliss and while I don't agree, I can certainly see the attraction at times. The little I feel I do know only serves to confuse me even more and can be a burden at times which has a big effect on my life and relationships.

As I am not religious and see as you do the commercialism that has overtaken this time of year, I am not really a big fan of Christmas at all but my own view is that it is our way of setting aside some time to appreciate everyone and everything we are blessed to have in this world and I would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I appreciate everything you have done for me, not just those things you have done for me personally, which is more than you know but also those things you do every day to make my world and my life better.

Thank you for your friendship, @creatr. I'm a better man for it. :)

Nicely done @tonyr. I love the messeage in a bottle concept. There are those of us out there that have similar feelings. The way the people are being manipulated, the greed, the lust for power... it is all an intertwined web of shit... absolute bullshit. It can be seen everywhere, even on this platform here. Finding those that aren't just in it gor themselves, are hard to find.


Thanks a lot @therneau. I agree with you mate. The world can be a selfish and ruthless place at the best of times and nothing will change unless we start rewarding positive behaviour rather than negative behaviour in future. Steemit suffers from the same greed and self loving that our modern society does and this behaviour could even be said to be more abundant on the platform at the moment but I see steemit as an opportunity to show by example how an anarchist society can overcome those seeking to serve their own self interest only and in time hopefully we will be able to do this. If it can be done here, by us, maybe it can be done in the real world also, by us. :)

Hope your day is going well my friend and hope you and your family have a great time over the holiday period.

Thanks again. :)


Thanks a lot @therneau. I agree with you mate. The world can be a selfish and ruthless place at the best of times and nothing will change unless we start rewarding positive behaviour rather than negative behaviour in future. Steemit suffers from the same greed and self loving that our modern society does and this behaviour could even be said to be more abundant on the platform at the moment but I see steemit as an opportunity to show by example how an anarchist society can overcome those seeking to serve their own self interest only and in time hopefully we will be able to do this. If it can be done here, by us, maybe it can be done in the real world also, by us. :)

Hope your day is going well my friend and hope you and your family have a great time over the holiday period.

Thanks again. :)

goot post


Thanks a lot @monirol-islam. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post mate.

Hope your day is going well. :)

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Very good article. We're with you! We came across permaculture some years ago and we feel it offers solutions. So we're working on that, because we feel we all have to act instead of going down with the 'ship'. Maybe next year there will be a lot more people looking for ways to turn this world of utter madness around. We'd better!