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One of the joys of stacking precious metals is watching one's savings and investment grow in size and value as time goes on.

Many stackers see the value of accumulating 24K gold jewelry as part of their portfolio.

Mene 24K jewelry are excellent additions to any stacker's collection of silver or gold coin series or coin designs.

Each and every piece offered by Mene is beautiful, elegant, and compliments each and every other piece in their many lines of jewelry: charms, chains, rings, bands, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

More importantly...

Never before was there an opportunity for me to stack pure gold and pure platinum in the form of jewelry affordable enough to fit my stacking budget.

It is a perfect way to stack!

I, for one, enjoy seeing a steady increase not just on the number of pieces but also an increase in value of my Mene 24K Investment Jewelry by adding one piece at a time over the course of the year.

Start with one, then keep adding...

2018 June...July...August...September...October...November...December... 2019 January...February...March...April...May...June...July...August

15 months, 13 Mene 24K Charms and one Gold Chain...

plus a Mene 24K Ring and a pair of Earrings!

It is my most favorite way to stack pure gold and platinum.


BTW, if you are visiting my blog for the first time and wondering what "to stack" or "stacking" mean... it is simply the accumulation of precious metals for the primary purpose of wealth building and retention.


Mene 24K jewelry is a great way to build a gold and platinum stack.

Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

Thank you for viewing this article. I post everyday, and I hope to see you again soon!

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You are doing it the way it should be done and I know you will be accumulating the rest of your Life and having more Wealth in your future......@silversaver888

Be Patient with me if this does not make sense since I am not fully awake yet...

Slow and steady is how it works for me. It takes discipline and sacrifice, for sure. Take care @stokjockey!

How are you.

I recently got some airtight capsules for my coins

Very good, @teenagecrypto. Capsules are neat because you can enjoy and play with your silver without having to touch them. Coin supplies can add up, so in time, you may want to consider just buying a tube for your coins and rounds. Have a great week, my friend. Take care.

The tube came with my purchase

Oh, you mean the tubes for airtites. Yeah, I have those too. I was referring to regular coin and round tubes. And that was what I meant... the airtites and tubes for airtites can add up in time. These are the regular tubes:

But in the final analysis, it is all our own personal choice, @teenagecrypto.

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So glad to read your post using the @menemonday tag, my friend @clitadias. I can tell that you like poetry. Have a beautiful week and take care.

@silversaver888 thank you. Yes, I do love poetry. Thanks to goldmatters and you, I came on. Have always loved Mene creations. Have a beautiful week too🥰💐

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What an awesome #menemonday for us all :) thank you for sharing that Mene mountain with us @silversaver888!!

Happy #menemonday, @goldmatters. It is awesome to see the average increase in the value of my Mene, even when I only have a few pieces of them. Have you compared Mene with your other holdings? It is amazing, % wise.

Believe it or not, a lot of my other holdings are also leveraged to gold, so its been a pretty good day :)

I must say... it is going great for gold! Yay for you, my friend @goldmatters!

So far so good :)

You've been acquiring quite a lot of mene! I still haven't bought anything from them, but plan to as soon as I can get back to stacking... it's unfortunately not in my budget right now. Thanks for sharing!

It just made a lot of sense, @plaid! I invite you to post using the #menemonday tag, and tell us which of the Mene pieces interests you. Doing this is a great visualization and motivational tool. I often go to my wish list and look at the photos of the Mene pieces I want to have. There is a saying that if you can see it, then you can bring yourself to acquire it. I works for me, lol!

I remember when you got one of your first Mene! Now here you are 15 later!

Certainly better value for money that these island treasures! 😄


... but that one there is special!